Netflix Drops Qwikster: Here’s The Internet Reaction

Qwikster's gone - is everyone OK now?

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Netflix Drops Qwikster: Here’s The Internet Reaction
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Netflix might be waking up to the reality that no matter what they do nowadays, it’s going to piss off a large percentage of their customers.

Remember that whole Qwikster idea? The DVD-only company that was announced last month as the branch-off from Netflix’s streaming service? Apparently that idea is dead.

CEO Reed Hastings announced the decision to drop the Qwikster plans this morning on the Netflix blog. It looks like the CEO was swayed by the massive reaction to the announcement, one of the main complaints being that the separation of the two services would just make things more complicated for users. So Hastings emphasized that DVDs will be staying on netflix.com:

It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs.

This means no change: one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster.

Qwikster.com just redirects back to Netflix.com. It has up and vanished, like a fart in the wind. Nobody will even remember it, right? It’s like that awkward moment that you forget about over time – or, unfortunately for Netflix, there’s always the possibility that people will not let them live it down.

Two of the top-voted comments on Reed Hastings official blog post suggest that Hastings himself needs to relinquish his ownership of the company. One comment simply states “Reed step down, you blew it, name your next company Trickster.” Another comments suggests that Hastings be fired, and outlines how he thinks he has destroyed the company:

Here’s a great way to destroy a company:

1. Infuriate customers by nearly doubling prices at one shot.
2. Make sure that significant numbers leave. If they still did not leave because of the price hike, well, kick them out by giving them even less value for the same $ (eg they have to maintain separate lists of movies in their queue).
3. Watch the share price drop like a rock.
4. Reverse the decision with a major PR fiasco that broadcasts the total lack of leadership.

rinse. Repeat.

The Facebook reaction has been mostly negative, as you can see from a random chunk of comments from the post alluding to today’s announcement –

The Twitter reaction has been nothing if not predictable –

I’ll say this for Netflix: It sticks to its guns. And then shoots itself in the feet with them. And then changes guns. And shoots again. 3 hours ago via Twitterrific for Mac · powered by @socialditto

It appears Netflix management got their MBAs in A.D.D. 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

oh netflix, have some dignity 3 minutes ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

From my observations, most Netflix users think that it is the right call that they abandoned the Qwikster idea. It was a truly unpopular idea. But some users are so fed up with the totality of the recent changes – they might have completely soured on Netflix as a whole.

Not everyone is sour on Netflix, however. This post made it to the very top spot on Reddit and has hung around the front page all day. It’s being shared by quite a few people around the web today –

One thing being lost in today’s chatter is @Qwikster. I’m not talking about the defunct service’s official Twitter account, I’m talking about Jason Castillo, the soccer-loving, bong-hitting guy who found himself in with 10K new followers the morning after Netflix announced Qwikster. Will he fade from the spotlight? Will he ever get any money from his dad to buy food? We may never know. @Qwikster hasn’t tweeted since October 1st.

What do you think about today’s announcement? Is it the right call? Are people rightfully fed up with the company or are they overreacting? Let us know in the comments.

Netflix Drops Qwikster: Here’s The Internet Reaction
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  • http://www.redfoxmediainc.com Clint

    I’m glad Netflix abandoned Qwikster. That move just seemed unnecessary. It would have definitely complicated things for their customers. However, I’m not ditching my subscription to Netlfix. It’s definitely difficult to find the amount of content they offer for the prices they charge. I will pay $7.99/mo. for unlimited streaming any day, versus a $4/day Blockbuster rental.

  • http://www.blackberryexpressions.com BBexp

    I think deep down people still realize Netflix is a great service and still a great value. Ditching Qwikster was a good call. Once all the drama dies down, peace and harmony will return for Netflix and users as long as Hastings keeps his mouth shut. Lol.

  • http://minecrafttorrent.com Minecraft For Free

    netflix is great, granted it is sad seeing our local family video slowly go out of business

  • HB

    A few weeks ago, I defended NetFlix with friends who were angry over the price hike. Technology is expensive, I get it, but it should have been handled completely differently.

    Then, the next day we got that ridiculous email from Reed, the one announcing Qwikster that basically said — we picked a stupid name, the price hike stands, because we deserve it. (Subtext being it will cost a lot to change all our logos and red envelopes.) It was insulting. It does not take an MBA, or BA, or GED to understand what a bad move he has made, 3 times now. 1-double price hike, 2-Qwikster, 3-oops never mind.

    I am looking forward to competitors who will blow them out of the water.

    BTW, the post on Reddit? Changing the way we rent movies does not justify being greedy and clueless about the business you run. Who is really behind that post? Netflix, of course. Get real.


  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steven G

    What they did will be the downfall of Netflix. It gave Blockbuster the right opportunity to jump back in and takeover. I’ve cancelled my account, and am seriously considering going back to Blockbuster’s streaming, mail delivery, and in store rentals. The only way I can see Netflix regaining market share is if they were to score a deal with Time Warner Cable in much the way Blockbuster is with the Dish Network.

  • Adam

    I feel the Facebook/twitter reactions are valid. As a Netflix customer, I ended my service at the price increase. The Reddit post puzzles me. We see companies working to take advantage of the little guy all the time and some one would defend that behavior? Anger is the justified response to a beloved entity attempting to gouge its customers and then attempt to further “fix” the situation with confusing changes. I appreciate that they are listening to their customers and forgoing the “Qwickster” changes, however I doubt there will be a similar reversal in price. I change service to the Blockbuster Movie Pass which gives me access to more then I ever had with Netflix for just $10 per month. As a DISH Network subscriber/employee I already knew the value of their service. With the Blockbuster I have unlimited streaming as well as rental of DVDs, Blu-rays and Video games. It seems that Netflix is still trying to “determine” if they will carry video games, blu rays have always cost more. In contrast to Netflix and their treatment to customers, it’s nice to see a company like DISH Network and Blockbuster offering more choice and more value, not less.

  • http://www.visin.com Tom Townsend

    Just caceled my Netflix account. Interesting that the Reasons for canceling info on thier website have no OTHER selection or space for comments. Guess they dont want thier Board to really know the reasons why current customers quit? Seem more concened about us going to Cable or Hulu or othet dowloadable competitors. Guess they are not too concerned about Direct TV who aquired Blockbusters assets. BTW, I now get much more for my 10 Bucks from Direct TV than I am now getting from Netflix. Time for Netflix to get a NEW CEO.

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