The MySpacing Of Facebook Continues

By: Chris Richardson - July 31, 2011

Whether or not this actually happens has yet to be determined, and, in fact, it probably won’t be for some time yet, but there’s a growing meme about Facebook becoming MySpace, thanks to the influence of Google+. In fact, a number of publications are writing articles about this very topic. None, however, have captured the idea quite like Matthew Inman, otherwise known as the creator of the brilliant Oatmeal web comic.

Are you ready to abandon Facebook for Google+? Has Facebook’s shelf-life expired, dooming it to another MySpace ending? Let us know what you think.

Inman’s latest creation is about as awesome an satirical image can be, and it captures the whole “Facebook is the next MySpace” angle completely. In fact, articles haven’t been written about the subject yet that are as articulate as the Oatmeal’s “FaceSpace” page. Instead of giving you the entire image, there’s only going to be a snippet, but that alone will be enough to capture the mood:

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It’s important that you see the rest of Inman’s “FaceSpace” creation, if, for nothing else, the sparkly gifs and the wall comments. If you only view our snippet, you’re only cheating yourself. There’s also an awesome video that tries to defend Facebook, but in the end, Google+ becomes the more logical choice — well, something you can’t fight — at least for Epipheo Studios, the video’s creator:

Is that where Facebook loses? The fact that Google can integrate all of its products into Google+? Facebook, while ubiquitous, doesn’t have anything besides its platform. While there is a messaging service, the reception has been paltry, especially when compared to Gmail. There is no Facebook YouTube, either. Sure, they have similar services, but they fail when it comes to user comparisons. Consider chat. Gchat is a welcomed addition to Google+ because it functions just like it does in Gmail. It doesn’t take up portions of your screen and it’s usually only noticeable if you want to use it.

Meanwhile, Facebook chat has been beaten around the eyes and ears, ever since the update took hold, anyway. An example, courtesy of

Social Media Chat

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember witty web comics trashing Google’s chat system.

Web comics and videos are not the only place the “MySpaceing of Facebook” is available. The mainstream media is at it as well. Just ask the Washington Post and Fox News. While both are speculation-filled articles, there is a portion of Fox News that is not hyperbole:

The second point is a lesson about social behavior. Switching from one network to another may just be an inevitable part of our social habits. Every once in a while, we simply need a change. No one can eat the same meal every day, and we can’t visit the same bar or coffee shop every day without getting bored. Some folks have been on Facebook for nearly 7 years; that’s a long time to be hanging out at the same watering hole. And what is it they say about the 7-year itch?

Does that mean in seven years, people will abandon Google+ for the next big thing in social media? Considering the roller coaster-like lifespan of Friendster and MySpace, it’s certainly worth considering.

And then there’s the PC Magazine survey Brent Csutoras pointed out. The title — 50 Percent Will Abandon Facebook for Google+, Poll Finds — says it all. Granted, surveys like these are voluntary response based, meaning the bias is awfully high. Nevertheless, there’s either a lot of PC Magazine readers who are going to leave Facebook for Google+ (3091 out of 6237 respondents).

The question is, at least to me, is whether or not Facebook can survive these defections? Until Google+ is embraced by the general public, and businesses start steering their potential traffic to G+ instead of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s creation remains incredibly viable. That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising if Zuckerberg cashed out while the getting is still profitable.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Facebook or MySpace, for that matter. Google has time on its hands with G+, and the integration of all its products — YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, Gchat, Google Reader — there’s a good chance it will succeed at a substantially faster rate than its predecessors. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments.

Chris Richardson

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  • Mixio

    Google can always dream. Myspace was different than Facebook. Lots of hype out there about G+. In two more months not even WPNs will be talking about them.

    • lynn

      I don’t like google so I will not change.

      • Lisa Spidell

        Agreed. I have a ton of Facebook friends that are not that computer literate, and they really only know how to use Facebook. I don’t see them ever going to Google+.

