Miami Cannibal Attack: Face-Eater Identified

Attacker had a criminal record

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The man who attacked a homeless individual in Miami on Sunday and cannibalized his face has now been identified as 31-year old Rudy Eugene.

Eugene was found nude and attacking another man on a causeway; a bystander flagged down police, who were amazed and sickened when they discovered Eugene eating parts of the victim’s face. The victim has not been identified but was in critical condition when the story went to press and was missing his lips, an eye and one ear.


The story garnered huge headlines when it broke over Memorial Day weekend, prompting theories of a zombie apocalypse and speculation on drug use. Police say they think Eugene was high on “bath salts”, which is exactly what it sounds like and is now being used to create the effects of LSD. One of the effects of the drug is internal heat, which raises the temperature to a dangerous level and makes the user feel like their organs are baking, which is reportedly what caused Eugene to take his clothes off. In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.

Officials believe Eugene found the homeless man lying on the causeway and saw easy prey and, for reasons unknown, attacked. When police told him to cease his actions and he refused, they shot at him; officials say they got in at least half a dozen shots before he went down growling, flesh still dangling from his mouth.

Several cases of bath salts-related violence have been reported in the area, according to officials, and it almost always involves almost super-human strength in which the user attacks with their jaws. The drug can cause heavy psychosis and a state of delirium.

Dr. Adams of Jackson Memorial Hospital says he’s seen similar cases, although none to this extreme.

“I took care of a 150 pound individual who you would have thought he was 250 pounds,” Dr. Adams said. “It took six security officers to restrain the individual.”

Eugene’s ex-wife has said that he was very violent towards her during their marriage and has a record, varying from petty theft to drug-related charges. He had recently been evicted from his home and was reportedly angry about it.

No word yet on the victim’s condition, although a picture is making its way around the internet that allegedly shows the extensive damage done to his face. He is said to be in critical condition; an update will be made as soon as WebProNews receives one.

Miami Cannibal Attack: Face-Eater Identified
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  • Tyler

    I am pretty sure cocaine and bathsalts would create effects NOTHING like LSD since the guy went on a violent rampage instead of just having visual hallucinations.

    • nonya

      Tyler, you are an idiot.

      Unless you do cocaine and bath salts how would you know what would happen.


      • Pablo


        • HARRY STORMS


          • zombie hunter

            You are a nut case harry. Demons? LMAO

          • CJS

            are you fucking serious, bro?

          • katie

            well, “Minister”, you’re just as stupid as Tyler.

          • J of the Jungle

            If this guy was REALLY a cannibal, wouldn’t he have chosen a more meaty part of the body – say the rump? That proves he was just a dope head on a bad trip!

          • http://www.facebook.com/tripctulsa TripC

            WOW. you are fucking retarded. nuff said

          • chelsea


            I totally agree. It is all in the Bible about demon possession. People need to be aware of the spirit realm, and be cautious of the things they allow in their lives, via tv, music, friends and drugs.

          • Princess

            Well explained HARRY!! This is so tragic.

          • james

            I have experienced demonic possession first hand growing up in a religious household (grandfather was a pastor) and I agree with you Harry…I also believe that the increase of suicides is largely due to possession as well. God Bless us all and if you’re not right with your God people, you’d better get right!!

          • http://yahoo BJStepney

            Thank you for telling the truth Harry. Please don’t be offended by those who won’t allow themselves to be warned. As time grows nearer for the Church to be called away from the earth, we will see much more of this kind. This is why we who know better must work while it is still day.

          • JammaBeanz


            Xtians have lost *all* credibility with me. Not *ONE* of those doomsday mofos gave me their cars or houses :(

          • InstantKarma

            Are you people SERIOUS? Demonic possession? WTF is next, drilling holes in their heads to let said demons out? Are you all still living in the dark ages or do you have your heads shoved that far up your ass?

          • andrew

            hey harry

            minister deez nuts!

          • Adrenaline

            Harry bro,

            I’m all about Jesus and the Armogeddon but you are stretching it my man. Nobody is ever going to experience exactly what he was experiencing as it was a personal experience. There are no demons, monsters, or ghosts that possess us!! LMAO….

            He was higher than a kite and didn’t know up from down, and was routed back to living like an animal.. like a savage as we all are within. We all need to survive somehow and this douchebag was so *ucking high that he forgot he could go to the grocery store and buy some pizza rolls to thirst his hunger. Instead he thought like an animal and thought this homeless guys face was a bologna sandwich. It’s a sad deal man…… This guy should be executed!

          • Karen

            Harry, you are so right. I have personally experienced the gift of decernment many years ago and it scared me to death. I pleaded with God to never give me that gift again. These people who laugh at you, are in a big surprise come judgement day. We,the Christians, won’t be laughing at them though, we will shed a tear at the lose of their souls.

          • Jess

            True I’m not a churchy person. But I believe in bad angels and GOOD Angels and GOD. Jehov What ever you want to call God. Alot of stuff wars army’s, music, Ghosts, and drugs open up the demons realm. AND we living in a devils government.. This is my opinion OK. What he did was stupidity because of the evil drug. Crazy drugs make people act different. He wasn’t himself. So don’t make fun of people that believe that demons had took control of him. You never know if its true.. After hearing about this anything is possible.

          • Daniel Mitchell

            Photos of Rudy Eugene show a recent tattoo that says “The Lords of 2112″ and that book references “cannibalistic sodomites”. Could this event and the horrific descriptions in that book be connected?

          • Rachel

            InstantKarma- Don’t forget, after drilling a hole in the skull, you must coax the demons out with a piece of meat. I shall begin preparations for the zombie apocalypse now.

          • clinton towery

            Another nut case minister…..LMFAO

          • Jess

            And just because i believe in some of this demons crap doesn’t mean I’m going to kill someone and do Harry potter voodoo crap or voodoo exorcism.. Those people that kill saying god told me so guess what NO That’s not God that’s the devil. Ridicules it happens its happens. Ill just be me and try to do good, Prey and avoid drugs. Poor guy

          • Ronnie D.

