Michael Fassbender Joins the Steve Jobs Carousel

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At this point you, I, and John Wayne all have a pretty good shot at playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic based on the best-selling biography by Walter Isaacson. I mean, why not?

Joining the carousel today is Michael Fassbender. Variety quotes sources who claim that the Academy Award-nominated actor is in "early talks" to play the late Apple co-founder.

What, wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio supposed to play him? Yes, at one point.

No, it was Christian Bale. He was the next movie Steve Jobs.

Right again, and that train was boarded and then derailed quite recently. Just two weeks ago, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin confirmed that Bale would be playing Jobs in the film, and that he was "gonna crush it." Less than two weeks later, Bale was out, reportedly after coming to the conclusion that he simply wasn't right for the part.

The movie's been written since January, and at this point the primary concern isn't picking the right person to portray Jobs, it's making a film while there's still anyone left who truly cares. Remember, the first Steve Jobs biopic – the Ashton Kutcher one – came out over a year ago and pretty much bombed.

One interesting casting decision might help. Apparently, Seth Rogen is in talks to play another Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

There is one constant in all this. For the last few months, at least, it's been Danny Boyle at the helm.

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