Netflix’s Daredevil Series Reportedly Eyes Michael C. Hall for Lead

    March 28, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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The creators of Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series have apparently turned their focus on Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall, and want him to play The Man Without Fear.

The report comes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an incredibly popular Facebook fan page devoted to all things Marvel–from small screen to silver screen. They quote a reliable source, but this is obviously just a rumor at this point.

Last November, Netflix and Disney announced that they were developing multiple original series centered on Marvel characters. The first one to debut will be the Daredevil series, but there will be a total of at least four different shows and at least one miniseries. Other characters to get their own Netflix original include Jessica Jones, Iron First, and Luke Cage.

“This deal is unparalleled in its scope and size, and reinforces our commitment to deliver Marvel’s brand, content and characters across all platforms of storytelling. Netflix offers an incredible platform for the kind of rich storytelling that is Marvel’s specialty,” said Alan Fine, President of Marvel Entertainment at the time of the announcement. “This serialized epic expands the narrative possibilities of on-demand television and gives fans the flexibility to immerse themselves how and when they want in what’s sure to be a thrilling and engaging adventure.”

In December, we learned that Drew Goddard would be taking the reins and producing the Daredevil series. He’ll also write and direct the first episode. You might know Goddard as the director of the cult hit horror film Cabin in the Woods and the writer of the World War Z screenplay. Goddard has also written for various TV series, including LOST, Alias, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What do you think of Michael C. Hall as Daredevil? It’s just a rumor, but one that’s exciting many fans–at least if you go by the comments.

Image via Marvel Cinematic Universe, Facebook

  • solitaire

    Brilliant! the show should start with him being an established character, so someone of Hall’s age is perfect. On Dexter, he proved he could handle a complex role, deal with drama and comedy as well as execute fight scenes. If this rumor is true, and I have a strong feeling it is, it only bodes well

  • Lori

    Please let this happen.

  • Tyler Urias

    This will go down as a landmark best thing Marvel has ever accomplished. I know that is a bold statement, but never has a casting call from Marvel been this spot on..I can only say Tip of the hat too the casting agency and director for not slaughtering this with another Affleckesque trainwreck. I am so happy right now I can’t even believe it, and honestly at this point if Michael C. Hall isn’t cast Marvel may just want to give up on Daredevil because no one will care. lol,
    Side note…In the article you mentioned 4 scheduled treatments to be put out by Netflix…yet you only gave 3, unless you were counting Daredevil which you weren’t…May I just say I hope they adapt The Punisher Frank Castle into a Netflix original, and my choice for lead is Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead)….

  • MistMaster

    Awesome! I still can’t believe we’re getting a Man Without Fear TV show, on Netlflix. Marvel’s been taking a beating in the TV space (what with the incredibly boring Agents of Shield routinely reminding us of the limitations of network TV). The thought of what you could do with a decent budget are… tantalizing, and the fact that this ties in with the Marvel cinematic universe as well is… well, exciting!

    Looks like I’m going to have to find a way to get Netflix again (will be in Shanghai when this airs, next year?) Heard lots of people use Hola, but browser plugins creep me out. Thinking of getting a straight up VPN instead. heard good things about Tunebear and IronSocket any suggestions? (hidemyass is too pricey for me.)

  • Anton

    Guys, don’t believe MCU on FB. They’re all ran by fans, not true. Don’t believe them, they enjoy casting people, and they have fun creating buzz around them. No true. Just trust me. They abuse their popularity.

  • Hudson Faber

    WTF has Matt been doing with his life that he doesn’t become Daredevil until his 40s? This has to be an origin story or else, why hasn’t he been mentioned at all in the MCU? They should go with Jake Gyllenhaal or Richard Madden.

    • Joe

      It doesn’t have to be an origin story also he could easily pass for someone in his 30’s

      • Hudson Faber

        Why has he accomplished nothing as DD, leaving the kingpin around for 15+ years since he started waging his war on crime? He looks 40+ to me, and every Marvel story starts with the origin. For good reason too. Where was he during the invasion? Why has kingpin not done anything to him in the 15+ years DD has around?

        • Joe

          He could still pass for someone in his 30’s if they say he’s 32, he’s not at the age where it would be crazy. They have Jeremy Renner as hawkeye and he’s even older. Needless to say, if they cast Hall, the character wouldn’t be 40. If they do an origin they could always just show it in flashbacks like arrow or Incredible Hulk. Daredevil rarely gets involved in major events anyway, there could be any number of reasons why he didn’t get involved in the invasion. He probably had his own stuff to deal with.

  • rocknroll

    Michael C. Hall is by far one of the greatest choices for this role! If he’s half as brilliant as he was as Dexter, he’ll have it in the bag!!