            This is so true,This is exactly what this is..All Evil comes from Demonic influence or possession.This man was Demonized and drugs is a door way.It is even talked about in the Bible the Spirit of Pharmacia and this is where Pharmacy comes from AKA Drugs…

          • Peter

            What the heck, man! Call yourself a minister and your acting like this? You look and sound just as crazy as that cannibal!! Demon from hell?? How about you get your message straight, stop ruining Christianity for the rest of us and shut your mouth.

            Calm down, and stop freaking people out.

          • Cheri

            Why turn this into religion? The guy was loaded on drugs. How about we stop preaching and start taking care of our children.

          • heya

            shhhhh, you are embarrassing yourself

          • Saul

            demonic possesion? i think you mean zombie apocalypse

          • Richard

            Harry you are correct and for people here to laugh and call you nuts for speaking of demons is just another example that we are in the last days all I can tell you all is that you need to pick up a Bible and repent while you still have time.

          • scott

            LMAO!! You are a whack-o!!!!!

          • Moe Howard

            Tastes like chicken?

          • BOb

            Demons? When are we going to ever get out of the Dark Ages? This made me chuckle

          • fuckdrughaters


          • http://www.tdot.com T

            Roughly 50 years ago, Hitler. Roughly 100 years ago, women and blacks get right to vote. 200 years ago, slavery. 2000 years ago, Christianity. Why are crazy people still following the myths of two millenia ago? Move on. Stop this nonsense about men in the sky, people rising from the dead, walking on water, etc. Why don’t you all stop preaching stupid sh@t. Spend the hour you’d be in church making a real difference in people’s lives. Go to an old folk’s home, a homeless shelter, volunteer. Stop sitting in churches and preaching absurdities and acting holier than others. Fu@cking demons. This country’s crazy. You know why you believe in Christ? One word: geography. If you were born in Saudi Arabia, you’d believe Islam is the true religion. Nepal, Hinduism. Bhutan, Buddhism, etc. There’s no true religion, just myths passed down to keep sheep in line. Baa baa.

          • Scary Harry

            This just in…Harry Storms is even crazier than this cannibal dude.

            P.S. Mr. Storms I think you left your caps lock on. Oh and your space bar doesn’t seem to work. Neither does your apostrophe key.

          • mike@anaservices.com

            Harry, you make Tyler sound like a genius by comparison; and I’m not convinced he’s learned how to operate a roll of toilet paper yet.

          • Caleb

            You might be crazier than the culprit……

          • Alison Tatum

            That is so true.

          • Alison

            Harry, that is so true. Im with you on this one.

          • Fer

            Bahahaha I can’t believe how ignorant this christians are seriously keep living in your small town and church you have 0 idea of whats happening in our world, just remember all religions history, cannibalism is common in some tribes you come here and say this is a demon thing? Pfff go pray and pretend you are gonna be fine christianity is a hypocrit lifestyle, those who are afraid of punishment and relate everything to a god is the obvious fear to deal with men reals nature we are fucked up get over it ^ ^

          • iagreewiththerev.

            I am in total agreement with you minister. i’ve seen people overtaken by demonic spirits and looking at the mugshot into those lifeless eyes i see a individual whose soul has been emptied out a long time ago. Can’t wait to hear the history on that guy. The abuse of drugs and alcohol only make the demon possessed stronger and literally out of there minds. That’s why when someone is under the influence they may possibly become someone else. The thing is, the spirit has already taken possession somehow, some way during the course of that man’s life and hopefully, drugs and alcohol played a big part because if they didn’t, then we have a mentally insane natural born killer who does not have to be under the influence to commit such heinous acts. You definitely have to be under some type of powerful possession, without the influence of alcohol or drugs, to eat someone’s face off. The only animals that are known to attack the face, by nature, are chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are known to attack the face, fingers, and genitalia.

          • Anony Mouse

            Harry Potter voodoo?!?!?! ALL the nutcases are coming out on this one. it’s already a scary world we live in and you believers in demon possession and “Harry Potter voodoo” (by the way, get a freaking clue! Harry Potter is just a story!!!) are making it scarier. how many sane people are left in this world??

          • jeff sullivan

            LOL, throw holy water on him and yell at him, that will probably work. or just maybe realize hes either on drugs or mentally insane. its called science not Fiction.

          • donald johnson

            look people. every time some one does somthing crazy, its not tied to religion. demonic possession is not the reason for this. its been happening since the donner party, going on for years in the south pacific, and bad behavior is not always tied to religion. dont make extra shit out of a bad high and personel problems. have a little dignity, ” christians”.

          • Heather D.

            So the guy who calls himself the Zombie Hunter makes fun of the guy who talks about Demons?? We are all fighting something, aren’t we? Until you have seen real evil it’s hard to comprehend it. Something like zombies, which is something nobody has ever seen, is easier to relate to than the pain of those who have experienced real terror. Drugs are a gateway to dark places. Places unseen by innocent eyes. As long as you are hunting “zombies”, I expect you still have innocence. Don’t lose it, but don’t make fun of those who have. xo

          • Jeff Brackett

            I think the face eating zombie missed his morning coffee break!,, This is typical caffeine withdrawal!

          • Hedda

            Demons?! oh for the love of Bob. Are you serious? Buddy, you’ve watched Paranormal Activity way too many times. Take some Prozac and calm down!

          • david kupsick

            Harry, you are probably correct (1 Cor 2:14) will come in to play esp on this forum.

          • hickboxer

            this is a repost.
            demons hate dope. the only real way to protect yourself from demonic possession , outside of an honest relationship between your creator, savior and self, is to consume any narcotic that the u.s. government deems illegal. the only drugs that open the door for demons are perscriptions that you get from your phamicist. i have never heard of people taking bathsalt for any reason, but i do know that cocain , or being high on anything, will not cause cannibalism. the truth is that some people are just f-ing crazy. the saddest part of this is that guy went his whole life undiagnosed because he could not afford to be helped so he was written off. maybe people should try not being such judgemental jerks blaming things that they know nothing about. then maybe you can offer knowledge which could possibly lead to a solution, instead of ingnorance that only makes things worst.