  • K.

    You have a typo before the word satirical.

  • Paulob

    What we’ve got right now with G+ is a very sparse and basic beta foundation layer. With the early adopters mostly being tech folk, Google have played an early ace getting free feedback from techies to iron out the creases prior to full release. Even the negative gripes about privacy and glitches keep G+ in the spotlight.

    If they get the foundation layer right, they’ve won. Facebook is a complex platform, well beyond its initial foundation structure. You start messing with the foundations this late in the game, your structure becomes unstable.

    Google have had a lot of resources tied up in G+ for some time. They will have big gun features in the locker saved up. They’ll just keep releasing them week after week making them impossible to catch. I predict that Games will be the first big gun feature.

  • David Maynard

    While I don’t believe the sky is falling for FaceBook, it will be VERY interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Lisa Spidell

    No, I don’t believe Facebook will fade like MySpace. MySpace didn’t seem to ever reach the personal friend level of Facebook, and Google+ is coming in to a market that is already largely “taken”. I for one will not be using Google+. Facebook does everything I want in that type of social networking, and Google already has the majority of the market share in search engines, and therefore search ads as well as it’s youtube dominance. I don’t want to see any company have a majority of market share on everything. Google isn’t particularly good to it’s adsense, adworkds customers either, so why give them more control?

  • Rasean

    I agree with Mixio facebook is a different animal than myspace. I don’t much care for what google did to Youtube. It was much better before they bought it. Big companies do that all the time. Adobe did the same to CS3 Ultra. Bought it and got rid of it.

  • James

    You are preaching to the converted here, but outside of our little web geek world I don’t think the general masses will move away from Facebook.

    • Traxxion

      Don’t count on it. The “general masses” usually do. People get BORED with things, especially something as trivial as “social networking” and Facebook will not be the exception. This is not a prophesy – just a law of human nature.

  • matt

    be interesting to see how this goes will see in 6 months

  • Brian

    I disagree. Mainly tech geeks are using Google+, and even then G+ is already failing to keep those people returning.

    The article misses the fact that Facebook has a huge advantage in numbers, and only rarely, in any field, does a company lose its advantage to a new service even if the new service has major corporate backing.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean Facebook won’t do something idiotic, but despite being omnipresent with search Google will have a tough time getting long-lasting economies of scale sufficient to sustain a mass social networking service.

  • Beth Mello

    It may take some time, but I believe Google+ will surpass Facebook. Those that choose to embrace it now and get established here at the beginning will have an edge over those who eventually admit that they’re missing out on business by not having a presence there and decide to get on board. Where would you rather be? Riding the train before it catches momentum, or trying to catch the caboose as it flies right by you? I’m getting my ticket right now:)

  • Nathan

    I’ve given up facebook for Google+
    Why? slick user interface, easy to use, picasa integration – and a helluva lot better than Facebook on my android.
    But the main reason, none of the trivia, nonsense, clutter, gimmicks, brands and games that have turned Facebook into a money-grabbing junkyard.

  • Denise

    Google reminds me of the government, too nosey, too big and all about themselves.

  • Mark

    absolutely not, i dont use either but i sure would NOT go to google+ just one morie reason for the to think they are the INternet god. but remember rome….

  • Mike G

    Out of 300+ FB friends, I have 2 so far that have taken me up on a G+ invite. The rest I have heard back from either 1) have no idea at all what G+ is, 2) Don’t care that ‘Google copied Facebook’ or 3) Don’t like/trust Google enough to switch.

    If Google really wants G+ market penetration into the ‘real’ world, it might just make sense for Google to hire some non-engineering marketing types to tell the Joe Sixpacks of the world what G+ is and why they should be using it.

