Nancy Grace: Parking Lot Interview Gets Weird

    May 8, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Nancy Grace has almost as many detractors as she does loyal followers, so it’s no surprise that after an odd interview popped up on CNN between her and Ashleigh Banfield, screenshots began making their way around the web faster than you can say, “When I was a prosecuting attorney”.

Grace has been in Arizona to cover every moment of the Jodi Arias trial, but found herself at a disadvantage when news broke earlier this week that three kidnapped women had escaped their tormentor in Cleveland, Ohio. Unable to get to the scene, Grace had to rely on CNN to patch her through to Banfield so she could get caught up via a split-screen interview. The thing is, Banfield was in Arizona, too. In the same parking lot.

Video of the interview shows the same cars rolling by in the background of both women, just a few seconds apart. Apparently, they’re chillin’ in the same forty feet of space, but are squinting into the camera and holding the earpieces firmly in their ears as though they’re on opposite sides of the world. It should also be noted that Banfield held another split-screen interview with someone else who was in the same parking lot.

  • millie

    I listened to that piece and I was very disturbed with Nancy Grace. She all but vindicated the police for NOT doing their job thoroughly and completely and called the neighbors reporting suspicious activity LIARS. I am discussed by her comments. Keep her off the air!!!!!

    • http://InternetExplorer Pamfila

      “There are two sides to every coin.” I used to really admire Nancy, proud of her… Those of us who have been taught about USA Constitutional rights, criminal procedure… Sure, there is the loss of a human being, according to penal codes, statutory law, written and explained… The accused is already in custody, admitted that she killed… Yet, HLN allows the Doctor, supposed to be lawyers, etc… continue to use air time, where we must change the channel… because it’s only,
      Jodi, this, Jodi that, Jodi…blah, blah, blah, etc… As human beings we are taught not to hate…but all we see daily…Jodi, Jodi, Jody…etc… If this defendant sneezes…she will be criticized… not the presiding judge… the basketball is getting out of hand by those on HLN…blah, blah, blah…hatred affects our spiritual/physical health… This is what HLN is doing??? killing the American public’s health because all we hear…Jodi, Jodi, Jodi???

  • Nick

    Ashleigh? Are you there?
    Yes, Nancy, you’re coming thru loud and clear.
    Ashleigh, can you hear me?
    Yes, Nancy. Back to you in Phoenix, I’m here in Cleveland and it’s a Mad House.
    That Jodi Arias is off the B-S O-meter, Ashleigh, I’ll tell ya. It’s death for her!!! And I’ll be there with you in Cleveland to help convict those scum, just as soon as I’m thru with Jodi !!!

  • http://webpronews Jack

    If it weren’t for people like Jodi Arias and the 3 a$$holes in Cleveland Nancy and her cronies would be out of a job. Driven anyone to suicide lately?
    Keep rolling your eyes and have another donut Nancy. What a dweeb!

  • richard anderson

    Another example of the national media trying to pull one over on the viewers.

  • Ray Matthew

    CNN has done this before. In the first gulf war, they did a blue screen scene where they were supposed to be in capitol of Saudi Arabia, but, in fact, they were in Atlanta at the CNN studios!

  • Linda LeDuke

    I would love to follow some of the stories that Nancy Grace covers, but I just can’t stomach her histrionics. Listening to her, one would think that she is the only person in news coverage with any intelligence! This wouldn’t be the first incident where I questioned her reporting.

  • Liz

    I agree…Nancy’s attitude turns me completely off…the fake drama-rama is ridiculous. I’m surprised people will even work with her or talk to her. Would hate to be her husband…all she ever talks about is her long since deceased fiancee. Time to move on!

  • Brian

    Media is control through deception
    Most people do not question what is shown on television
    This is a great example of the manipulative nature of the industry
    CNN is merely a component of a machine that controls the Western mind

  • Judy

    HLN should fire Ms Grace. If it were not for the Jodi Arias’ OJ and Casey Anthony, Ms Grace and her other HLN croonies would be jobless. Ms. Grace has no compassion for anyone other than her kids who hopefully are perfect. I feel sorry for the kids and her husband. It is time people quit watching her and ratings drop perhaps she will be taken off the air

  • Dean

    I agree with anything bad that can be said about “pig-face Nancy”. (When she curls up her lip and starts whining she looks like a pig)
    Also, you must remember that NANCY “LIKES———–TO———MAKE———-A————-DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!”
    Now, HLN isn’t completely bad – THEY HAVE ROBIN MEADE, who is the most refreshing, bubbley, likeable, cutest and talented anchor ot TV. I can’t beleive there are on the same network. I would like to see ROBIN move away from NANCY when her current contract expires!!!

  • Audrey

    I remember when Nancy Grace was a prosecutor, she was a good prosecutor. Since she has been at HLN she has become more and more obnoxious. I used to watch her show, but I can’t stomach it any more.She interupts, talks over her guests,rudely puts them down if they don’t happen to have the same opinion. “BOMBSHELL” has grown old and” Unleash the Lawyers” is trite.She does’nt let them get a word in anyway. It’s a shame. Take a long hard look at yourself,Nancy, and get back to the way you used to be.

  • Audrey

    Nancy does not always get her facts straight either.Many times I have just been listening to something and when Nancy gets hold of it, she gets it wrong. I yell at the TV, then change channels .

  • asdf

    They’re in a studio, just like the Gulf War footage, with video being run behind them. Some idiot at CNN didn’t think anyone would notice they put the same footage in both shots.