          • Little Lulu

            I agree with you Harry. “NONE ARE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE”. I think that about sums it up. It is disturbing to see so many people talk about the harmlessness of LSD, etc. They are truly blind to what is going on in this world and if they read the Bible, they would know better.

          • Debra May

            I absolutely do believe in demons, and demonic possession, Harry is not off base here. If you are not filled with the spirit I guess it would be hard to fathom. I think this is just sad, and scary all at once.

          • Faith

            I’m with u Harry, demons do exist people, whether u believe n them or not. God does too and it says n the Bible “greater are the things that are unseen than the things that are seen. This is a spiritual battle and the devil is out for your soul. He is here to steal, kill and destroy. And if u are so blind as to what is going on in this world, I feel sorry for u and pray that your eyes b opened. This is a battle between good and evil, its love against the enemy. Jesus came to give us life and the devil came to take it. U don’t need to believe it but u should. Those who belong to Jesus are protected by him. Those who don’t know him or believe are being preyed upon by the adversary, aka the devil. One day the world will know the truth and I hope its not to late for all u narrow minded unbelievers!!! Many will b deceived but to those who believe we already know the truth. I pray for the worlds blinded eyes to b open and for wisdom to fill u. Gods people perish everyday for a lack of knowledge. I pray for u all to have knowledge. What u don’t know can hurt u :(

          • jillibgets2it

            you’re all ragging on harry about demonic possession but doesn’t anyone think its a bit ridiculous that the article mentions “zombie apocalypse”. really now?

          • Bill

            Demonic Spirits are real. Jesus came so we could choose Heaven or Hell. If you choose to keep on sinning it becomes an inequity, which leaves the door open for Satan to destroy you. A sin nature becomes more and more agressive to destroy you with people doing all these horrible things, how can you not believe that people become so irrational in their actions. Satans goal is to destroy you here on Earth so you cannot make make a choice for Eternity.
            GOOD NEWS – JESUS came to this fallen world to save us from the pits of hell, an eternal darkness from which their is no escape.
            Imagine – For God so loved the World ,that he gave HIS only son – so that we may live.
            Just call on “JESUS” and accept HIM as Lord and Savior. You can’t Imagine how much he Loves YOU !!!
            He died for you!

          • michael

            My name is harry palms I’m a minister too I will pray for him too.

          • michael

            my name is harry balls i pray that someone sends me a razor

          • http://www.facebook.com/jeralynnkawewongkozak Jeri

            I agree! Drugs and/or drinking that alter the consciousness open the doorways for demonic/evil spirits to enter in and to influence people. Drugs itself does not answer the question as to why this man cannibalized another person’s face. Many people deny the reality of the supernatural realm but it’s true, similar to the Matrix (a hidden, spiritual realm that only those whose eyes are open can see). Read “The Day Satan Called” by Bill Scott. It’ll open your eyes.

          • Quita

            i do also believe that it was a demon due to the drugs that were taken, maybe people who say this is crazy or “not true” should do research. God Bl3SS

        • Tom

          since we’re name calling nonya, your just stupid, i believe the referance is lsd will not make you eat people. Jack@$$

          • kelly

            so in all honesty. I am a man who understands and does in fact believe in god. however I am an EMT who works in a neighborhood that is… less than great. and it is not uncommon for someone to be high as the good year blimp to want to kill someone. the affects of bath salts on the mind will give you thoughts that are essentially as follows. “i need to kill everyone”. growling is not some demon trying to eat his soul it is more or less him thinking you are the marshmallow man from ghost busters. and if i am wrong he could very well be patient zero. if that’s the case flying spaghetti monster save us all.

          • scott


        • hickboxer

          this is a reply to harry and the rest.
          demons hate dope. the only real way to protect yourself from demonic possession , outside of an honest relationship between your creator, savior and self, is to consume any narcotic that the u.s. government deems illegal. the only drugs that open the door for demons are perscriptions that you get from your phamicist. i have never heard of people taking bathsalt for any reason, but i do know that cocain , or being high on anything, will not cause cannibalism. the truth is that some people are just f-ing crazy. the saddest part of this is that guy went his whole life undiagnosed because he could not afford to be helped so he was written off. maybe people should try not being such judgemental jerks blaming things that they know nothing about. then maybe you can offer knowledge which could possibly lead to a solution, instead of ingnorance that only makes things worst.

        • hickboxer

          this is a reply to harry storms and the rest.
          demons hate dope.
          the only real way to protect yourself from demonic possession , outside of an honest relationship between your creator, savior and self, is to consume any narcotic that the u.s. government deems illegal. the only drugs that open the door for demons are perscriptions that you get from your phamicist. i have never heard of people taking bathsalt for any reason, but i do know that cocain , or being high on anything, will not cause cannibalism. the truth is that some people are just f-ing crazy. the saddest part of this is that guy went his whole life undiagnosed because he could not afford to be helped so he was written off. maybe people should try not being such judgemental jerks blaming things that they know nothing about. then maybe you can offer knowledge which could possibly lead to a solution, instead of ingnorance that only makes things worst. ignorance and prejudice are not the answer.

      • Rich

        Nonya you are an idiot! Ive done plenty of LSD and know others that have and NOT one time have I ever thought of eating someones freakin face! So unless you have done both and know the difference, how about you shuttin the eff up! MORON!

        • Kayla

          your calling someone an idiot and a moron?? and you’ve done plenty of LSD…you must be very proud

          • http://aol.com Abe

            LSD is honestly not as bad as you think. It is not addictive and causes zero harm,and the only way it can cause psychological damage is if a person has schizophrenia or a similar condition.

