NASA Debunks Doomsday, Apocalypse Prophecies

By: Sean Patterson - December 4, 2012

As December 21, 2012 grows near, the hysteria concerning the end of the Maya calendar is coming to a head. Gullible people all over the world are stocking up on non-perishable items and preparing for an apocalyptic disaster. For scientists, though, these latest doomsday prophecies are the same thing as any prophecy – a claim without enough evidence to even be worthy of the label ‘hypothesis.’

Not everyone knows bunk when they hear it, though, so NASA recently devoted the precious time of some of its scientists to debunking the spurious claims. NASA researchers from all over the U.S. gathered in a Google Hangout to discuss prophecy, the winter solstice, and the track record of doomsday prophecies (spoiler alert: they’ve all been wrong).

Among the participants are Astrobiologist David Morrison, Asteroid Scientist Don Yeomans, Archaeoastronomer Mitzi Adams, Heliophysicist Lika Guhathakurta, and Astrophysicist Paul Hertz. The scientists methodically pick apart every silly prophecy and rumor about what disasters will happen on December 21. In particular, the group tears into the myth of the fictional planet Nibiru, which is rumored to be on a collision course with Earth.

(Image courtesy MBisanz via Wikimedia Commons)

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  • Los

    Thanks for making this available. It was a great panel discussion!

  • http://Yahoo Doug

    NASA and the US goverment Your credibility is on the line. If I wake up Dead on the 22nd. You will never hear the end of it!!

  • Dyllan Jewell the FIRST

    Of course noone would seriously expect them to come out and affirm something like this regardless of it being true or not….I certainly wouldnt, it would cause panic and chaos. The emergency services would be instantly overwhelmed, outmanned, and outgunned. It would be impossible to contain, so thanks for telling us nothing, elitist scum!!!

  • Ryan

    I can debunk dec 12 right now.
    The mayans didnt have leap years… So technically we should of died around 18 months ago, give or take.

    • Adam

      We have leap years because we use a different calender, in a year there are 365.25 days, we only count the 365 then every 4 years the quarters make up a whole day….

    • Thundercrotch

      Leap years.actually have nothing to do with the mayan prophecy. The mayans were not basing their prophecy on any type of calendar, they were basing it on celestial movements. The day it falls on was not what was important, it was the positioning of the sun set against the center of the galaxy. Leap years dont change the fact that on that day the alignment of everything lines up in a way they thought would lead to.change on this planet. I personally also dont think anything can happen due to any cosmic alignment, and you normally would be right when equating ancient prophecy to our modern calendar, but in this situation it doesnt happen to apply.

  • Cindy

    I personally am not so bold or closed minded as NASA seems to be. Whether the atmosphere is something to fear or not is not the only possibility. I believe people better wake up and start becoming more informed of the rapid changes of our earth…glaciers melting, sea levels rising, sink holes, earthquakes, etc. etc. or even the possibility of a war? Israelians and Palestinians have put the US in a no win situation ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about,do your homework) and let’s not forget all the trouble in the Mid East, Syria, etc.Then there is always the possibilty of our economy totally failing that would no doubt cause hardships leading to crime, rioting and if it’s really bad the whole country could be divided politically. I’m not a pessimist, just a realist. Wake up, get your head out of the sand and face the facts, watch a credible non biased news station ( CNN) or even international stations, something is on the horizon and it’s not pretty. Nasa claims people are being too gullible. Ha! Gullible would be to believe the government would give us a clue to prepare (while they are so obviously preparing their bunkers at record speed and with our tax dollars yet). Yea, Really NASA, you who want to nuke the moon…only idiots would even consider it…. Just another giant reason to have little belief in anything you have to say!

  • Darin

    In the 1300’s over 450 million people died of the black plague. At the time it was a common thought amongst the population of the time that god was angry and this was the beginning of armageddon or the end of the world. This fear based ideology is part of the human condition. There will always be people scared of the unknown, people that base their life decisions on bad information, and always a sleu of people willing to sell you the fantastic story that will act as a basis for your erractic actions. Go ahead and live in fear the rest of your life, it sounds like a great use of your time. Or… could be thankful for the short time you have on earth and live your life on your feet.

  • E-honey

    Anyone who buy’s into this Armageddon theory is fucking stupid.

    First off, there are no such people called “Mayans”. There are the Maya (Who still exist by the way, assholes). In addition, everyone can go take their leap year bullshit, and go screw. The Maya calender is cyclical and works the same way as an intricate set of gears. This is just simply the end of a cycle according to the Maya and will start over again.



  • steve

    my only comment is, anyone that thinks planet alignment can’t affect our earth doesn’t understand that gravity is what keeps our world functioning as it does and the gravitational pull from the sun keeps us in the orbit we are on and planets between us and the sun for any length of time could throw off our balance, possibly causing plates shifting (earthquakes) and who knows what else none of us were here last time it happened