New ‘Internal’ Microsoft ‘Scroogled’ Ad ‘Leaks’

    May 16, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Microsoft, who just received a cease and desist letter from Google for a separate issue, has now had a new “Scroogled” ad allegedly leak to the public, though it was allegedly meant for Microsoft employees.

This one attacks Chrome, saying that it tracks you everywhere and whatnot.

It’s unclear why Microsoft would bother to put together a Scroogled ad for the benefit of its own employees, but a spokesperson told The Verge, it’s “an internal video that was leaked.”

Good thing Avinash Kumpati has it available on YouTube:

Apparently Microsoft has also been running its “Bing it On” challenge across from Google I/O as well.

  • Ryan

    This is pretty much spot on. As long as you don’t mind being completely profiled then Google makes good free/cheap products. I’d rather use MS products for the most part.