          • andrew

            so what if someones done LSD? Life is all about the experiences you have, just because that’s what they chose to do doesn’t mean anything. and LSD is an “enlightening” drug. It changes many peoples lives for the better

          • Johnny Appleseed

            Not “your” you dumb bitch.
            Learn to spell before insulting someone’s intelligence.

          • Casp

            You’re the idiot, insulting somebody just because they did LSD doesn’t mean they are an idiot. Realize your stupidity and shut up

          • christine


          • really?


          • Deborah Gall Robinson

            What the hell?!!! Back 45 years ago I admit my choice of drug was LSD and mescaline (don’t know how to spell it though). I was a genuine hippie but never ever did I trip out and want to take a bite out of another human being. Sure I’m not bragging about taking the drugs but I had a marvelous time and once again I am saying this guy who took a bite out of a human is a loony toon. He has mental issues for sure.

          • Bet


          • teresa

            Good one Kayla. That is exactly what I was thinking..lol

          • Machine


          • johnboy

            lololololol kayla, that was the best ;)

          • Nameless

            I’d like to clear something up here. First of all, the logic coming from you uptight “Drugs are bad, m’kay?” types hardly makes sense. Dozens of people who have commented here have claimed to have taken LSD. This ONE report of a drug some reporter claims that a doctor claimed was similar to LSD before going on to claim symptoms that are NOTHING alike and everyone who tries to defend LSD in the slightest is a “moron”, “idiot”, or whatever your high-and-mighty self may think of someone who decides to use an illegal substance for recreation. Didn’t you consider at all due to the fact that some people chose to jump to LSD’s defense could mean that it had a positive effect on their life? I for one have been made a better person by taking it several times. Would I take it again? That depends. Am I advocating that everyone should take it? No. All I’m saying is those of you in this thread that look down on anyone for simply trying to point out that the comparison of bath salts to LSD is inaccurate need to get off your high horse. We are not lesser people, in fact on the one side I’m seeing better grammar, punctuation, and can understand what they are thinking. It’s really a shame that all people know about taking a drug for recreation is what they see on television and the news. The most extreme cases of a chemically imbalanced brain being introduced to a chemical that ever-so-slightly makes it think askew. If you still want to be so adamant about your ASSUMPTIONS and misguided conceptions, then I’ll let Mr. Hicks take this one away, “You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And if you don’t believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight. Take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. ‘Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that’s enhanced your lives throughout the years were rrreal fucking high on drugs. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes.” -Bill Hicks. This is just scratching the surface so before you blindly insult someone because you’re “Above the influence”, you should think that maybe that person’s a good person and will respect your opinion as they hope you respect theirs. Because saying “You took acid? Don’t you know that one time a man cannibalized another for taking a drug that a reporter claimed a doctor claimed was similar to LSD? That stuff’s no good, man. You’re an idiot.” is not going to get any respect. I’ve taken acid and I’m proud to have done so because it helped me look at things from a different perspective and improved my life’s quality. If that’s not okay with you, then f*** you.

          • Not Gonna Be Otis’d

            @Kayla just because someone does LSD, Cocaine or any other drugs doesn’t make you an idiot or a moron. When people are young, they have no responsibilities and they party and in most cases, it stays there. I have two BA’s and have done LSD, cocaine, and bath salts and never wanted to eat someone’s face. In fact, I’ve tried alot of drugs and never led to anything violent. It mostly led to something creative like music or painting.

            While I don’t discount the very small possibility of a demonic possession. I highly doubt it. The dude probably just has some mental issues and it they got the best of him.

            In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it’s always the homeless that go first.

          • evie

            You act as though everyone has the same response to this drug…..that is not the case at all. Human brains are different, just because YOU did not experience wicked hallucinations on LSD codes not mean someone else will not. To think you can define someone else’s experience with your own is just dumb.

          • http://www.tdot.com T

            No LSD is not that bad…wait, unless it’s illegal. And then people are beheaded in Mexico and families are gunned down to get it to you to take. The issue with drugs, all the way down to marijuana, is not whether they are harmful. I personally don’t care what people want to take, smoke or snort. BUT buying drugs feeds the machine of death and until it’s legalized, realize that by taking drugs, you’re buying drugs, by buying, you’re adding to the terrible violence and atrocities in the name of drug profit. There’s your bad trip.

          • Tiffany

            *high five*

        • Chandy

          Any argument that starts out “You are an idiot! I’ve done plenty of LSD” is not a winning argument.

          • George

            Using LSD is only dangerous or stupid in excess. Take a low to moderate dose and it is nothing more than a visual experience. It is the people that abuse drugs that are stupid. Do not fall prey to anti-drug propaganda. LSD does not make people violent. You idiots seem to think drug users are weak and stupid individuals who turn to drugs because of depression or other ailments. In reality, drugs have been used by mankind for thousands of years for recreation, spiritual awakenings, or even as medicine. Psychedelics are the least harmful or addicting of all drugs(as long as used in moderation).

          • Brandi


          • John

            LSD has been used to help ease PTSD in many Veterans, successfully. FYI

          • Holly

            I agree with you. I have never “experienced” these drugs,or bath salts (yuk) now I think I Know why!!

          • Laura

            Try PCP that’s the only drug I know of that does everything they are describing. So if he is mixing PCP with his bath salts then yes he’s gonna go nuts and have major strength going on. And that’s a fact, LSD on the other hand doesn’t have those kind of side effects. It’s not addictive and it was used by the government too on military people. We were taught in psychology class by doctors that lsd isn’t addictive or bad for you unless you overdose yourself and does not have those effects.

          • any

            OMG this website is full of drug heads. I’ve done plenty of LSD and its not that bad? Really? And people are pressuring me to have kids? Not with you face eating idiots running around. OMFG!!!

          • http://luvtap Ing

            Wow, are these comments coming from sane people. We really are in the last days,if you guys think doing a little drugs is OK,it is not OK.

          • Candice

            @ Chandy…well said!