    Personally I have differing levels of – but congruent – hatred and distrust for both Google and Facebook :-)

  • Liz Rainey

    I believe there is a market for both, FB and Google+. If you work in government and have a page on FB, you have to consider retention, so the move is not easily made. I rather predict that they will both exist side-by-side.
    Many of my friends are not willing to migrate their photos and all of their 600+ friends, so they will stay on Facebook. I personally do not like Google+ at all. I do no like that the photos I upload to Facebook are automatically uploaded to Google+ also. I do not like my photos in a database that I did not choose to place them into.
    So regardless of what polls say, I will stick by my prediction that Facebook is here to stay.

  • Michael

    With Facebook deleting my pages that took me a while to build and attract an audience, I’m a bit pissed.

    I also do’t very much like how it keeps deleting my comments and links, not informing me when friends respond, I have privacy concerns, I don’t like the censoring and if a group of people offer you to be able to add them, for the Mafia Wars game, for example, and I add too many, FB blocks me for two or more days from adding more, because they think i’m spamming, even though i’m not. and I hate that I can dispute that and chat stinks, because everybody knows when your on.

    For Google. I have IGoogle,Chrome and Gmail. I tend to use Yahoo mostly, but would move everything over to one platform, if I had the ability to have everything in one place. And it looks that may be possible. As for Google+, I’ve just started using it, and I love the circles, but I so far don’t care for not being able to add my favorite sources of info, like Huffington Post, CNN etc. Maybe I can, but I just don’t know how to yet. I also would like to keep my FB games, and as I have played for some time on a few, and spent a fair amount of real cash on a few, if that can’t transfer over, then I won’t be abandoning FB. I’m eagerly look forward to using hangout, just haven’t because not enough of my friends are over yet, but most are very tech. savvy, and are interested in moving over.

    I’m not sure yet if i’m going to abandon FB. But if I can easily transfer all my FB info, games,friends, and best FB features to Google+, then I might.

    • Michael

      I hate I can’t reply…


      • Michael

        Crap, another typo. I’m all thumbs.

        I hate I can’t reply… Should read I hate I can’t dispute…

        OK, better.

  • Luigi Arnold

    What the commenters here are missing is that just a few years ago, MySpace had an unsurmountable lead. It had more users, it had better connections, it had the entertainment industry, it had the 25-and-younger set. Facebook was a niche market imitator, and then came the hype from the tech world and the business world. They quite rapidly caught up.

    Most of those former MySpace users still have their accounts. At one point, they used their accounts in parallel with their new Facebook accounts. They just don’t use them any more.

    It will be years, if at all, before Facebook reaches that point, but the initiative has shifted. Already, I’m hearing people say that they’d close their FB accounts except that their friends have not shifted to GPlus yet. The ball is in Google’s court and they can win the game if they play it right.

  • Randy Kirk

    I can’t count the number of people I know who have stopped using FB. Just too much time for too little result. They may be the biggest group now moving to G+. But they better, maybe I should say I better, get a value for time spent, or my involvement will be short lived.

  • andy

    google+ is shit…

    • Colin


  • Thomas

    I know Google will be better than “the other” social networks. I’m sure they had a plan for a long time before we found out about it. I used to have a Myspace page until several hacking attempts were made to access my page and Myspace deleted my account because of it. All the hard work I did – gone! Facebook has too much control over the friends you can have. I think change is google…

  • Colin


  • Ben McNulty

    I agree entirely. Thank you for bringing these humorous images together in one place.

  • Dave Cleinman

    Faceboook has a consistency issue, it’s true, but they seem to be finally paying attention to what their majority of users want. I don’t think they are going anywhere any time soon.

    Having said that, we must consider the internet and its perpetual motion. Anything can happen, all dependent on the mood of its many billion users.

  • Andrey

    With pleasure and reading articles on your site, indeed subscribed to the news that’s too bad that there is no Russian version.

