Microsoft Thinks Wi-Fi Is Just Fine For All Your Surface Needs

By: Zach Walton - June 22, 2012

Do you like to use mobile data with your tablets? You might want to sit out on Microsoft’s Surface tablet, at least at launch.

There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi is still the most popular, and preferred, method for people to connect to the Internet via their mobile devices. Tablets are no different and Microsoft should obviously know this. There are people who enjoy choice though and the iPad recognizes that choice by offering 4G LTE versions of its new iPad. Microsoft won’t be offering such a choice.

Anonymous sources speaking to Bloomberg revealed that Microsoft wil be equipping the Surface with only a Wi-Fi short-range connection. It will be good enough for most people, but it will be lacking the 4G/4G LTE connections that at least a few people want out of their mobile devices.

So why would Microsoft cut out this potential source of revenue? The cost, of course. Apple can afford to offer a 4G LTE version of the new iPad because they’re sitting on more money than Scrooge McDuck ever had through all four seasons of Duck Tales. Microsoft is entering the market late and has to capture the largest audience first before they can start offering a product for a niche audience.

It should also be noted that the Surface is obviously targeted towards productivity. You don’t really need a mobile data connection to do work on a tablet. Wi-Fi would be just fine for the majority of those who are buying the Surface. If anything, I can see Microsoft offering a 4G LTE version of the WIndows RT-based Surface later down the line, while keeping the Windows 8 Pro version on Wi-Fi only.

For those who are a bit bummed over the rumored exclusion of 4G LTE, you should stick with Apple. They got ya covered unless you live in Australia.

Zach Walton

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  • Maxence

    “Microsoft is entering the market late”
    Did they ever came in first in something?
    It seems like Microsoft tries to release solid products, but there is always little to none in terms of innovation.
    Its sounds as if Windows is never able to make a “perfect” product. They are always lacking somewhere.

  • Joe Acerbic

    “Do you like to use mobile data with your tablets?”

    Yes, and when I do I just turn on the WiFi hotspot on my phone instead of paying $50-$100/mo extra like a moron.

  • Dave

    @Maxence – better check out Bill Gates introducing the TabletPC in 2002. Only 8 years before Apple.