        • bob

          i agree LSD does not have the cannibal effect. i think that would be the last thing on my mind. i would be more concerned with nature and making stuff move with my mind

          • T

            Do you all actually listen or read what you say or write?? What the h*ll is wrong with people??!! No common sense or moral compass at all!! It is not OK to do drugs, please stop trying to justify it!! How about staying sober for once? Wait maybe it isn’t cool enough. That is the problem today…everything is acceptable…give it a few months and everyone will be taking “bath salts” and eating other people because a few no-common-sense-having people say its cool to take LSD and other drugs because its not addictive and that the doctors say its OK. WTF? Some people man?

          • Crystal

            LMFAO…best comment yet !

          • Nathan B

            Bob, very good point. =] From personal experience as well i have never had any cannibal instincts from LSD. This dude was just out of his mind. I bet he has prior mental problems that he himself may not of been aware of. As for everyone posting on this issue flaming others ideas, your just as bad as your claiming others to be. Do you research first before you make yourself look like a complete tool.

            *waits for the hate mail*

          • bobby

            I don’t see how it is morally wrong for an individual to do drugs. It is however morally wrong for an individual to harm some one else. As for people saying that for you to do bad stuff a demon has to be in you… Does that not take away responsiblity from the individual for making poor decisions?

        • Leon

          you must be real proud of your-self

          • Molly

            Ok people thats enough about who is an idiot and who is not!! Get back to the news story!! Whether or not you have done drugs or not (lsd, bath salts, pcp, or whatever other drugs that are out there) lets talk about how messed up this story is!! It’s frickin crazy as hell!! Like out of some cheezy zombie movie or something!! lol! One of the things that i am thinking is that we all know how long drugs have been around. A very very long time. And i find it extremley hard to beleive that after all these years of drug use that this kind of behavior has never to my knowledge happened before. (Maybe i am wrong and there have been several cases of human eating drug users. But in my 45 years i have never heard of anything close to this kind of behavior out of any human drug user). I will admit i am no innocent person and have done my share of experimenting with drugs when i was younger. That doesnt make me a bad person by any means. Just because you do some drugs or have done some in the past doesnt mean you are a loser. I consider myself a pretty successful person in life. I work as a family medicine doctor now. And i may have made some bad choices when i was younger but it doesnt mean i am a horrible person or that i am a loser. So we should stop the name calling and just have a civil conversation with each other. We all have our own opinions and some we may agree with and some we may not but we are all adults here so let’s act like it. Anyways, back to the article. Like i said before i find it very hard to beleive that this kind of thing has happened before from using drugs. I think we would have heard about it. I may be wrong here but if something really weird or bad is going on here in this story then i believe they would obviously use drugs as the problem to cover something else up. Think about how easy it is to blame drugs on weird human behavior. What i want to know is what the CDC has to say about this whole thing. I would hope they are investigating the situation!! Because you never know this guy could of somehow gotten infected with some kind of virus. Even though it sounds crazy it is possible that a humans blood can be infected with a virus that can mimic zombie like behavior. Do some searching on the internet. Even check the CDC website. It’s not impossible for this to happen. If this is the case it makes me a little nervous. I sure hope they figure out what this guy was doing or eating the last couple days before this occured to find out the true source. I sure hope i dont come across any flesh eating humans any time soon! lol! Remember the only way to kill a zombie in the movies is by shooting them in the head!! lol! You all have a great day!!

        • Nonyabusiness

          Thank you, Nonya, while I haven’t done LSD I do agree with you that no one should make such a moronic judgement as Tyler has done. Seriousily? How many bath salts and LSD would be safe to ingest before someone eat’s someone else’s face off, Tyler? Oh, you don’t know? That’s because your and idiot so shut your pie hole!

          • Tristen Warren

            You have NO basis for these ignorant statements! Since you have NO experience, than you should stop being so high and mighty! You obviously have no idea about the positive aspects of drugs like LSD, so just stop judging. Tyler’s comment was one of the MOST sensable comments. No amount of “bath salt” are safe. They are made to mimic meth, not LSD! I have had quite a bit of experience with LSD, so I can safely say it doesn’t make you a cannibal! Again, name calling is childish, and telling someone to shut up, while you hide behind your computer is just cowardly!

          • Chris

            I do agree with you Molly, CDC should look into this matter and dig out what’s happen to this guy,

        • eric


        • Carol

          I think this type of behavior sounds more like what you would see with someone overdosing on PCP or angel dust– probably some new revamped version out there somewhere. Regardless, it’s a horrible, sickening story.

        • lee lee

          I’m sorry but if you are dumb enough to brag about doing a lot of LSD you have never seen what it can really do. I met a kid 16 years ago who was doing LSD and now he thinks he is a glass of orange juice. If you go anywhere near him he will tell you “don’t touch me I’ll spill” and he is not joking he truly believes that, that he is a glass of orange juice. So anyone who says LSD is not harmful is the full

          • Tristen Warren

            When I say I have had quite a bit of experience with LSD, I am NOT bragging! I am simply NOT ashamed of my actions. I never hurt anyone! As a matter of fact, it helps expand your mind and see life in a completly different perspective. BTW, that story about the orange juice is older than me (36)! That was the first anti-drug propaganda story I ever heard, and NEVER ran into anyone with that kind of psychosis! It must be very rare, if true at all!

          • Not Gonna Be Otis’d

            I don’t think he was bragging about doing LSD. I think he simply was stating that he’s done it and and never got violent. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t tried a drug.

        • duh

          Different things effect different ppl different ways. It doesnt evn have to effect da same person da same way twice. So ur opinions are just that….opinions….until a doctor wit his medical info has somethin to say bout it

        • greg

          Plenty of people have committed murder while on LSD. It is very difficult to predict behavior of people who do it.

        • http://yahoo Meg Tucker

          Either that or some really BAD crack!! Not that any of it’s good but the dude was obviously having a drug induced fucked up psychotic episode!

