New iMac May Not Get Retina Display After All

    June 25, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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When Apple gave their WWDC 2012 keynote two weeks ago, they talked about all sorts of new products – updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, a retina display MacBook Pro, iOS 6, and OS X Mountain Lion. Most of what they talked about was what we had expected. There were a few things, however, that Apple didn’t announce. One of those was a retina display update for the iMac. Several reports prior to WWDC suggested that the iMac would be getting a retina display, but Apple remained quiet about the topic.

Within a week, they had confirmed that we would be seeing major updates to the iMac and the Mac Pro. Yet there was no mention of a retina display. Now it looks like there may be a reason for that: it seems that the retina display won’t be making the jump to the iMac for quite some time yet. Though there does appear to be a significant iMac upgrade on tap for 2012, the retina display won’t be coming until sometime in 2013 (possibly at WWDC).

According to Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper, new iMacs will be coming in the fall, but without the retina display. Arment posted to his blog on Friday about the features he was expecting to see in the new iMacs. He suggested that only one retina display MacBook was announced at WWDC because the retina display technology is still too expensive to roll out across the board, especially considering that many of Apple’s MacBook customers are students. The iMac, meanwhile, is more of a family computer, which means a fall release (i.e., just in time for the holiday shopping season) makes more sense.

In response to that post, Arment was contacted by “multiple sources” who confirmed that an updated iMac will be released in the fall, but that it will not have a retina display. Though these sources apparently didn’t say that a retina display iMac would be coming in 2013, it seems likely. As Arment points out, Apple is betting heavily on retina display technology. They’ve added it to their two main iOS devices – the iPhone and the iPad – and begun bringing it to the MacBook lines as well. As the cost of retina display tech drops over the next few years, you can bet that we’ll be seeing retina displays on every Mac with an integrated display. In fact, it’s a fair bet that we’ll eventually see a retina display iPod Touch, retina versions of Apple’s Cinema Displays, and maybe even retina displays on smaller devices like the iPod Nano.

Unfortunately, a total rollout of retina displays across Apple’s whole lineup is likely to take several years. Which means that if you’re holding your breath for a retina display iMac, you’re going to have quite awhile to wait.

  • Jake

    Your an idiot, the ipod touch is already retina

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/shaylin-clark Shaylin Clark

      Ah, you’re right. I stand corrected.

    • Jake is an idiot

      You’re an idiot. “Your” is possessive.

  • Bart

    What about an iMac release with Mountain Lion?

    Didn’t Apple release the Air last year with Lion? Did they release a laptop or desktop improvement with Snow Leo? It seems that releasing a new OS without a new piece of hardware is pretty much like releasing IOS without an new iphone.

  • Cal

    So just to let you know, there is a retina iPod touch already. We have had it since the 4th gen.

  • MacD

    No Retina iMac for 2012 …. Apple can forget about me buying a new iMac.
    I’ve only been waiting a few years now for Apple to update the older Aluminum
    iMac line. Now they think I will drop $1500.00 or more for a none Retina iMac.
    No way, next year when they do come out with the retina display for iMac the older
    non-retina iMac’s will be worth nothing as resale iMac’s …. no one will want them then.
    Why waste my money on a non-Retina iMac?

    Now I have to wait ANOTHER YEAR for Apple to revamp the iMac !!!!!!
    No wonder, as an Apple investor, Apple’s stock isn’t performing well anymore.

    Get on the ball Apple, or get out of the way …. you’re getting toooooo slow and
    only focusing on the iPad and iPhones for sales anymore. Not a great long term strategy.


  • 123

    The iPod touch has a retina display and he said Mac Pro designs are under way for 2013 he didn’t say anything about the iMac.