Morgan Freeman, Carlton Still Very Much Alive

    September 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Morgan Freeman is pretty much universally loved, and when so many people care about a celebrity, there’s bound to be a small faction of the population who get some giggles out of creating drama around them. Freeman has now been “death hoaxed” for about the eleventy billionth time, but no worries, fans.

“Morgan is alive and well, and joins the long list of actors who have been victimized by this hoax,” his rep said in a statement.

Along with Freeman, Alfonso Ribeiro has also been killed off online, with Facebook pages dedicated to him and images plastered with R.I.P. making their way across the web. Apparently that one was a little easier to swallow, because he’s been getting calls all weekend from loved ones making sure he’s still breathing.

Relax, Carlton lovers, and do this in celebration.

  • wle

    why can;t a @$#$ like rush limb*augh get killed 3 times a week?

    • http://yahoo ricky

      What an airhead! You just stay tuned to MCNBC and you will be
      so much more informed.

  • http://Yahoo Shirley Goodman

    I think it is a shame that there are people out there who think it is funny to start a roumer that someone is dead. And the people they are targeting their family and friends let alone their fans who number in the millions feel such a loss and heartache, it isnt funny and I think yhere should be a law passed to make it a crime. sincerly Shirley Goodman
    P.S. I am so glad it wasnt true.

    • jakey

      thanking god is like thanking morgan freeman.

  • http://facebook yvonnebellaart

    I was so saddened by the news that Morgan Freeman had passed, Thank God it is not true…Shame on you whoever started that rumor. Quit saying these awful things. Remember God is the one that will judge and punish YOU!!!!

  • hathan

    Do people just have nothing better to do than spread ridiculous rumors like this to get their jollies.
    Just the other day, I saw someone trying to revive the rumor of Jim Carrey’s snowboarding death… from March of last year…
    Absolutely moronic!

  • http://Yahoo Judy

    I reacted just like everyone else when I read the sad news in Facebook. What mean jerks do such things??? After I posted my sad reaction, I thought back and realized that Morgan was supposed to have died last Thursday. Then it hit me – he isn’t dead! We surely would have heard something by Sunday. I’m so glad Mr. Freeman is alive and well. One of my favorite personalities.

  • Wizard

    I used to be a big Morgan Freeman fan but if he is pushing Obuma to the tune of a million dollars he just lost me.

    • Judy

      So now you are saying since he supports the president that he is a different person? Instead of Wizard your name should be Odumma. Who he supports doesn’t change who he is or his previous accomplishments.

    • http://yahoo ricky

      And I too was a fan. He has gone overbord for that socialist pig
      in the Whitehouse.

  • FRANK Macon

    I was so glad to hear that Mr. Freeman was still alive. It’s cruel and foolish for these people to spread these rumors.

  • Tom

    I too had much respect for Mr. Freeman until I learned he supports Odumma.

  • neosho

    im very sad. i felt like i lost my dad all over again.

  • Ursus Indomiyus

    Morgan Freeman is a racist pig.

    • Michael


    • http://yahoo ricky

      He is a VERY racist pig! I wish the news was true.

  • Judy-o

    I am so glad to find out Morgan Freeman id not dead. Love to watch him in his movies. He is wonderful.

  • julia

    I just got he was dead from face book this morning. It was posted by a friend in a message from GIO. I think Gio wants more hits and this is a pretty sad way of doing it. Love you Morgan.

  • Michael

    Why has this “fake death” thing been happening to Black Celebrities so often?

  • http://yahoo ricky

    One of my favorite actors is a communist, I never dreamed he was left of Stalin! I can not bring myself to watch NBC much less MSNBC so it
    came as a shock to learn of his (MF) leanings.

  • http://yahoo ricky

    Learning that Freemen was left of Stalin was a surprise to me!