        • Ada

          Rich, you’re calling them a moron when you’re the one who’s done LSD? What’s your problem? Take my advice and stop doing LSD. And if you haven’t thought of eating someones face then you will soon enough. LSD is dangerous. Stop being an idiot.

      • John

        Tyler is right! You’re an idiot Nonya!

        • Nonyabusiness

          John, you better be careful as Tyler may have a stash of bath salts and LSD and turn on you for a quick sneaky snack!

      • hal1200

        tyler might be a idiot, but you’re A ZOMBIE!! AAAAAAAAAAH! you’re all flesh eating zombies! AAAAAAAAAA!

        • roflstomp

          Best defense against a zombie? Treadmill. That’s right.

          • betty boop

            lolz ikr you better be one good runner

          • dj


        • Chef

          I wonder if he cooked it before he ate it?
          reverbnation dot com / redcanyon

          • Kayla

            XD yeah cause raw face is just gross.

          • SONIA HOT BITCH

            yur fuking retarded.. obviously, he didnt cook it you dumfuk

          • Jen

            To “SONIA HOT BITCH”
            You’re calling someone a “dumfuk” when they were clearly making a joke.

            You’re the “dumfuk” for not realizing that.

            And you’re also the “dumfuk” for spelling dumb fuck like that.

            Dumb fuck.

          • http://www.ta-discount.com tim

            I like mine medium-rare…….YUM

        • Kelz


        • Allyn

          LMAO hal1200 this is probably the most relevant post yet!

      • anonymous

        Do you feel better about yourself calling him a moron? Hes right, news articles never get anything about drugs right. What he did was the cause of psychosis from cocaine and bath salts and that is NOTHING like a good LSD trip. No other drug compares greatly to the effects of LSD

        • al

          this person was obviously mentally ill,anyone who is name calling and stating what idiots use lsd or cocaine are ignorant of the effects of any drug on mentally ill people. if the nixon administration hadn’t declared “war” on drugs, all these unknown analogs of drugs that are being created to sidestep the drug laws in place would have never been created.I myself am 57 years old and I have done lsd,mescaline, dmt,all forms of “speed”heroin,quaaludes,freebase cocaine,moonshine weed hash salvia(scared the crap otta me, still legal)and some others I don’t remember,I’m sure,and I am not guilty of anything other than just being quick tempered when I ran out what I was taking or tired and sad,depressed.I am bi-polar from early childhood as a result or my mother taking speed from her dr. and smoking tobacco,plus drinking booze while pregnant.I am not saying these drugs are good every thing has its use,I suppose,the real danger is stupid people forming opinions without having done anything to qualify them to give their opinion.blame the people who declare war on drugs not to save your behinds,but to profit from your enslavement and suffering,knowing that a stupid person is an assent to them tru their ignorance and guilibilty.those are the true canibals and zombies,they eat us all,slowly as they profit on our ignorance.

          • paula

            very well said al. i was thinking the same thing. people are on here talkin crap about drugs when no one even knows why he did what he did. it could be something totally different then that. and unless that poor soul (the victim) survives, no one will ever know the real truth, if and only if he even remembers anything. hearing everyone calling each other names, attacking each other, and being childish about pronunciation is exactly how the media keeps us all under their control. they lie and make us believe what they want us to. its amazing how something has such control over the human race. WOW, how did we ever live without it.

          • bobby

            I find it amusing that the drug users believe that you have to experience a drug to be qualified to speak on the drugs. There are these things called books. Written by people whom have had experiences. There are other things called studies that can be also be read. I imagine it would be possible to research drugs for a time without actually trying them and be “qualified” to speak for or against them in a forum on the internet.

          • bobby

            In addition to the above statement… Your (that is an idividuals ownership of something)own experience with a drug is all you can really garner by using. However, by researching these drugs you can gain a much larger and broader amount of knowledge on these drugs. Lastly you’re (that is the marriage of the words you and are with an apostrophe) all reaaly silly for being so deffensive about the drug use.

      • Joe

        LSD does not make you violent at all. Anyone who says it does has obviously never taken it. f***ing retards.

        • Bex

          But LSD does make you hallucinate. How do we know he didn’t think the man was a giant pizza and he was hungry?

          • christine

            To Bex:
            If this situation wasn’t so sad your comment would be pretty damn funny…Good one, though! :)

        • alan

          Using a drug doesn’t make you an expert on it, just makes you an idiot. If you’re wondering about the effects of LSD just look up the wikipedia article. It has tons of info and sources to check for validity. Though I don’t need to read it to know that LSD can indeed be dangerous. My wife has a cousin that died recently after a long battle with psychosis suffered after taking LSD. It was his first time taking it and he was mentally impaired the rest of his life to the end. LSD might seem safe because tons of people do it and suffer nothing permanent but the fact is it’s basically russian roulette with really great odds in your favor for nothing bad happening but every so often, someone will lose their mind or life to it. Yes, it’s exceedingly rare and if you’re fine with those risks, ok, but don’t tell me that LSD is perfectly safe. It isn’t.

          • George

            Anyone who suggests wikipedia IS an idiot…

          • George

            You really need to get your facts straight, clearly wikipedia has not done you well. Psychedelics can in fact bring on forms of mental illness, however it does not create the illness. The illness is already there and developing. Had you not taken a psychedelic, it still would have inflicted you sometime in the future. On top of this, nothing is perfectly safe. Not even that bottled water you bring in from the grocery store. That morning coffee, that pack of smokes, water from your tap, the air you breathe. Everything you put into your body is playing Russian roulette. Better to live live and enjoy your experiences rather than hide yourself away from anything that has the possibility of harming you. LSD is about as harmless as Tylenol. If either is used in excess, it can and possibly will kill you. If either are used even once, both can bring on the possibility of complications.

          • rudegirl

            Thank you Alan for some great input.

          • Jean

            Very well said!

          • expand

            @Alan. Your wifes cousin was more than likely genetically inferior. Its fine, some people cant handle LSD, or even marijuana for that matter. The fact is, LSD would not make someone do something this insane. This is more along the lines of pcp.