  • house cleaning atlanta

    I do not think Google will be able to overtake Facebook. Facebook is already established and for the majority of people that is good enough. They really want nothing more than what facebook has to offer. I know plenty of people who just go on Facebook just to catch up with friends, share pictures and give updates on their lives and thats it. That is what Facebook has to offer and in reality thats all what most people use it for , maybe play a game here and there. But, I suspect that initial growth will great as a new novelty is launched for Google but long term growth will be stagnant and never reach expectations.

  • Ronnie Miller

    What happened to myspace wasn’t facebook but by mysapce. They changed their website that made many people unhappy so they left. Also, I purposely use an older computer, an Inspiron 1520, and my dsl connection at the house is slow, as fast as it can be. With the combination of the slow internet and the older computer, the new myspace freezes up my computer. In my research, I discovered that those 2 reasons are why people are leaving the new myspace. It may look nice but it’s non functional or has a different function then what others were use to. Even the fastest computer, with the fastest internet connection, runs into problems with the new myspace. Most people are not aware that every program on their computer fights for bandwidth and thus slows it down. When you add streaming programs and shareware, the fastest internet connection is slowed down considerably for just everyday use. Facebook with it’s simplicity and ease of use, makes it the most suitable application for what it is intended for. Google, on the other hand, does everything and does it better than everyone else. However, their marketing sucks. Google’s main disadvantage is that they think that just because they have it then the world will know. Yet, they have so many excellent features that most everyday people have no clue of. I bet even on this forum you can go to Google and find something you never new existed. I picked up the book Google for dummies and it was as think as a dictionary. Funny, the kings of information search lack discovery. However, there is a lot of word out on Google + so maybe it will do good but I don’t think it will replace facebook, well at lest not for 5 years and only if Google does a better job at marketing it then their other wonderful offerings.

  • RTanguay

    Ever think that online social networking may be dying?

  • Creative Media Alliance

    It seems that the whole argument, in the short term, hinges on early adopters and newcomers. I’m sure we all still know a few lonely souls on MySpace, so presumably there’ll always be those people who are comfortable where they live online and won’t easily budge. Newcomers will naturally flow to that brand which offers the most value, for which G+ has the most flexibility to offer leading-edge features without alienating an existing giant user-base. In the end, there’s always that democratic satisfaction of favoring the brand that listens and cares. Hopefully G+ will light a fire under Facebook to up it’s game!

  • Chas

    Fakebook and Goggle- are the two Goliaths, with TwitWit taking up the rear. You can’t surf anywhere, just about, on the net, without running across their Buttons. If you Goggle Social Networks you will see a vast array, but, none have the membership numbers that the behemoths do. All Things Must Pass~ I am hoping there is a David out there with three rocks in his sling.

  • Dusan

    It all depends on Facebook’s next move. Google does have technical advantages. But that’s not enough, unless Facebook’s next move sucks.

  • Scott

    Change is the only constant

    • Jason Venter

      Actually, I hear that recently changed.

      • DavidH

        One problem with going Google is that Google (like Facebook) has not LIVE PEOPLE ON CUSTOMER SERVICE.

        Google, everything they do, every app, every product, including their Google Checkout payment service is robot controlled. There is no possibility of reaching a live person who can rectify problems on the spot. For years now Google has stayed remote while starting services that NEED, ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE Hands-on customer service and I am not talking people in India with a script.

        I do NOT trust Google with information since they already scour every email in and out for “useful” information. Not like Facebook doesn’t…yeah, yeah.

        But, point is that if you invest ALL of your online self and place it totally into Google’s mechanical hands, they will never spend a dime to pay real people around the world to FIX what Google screws up.

        In other words, Google promises everything but accountability and reachability and responsibility to the individual user.

