Million Short Launches Its Version Of “Bing It On” Challenge (Million Short It On)

    September 20, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Did you have fun with the Bing’s Bing It On Challenge? Well, welcome to the arena MillionShort It On, a similar offering from alternative search engine Million Short.

We reported on Million Short a while back. It’s an experimental search engine that lets you remove the top million sites from your Google results. It may not always be the most useful way to find the info your’e specifically looking for, but if you’re not looking for anything specific, and want to find some really deep content about a subject that you otherwise may never find in a million years, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

Founder Sanjay Arora tells WebProNews, “Inspired by BingItOn, we’ve set up a head to head search results challenge against Google. Niche, long-tail searches are resulting in a strong preference of MillionShort results over Google results, and I invite you to try the challenge as well.”

And of course, like with Bing’s version, there’s a video (though this one seems to have more of a sense of humor than Bing’s):

  • http://www.peoplequotes.org Hemendra Kumar Saini

    Bing is really taking on Google to next level with such campaigns. but the main problem with Bing is that they are really focusing on search engine part. but they are not looking at other closely integrated services that come with Google.