          • Jeff Brackett

            I think we should wait on the autopsy and toxicology report of the man who committed this bizarre crime. Before we assumed that his actions were drug induced and go by what the police suspect as to the motive, perhaps we should have more objective information. This story has changed so many times since it was first reported. I was wondering why both gentlemen were naked and why it took so long for an ambulance to arrive for the surviving victim!

          • michael

            are you a giant or is your girl a midget

        • greg

          LSD has made a ton of people violent in the past. Just because it didn’t make you violent, doesn’t mean it has that same effect on others.

      • trae

        Ok nonya tell us how affect you if you know how they affect the human body enlighten us all

        • laura

          first – trae needs a grammar lesson. secondly, name calling is a sign of not having much of a command of the english language – o wait, that’s right, no one in miami speaks english! as a NATIVE (born and raised) – none of us would be sad if all you non-english, lsd loving losers left!

          • dawn

            What does NOT being able to speak english have to do with this? So
            I guess you deserve The “MISS IGNORANT” crown laura!!

          • TK

            Silly person, your comment is filled with grammatical errors. For example: noone is not spelled ‘no one'; oh is not spelled ‘o'; English is not spelled ‘english’ (with a lower case ‘e’). It never fails, those of you who criticize grammar always mangle the very language you are trying to defend. Hypocrisy.

          • http://facebook,aol,andyahoo gwendolyn

            omg; who would ever think that in this day and age, bathsalts, would become a drug, and we would have canibals, here, amongst us, like those sick movies that were made, such as texas chainsaw massacre’s, and the hills have eyes; this is sickening to the stomach as well as the mind. maybe now, hollywood film producers, will stop making such evil, and sadistic pictures for the movie goers, that go next to tv, for all of the world to watch, and mimick; so sickening in the movies and real life; this world is in a critical state, and its not financial, its mental, and has been mental since charles manson, etc;

          • jay

            lsd was founded by hippies who were Americans during the 60s.not by people who dont speak english except native americans who were here before any of us.

          • John

            Obviously Laura, you are a closet racist trying to hide behind some well versed phrases (Native, Non-English) So are you saying you’re Native American or you are still here from the colonial days? To check your facts LSD is a primarily “White” drug invented by a “White, Doctor”.

          • Nonyabusiness

            No, Dawn, the crown belongs to you as Laura is correct; both in her grammer and beliefs.

          • Ramona

            Wow Laura. You need to lose the white supremacy rant. Talk about stupid losers. Sheesh.

          • Lola24

            Hey John, you say that Laura is a closet racist, but yet you feel the need to make mention of LSD being a “white” drug made by a “white doctor”
            Are you assuming by Laura’s comment that she is perhaps “white” becuase of her opinion?? If so than I guess that would make you a racist or “closet” racist too than for assuming that, now wouldn’t it? Did it ever occur to you that maybe a person could be something other than “white” to wish that people in their city spoke more English?!After all, there are other races in this country who speak only English for the most part too, isn’t there?

          • Lola24

            Oh, and Ramona, you are another one! White supermacy rant?! LMAO! Where did you read this said “rant” speaking of white power? It certainly isn’t written in Laura’s statement! Again…another person assuming that someone must be white to make a freakin comment! Gotta love the REAL racists here!!

          • wowwow

            @Laura, its a real shame he didn’t chew your face off you racist bitch. Who are you or anyone for that matter to judge someone based off what country they are from or language they speak? Then again, ignorance is bliss. All of you racist people disgust me. If you are going to judge someone, base your judgment off their character not their culture. Just because someone isn’t a native or English speaking doesn’t mean they are any less of person then you. So hop off your pedestal hun, you’re no one special.

      • scott baker

        you need to be more respectfull towards tyler .hes my lover and your a weak minded piece of s##t.

        • laura

          your comment is irrelevant…but let it be said, i doubt anyone cares who your lover is.

        • laura

          it’s “you’re” genius!

          • Nate

            Actually, she was right. It IS “your”, you fool. Learn your grammar.

          • whiteguyontheinternet

            she was talking to the dude. herpderp

      • Veronica Robinson

        I agree with so agree with you Nonya Tyler is an idiot and a moron.

      • Johnny Appleseed

        I’ve taken all 3, and he’s right.
        I’m guessing you’re a straight-laced bore who’s never experimented with anything in your life…

      • Tankerpaul223@gmail.com

        You would be suprized what LSD can make certain people do, it all depends on brain chemistry.

      • Veronica Robinson

        Ok first you were right about tyler and along comes a second fool name, rich. I’m surprise he can still form words. Go Nonya!

      • mike

        I have to side with Tyler on this one. I have been to multiple Grateful Dead and Phish shows and don’t ever recall anybody actually eating anyone at any of those shows.

      • Sean

        @nonya: Why would YOU make such a nasty comment to a total stranger? I think the guy ate the wrong person, yes?

      • Tristen Warren

        Nonya- Unless YOU have some experience, you have NO room to talk! I don’t use bathsalts, but I do know someone that works at a headshop and told me the “bath salts” are a meth mimic, not LSD, which makes WAY more sense than LSD! I DO have experience with both LSD & Coke, and neither one creates effects that were described! How can you call someone names without having some knowledge yourself?! Whose the moron Nonya?!

      • Bob

        Nonya- You are an idiot. LSD is really not that harmful. In fact, I don’t think it should even be in the drug category. LSD causes hallucinations but is NOT addictive, has almost NO harmful effects, and would have nothing to do with eating someone’s face.

      • carmine

        your an idiot….he has a great point lsd doesnt make you eat peoples faces it makes you pretty peaceful and docile….so shut your mouth ya stupid bitch

      • Ricardo

        I think Tyler’s point was that this couldn’t have created the same effect as LSD, because LSD doesn’t typically cause people to go on violent cannibalistic rages, which apparently bath salts mixed with cocaine can do.