  • dr. Robert

    Hey, are people still using landlines ? I know the vast majority of us ARE NOT. And most of US are using either iphones, blackberrys, or androids… How many of US are still using the regular POSTAL service ? How many of US are still using PAPER checks ?
    The point is obvious as to myspace, facebook, and others that have a so called longivaty… Use to be AT&T / Ma Bell and the US Postal Services but now 30 or so years and we utilize EMAIL for both… Cellphones for both in texting and email.
    Ok now lets look at myspace as the home message board that our friends left us a message… Over at facebook we put the message up as a bulletinboard… And now the BigBoy Google+
    Yes, we are evolving and we are socialites of all sorts. Rather we are at home with family & guest, out at the local coffee shop or resteraunt, or at work – we socialize with our co-workers, customers, management, other businesses, and so on. We cant say nothing to nobody about what we believe, we know, over heard, or think.

    • Sharon

      If you are a BUSINESS you ARE using landlines, fax machines, the US Postal Service as well as cutting paper checks…

  • Danea

    Facebook should not be compared to Google+. They are nothing alike. Facebook has so many advantages for business owners that google will never master….unless they change the appearance of their sites. As well millions of facebook users are there simply for the massive app selection. Dont get me wrong, google is great for its docs and mail…very valuable. But it just doesnt have the huge appeal that facebook has. Currently it is impossible to add facebook friends easily to google+. For someone like me who has over 800 facebook friends, it will be a cold day in hell before I hand enter ever friends email address.

  • Reece

    Thank goodness for Google +

    I never used Twitter or Facebook. Both are useless in their unique way.

  • Gary

    To me Google+ is no more than an over blown balloon. Their circle ideas isn’t even theirs, its Four Square that first put that out. And no Google+ will never phase out Facebook, in fact, Facebook could easily become the number one contender in the world of business networks.
    I almost fell for Google+ until I heard the hype spreading through every network and that made me want to puke.

  • Kim Jon ILL

    Most people on Facebook couldn’t care less about all those features on Google +, Chris. They are happy on Facebook. They have all their friends there and can communicate with them without any problems. I wish you guys would quit over hyping Google +. It is going nowhere. Facebook is not Myspace. People don’t need another social network to start again from scratch. And no, people are not leaving Facebook for G+. There is no evidence of that. The users G+ has are just curious users that will never comeback.

  • Maradona

    How is Google’s Groupon killer? I’m just LOLing at Google. They can’t do nothing right. This is a deal that you can’t just throw money at. There has to be love in it, a story. When people think about Facebook they think, “Oh that cute nerdy kid, just like ours, behind a computer in some college dorm.” When people think of Google and Google + they think about a bunch of ole fat, rich boys running a big corporation violating people’s privacy left and right in cahoots with the government.

    I wish Facebook would start their own search engine. That’d be the end of Google.

  • Jam


    Users don’t have any other work and just want to change social networking sites every now and then?

  • Azrian

    All technology eventually becomes obsolete. Has Facebook met that fate yet? Probably not. But eventually there will be something better.

  • mellex

    I checked out google + for a potential client – it has nothing to offer for them compared to a platform such as facebook group – where you can post static information….I just don’t get what all the buzz is about – NOR will I share anymore info with google than I have to since they already track everything I do….

  • Dylan

    So glad that i’am not the only one who finds that chat bar extremely annoying…Id use my google+ account more if i could more people to use it. But easier said than done.

  • Cheri

    So many people are on Facebook, I fear I would lose my ability to reach out if not everyone moves over to Google+. I hate the thought of maintaining sooo many social media outlets…Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Google+. URG!

  • mathias

    Google Plus does not offer what facebook has to offer. It is a competitor for twitter, not for facebook. People should stop calling it a FB competitor cos it is NOT.

    It’s an enhanced version of twitter. Facebook is more of a friends networking platform where twitter and google plus are worldwide networking platforms.

  • IQ Computer Services

    After reviewing Google + it seems that it is going to be far superior to Facebook and every other social networking site. You are asking people you know for recommendations on the websites. This is truly revolutionary.

  • David

    Suzzane (your real name????) what in Billies name does this have to do with this topic. Please spam this to your FB friends wall.

    Thanks :-)

  • aravind

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    youe name plz