New Angry Birds Space Levels Released


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For the past few weeks, Angry Birds developer Rovio has been touting its upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars 2. New features, settings, and dozens of new and updated characters have been teased. While promoting the sequel Rovio even found time to introduce some all-new levels to the original Angry Birds Star Wars. Now, Rovio is proving that it doesn't abandon its old games by releasing new levels for Angry Birds Space.

The new "Cosmic Crystals" update is now out for Angry Birds Space. The content includes entire "crystal" planets that can break into pieces, destroying their gravity wells in the process. There are 35 new levels in total, including a Space Eagle and Eggsteroids level. Rovio even teased a climactic boss battle against a "crazy mutant Space Pig."

A short trailer for the new levels has also been released. It shows how the crystalline planets can be broken apart to cause havoc and take on the pigs that sometime hide in them: