Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Talks about Millionaire Dates Gone Wrong

    December 27, 2013
    Jerrica Tisdale
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December 5th, the Millionaire Matchmaker entered its 7th season.Matchmaker Patti Stanger keeps her no nonsense attitude, the one that made the show so popular in the previous 6 seasons. With Stanger rarely showing her softer side on the show, it’s hard to imagine a more vulnerable side to the reality star. But when she sat down to talk to OK!Magazine.com, Stanger  revealed a lot about her past and being a matchmaker.

In the Ok! Magazine exclusive video, Stanger answers some of the fans’ tweeted in questions. Many of the questions ask Stanger about whether certain cities are hopeless for finding love. They also ask Stanger if she’ll be visiting their locations anytime soon. Stanger singles out San Francisco as an area with “three markets.” The three markets to her are the Silicon Valley millionaires, “granola-munchers” who need makeovers and the big gay scene there.

The most interesting thing Stanger discusses in the video is the best and worst date she’s seen as a millionaire matchmaker. The best one involved a guy taking his date to Paris. The millionaire asked the date if she’d ever been to Paris. The women said no, then the millionaire flew them there for a week.  Stanger continues to say that the couple only dated for six months. She’s not sure why the couple didn’t last longer because both of them “disappeared on her.” The worst date was an unnamed celebrity  who took his date to a swingers’ club. Stanger reveals that she had to revoke his membership after that, because he was “a little sex addicted there.”

When the interview starts, Stanger reveals that her biggest regret is not having children. When Stanger was in her twenties, she had an abortion. She didn’t think it was okay to be a single mother. Stanger goes on to say that she never thought she’d adopt. She expected to meet someone, settle-down and have kids.

Watch the video here.

Image, Via Ok! Magazine

  • Wow

    Superficial America strikes again. The millionaire dating scene, where love does not matter, because you have to have the cash to even be considered.

    Who in America watches this garbage? You have to be pathetic to actually dream about marrying a millionaire. Go make the money yourself.

    And people wonder why America is the divorce and abortion capital of the world.

  • JayCee

    Patti Stanger is awesome at what she does. Millionaires are typically busy people who attract the wrong kind of person…someone who only wants to be with them for their money. If they need help in finding that special person then so be it. There are matchmakers out there for every kind of person you can think of. Gay, straight, farmers, millionaires, etc. There is nothing wrong with it. As long as the people are screened and are acceptable candidates, there is nothing wrong with it. Not everyone has the ability, whether it be time wise or personality wise to go to the corner bar and meet the person of their dreams.

    • @Jaycee

      Nice try.

      But if a guy has the time to fly a girl to Paris for a week just because she hasn’t ever been there, he has the time to find a nice woman.

      This woman has always been about the money. Do you know anything about her life? She is superficial and a gold digger from hell.

      Hate to tell you but all reality TV is pretty much fake too. So don’t believe what you see on her show.

    • Ted Turner

      Patti is the poster child of the typical heeb princess

    • Bob

      “Awesome at what she does”? Despite her claim of having an unbelieveably high success rate, one rarely sees a “love connection” from the couples we get to see… she’ll gather a bunch of bimbos at a pool party who are there ONLY because the guy is rich, then she’ll mock the guy for looking at their bodies. Yeh, she rocks.

  • Clemdane

    And if you take money out of the equation, those old, ugly, fat, rich guys with obnoxious personalities will no longer be able to pick from 15 model-looking women less than half their age. They will have to settle for women as dumpy and unpleasant as they are and around the same age. I am sure this will come as a shock to these incredibly entitled acting rich men.

    • gtgunn

      any hot girl with an uglee, dumpee guy is in for the $$! an acquaintance married a guy 20 years older than her, now she cannot stand him, she’s repulsed and is out all the time…guys just BUY IT if you’re that desperate cause she will NEVER love you..

  • Paul

    She is a joke! I would never go on here show and I am worth way more than a million.

    • eddie mac

      sure !!!!!!

    • Sherri Smoyer Sommers

      Well you can call me any time Paul. Are you in the Philly area?

    • erjan

      maybe you could afford some spelling lessons !!!

    • http://yahoo t

      if you are way more than a millionaire, why is your spelling horrendous?????

      sure, honey.

  • jimmie

    EGAD ! What a waste of air time ! This girl needs to get a life before she tries to teach anyone. GEESH !

    • n

      Your handsome . . . . Single ???

  • eddie mac


  • gtgunn

    She is exemplary of every mans worst nightmare, a certain LOUD MOUTH obnoxious ill mannered know it all…cringe factor is at 1000+ just hearing her in your face biotchness…uggh just uggh

    • sabrina

      I feel sorry for her boyfriend, must be a weinie to be involved with this control freak!

  • Rachel k

    She did have a child – she just chose to kill it. Why
    is she complaining?

  • http://yahoo t

    …and she is always quick to call men creeps, etc., but she is “in “love” with a guy who is a deadbeat dad. won’t pay child support, from what i read.

  • n

    ARe u single ??? I am and think you are HOT !

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    HOT HOT HOT… lets meet

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    Jimmie…………. LETs chat… hot hot hot!!!

  • Chevonna

    I personally know one of the women chosen to go on a date with with one Patti’s “millionaires”. She said the guy didn’t even own a car and that after their initial date and the show was over, he invited her out for coffee and she had to pay for her own coffee and then take him home!! Such a joke this show is! UGH! Patti is so rude and critical of the girls on the show.

  • mike

    Patti needs to look more closely at who she is involved with. Deadbeat dad, user/loser, etc.