      • Fawad Khan

        Nonya. How do you know that Tyler has never used Cocaine or bath salts?

      • lolamarriiee


      • Luke Wynn

        Dont call people stupid. I’ve done both coke and bath salt and believe me 100% that stuff does not have affects that make you want to do anything like this sick b*stard did. LSD or PCP maybe. so dont put people down unless you know what your talking about

      • Justin

        That wasn’t what he was saying. Violence isn’t usually associated with LSD. Though, to me, it sounds like he was on crack or PCP.

      • Jaskal

        Nonya, don’t project your own ignorance onto everyone else. Tyler is right, the comparison to LSD is absurd and the writer should be ashamed for repeating it.

      • Joe

        I dont think Tyler is saying this wont happen with bath salt or coke. What hes sayn is bath salts are not being created to mimic the effects of LSD but more likely Coke Crack or METH. Because if he was under LSD type effects he would not be on a violent rampage he would be chillin and enjoyn the visual Hallucinations. LSD does not cause rampage like coke. meth or crack does. And no a person would not have to take any of these discussed drugs to know what the effects are. All a person would have to do is look it up online. But if ya dont want to take the time, Know this. I have used cocaine and I have used LSD. And the only one of the two which has violent rampage side effects is coke. Or meth or crack. NOT LSD. Again people. Bath salts do not create the effects of LSD they recreate the effects of Coke Crack METH. Effn idiots who think ya know it all. Damn internet trolls.

      • Tiffany

        lol. thanks for that. idiot.

      • Craig

        Actually, you’re the moron. Considering that LSD is not related to violence (that was all anti-drug propaganda – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_misconceptions_about_illegal_drugs), Tyler was saying that the effects couldn’t be similar because LSD doesn’t make someone do this. Considering your grammar, you obviously never finished high school; so, it’s no surprise you have no reading comprehension skills. Here, I’ll help.

        Unless you do cocaine and bath salts(,) how would you know what would happen(?)

        Because, sweetheart, Tyler knows more about the world than you do.

      • Jerry

        No, Nonya, you are the idiot, moron. The media has been demonizing LSD since before many of us were born. LSD has absolutely nothing to do with eating a man’s face off. Yes, I’ve done all of these drugs several times, and guess how many times I’ve acted violently towards someone while intoxicated? If you guessed, or can count to ZERO, then you’d be exactly right. It’s not the drugs, it’s the person. Besides the fact, there has not been an official toxicology report to indicate that any drugs were in this person’s system. P.S. Who said anything about “cocaine”? MORON.

    • zach

      depending on how much lsd u take , ur lsd trip will be awesome.. and becoming a human zombie will be the last thing on your mind.lol… but rly the cannibal guy looks like a psycho anyway… so mix bath salts and other drugs with this psycho and this is what happens.

    • zach

      depending on how much lsd u take , ur lsd trip will be awesome.. and becoming a human zombie will be the last thing on your mind.lol… but rly the cannibal guy looks like a psycho anyway… so mix bath salts and other drugs with this psycho and this is what happens.

      • K

        Zach tell me please what exactly does a psycho and cannibal look like? I’ve always wanted to know….. do they look like Ted Bundy who was considered to be a very charming and attractive man yet was actually a serial killer who confessed to murdering 30 women but it’s estimated that the real number is around 100 women women. Or do they look like Jeffrey Dahmer who his neighbors didn’t suspect of anything other when one of his victims escaped before he killed them but was so disheveled the POLICE believed that he and Dahmer had just had a lovers spat and Dahmer was so unassuming in his looks they helped him bring his victim back to his apartment. So again, i ask, what does a psycho and cannibal look like. And just an fyi…… I’m a forensic psychologist who works in a state prison system with super max inmates who have all committed some pretty heinous crimes against others. The only thing that looks wise that differentiates the majority of them from any other person you might see walking down the street is the uniform they wear.

        • Omega15

          Well, I feel that whatever the cause,justice hopefully will prevail. As for a “zombie” virus – it’s possible.
          maybe an infected ant bit him and the fungus is taking over his brain. Or maybe it’s an experimental military
          drug being tested. Or maybe it’s a Demon.Maybe…it’s just him. Maybe not. As for all of you that take drugs such as LSD,and the like…Enjoy your Forever. It’s HOT!

    • http://kissmyass william


      • LZ

        HA! This was the only comment worth reading. So thank you William, seriously. Now back to all the expert diagnosis on a completely out of the ordinary situation that no one actually knows anything about.

    • William

      Good Lord! the Zombies have finally arrived! RUN! Lock your doors! and dont forget to shoot them in the head!

      • brittany

        you guys do know the difference between a cannibal and a zombie, right?

        • Craig

          You do understand the concept of sarcasm, right?

    • Veronica Robinson

      First of all Scott cocaine doesn’t do that. It takes something like PCP along with LSD combine to make a person first of all take off their clothes and about eating dude that’s just crazy!

      • Craig

        Read my above comment, go to wikipedia, and get out of the ’50s. Peace, I’m out.

    • rdbyrdy

      Tyler, why would you put that crap in your body. Seriously, you are putting chemical that were not meant to be put into the body and I do not want to hear about the history of LSD. Yes, I think people drink and do other drugs that yes i think are also dangerous and think mental issues come from these chemicals effecting children.

      • SARA

        So you never take medications OTC or prescribed by a doctor? Because those are also chemicals that don’t belong in your body. So is caffeine and nicotine and all the other garbage that is put into our foods. I have done LSD only once and it was the most enlightening experience of my life. I have to agree that for any drug to make someone do something so crazy, or to affect their mental health, they have to have existing issues to begin with. Weak minds. This guy obviously had issues. And also, I tried bath salts once as well, it was a lot closer to speed than anything else I’ve ever done. And I am currently drug free and have a good career so don’t judge me for experimenting. Some people jump out of airplanes, I think there is the same amount of danger and pleasure in LSD as skydiving. So why is skydiving ok?

        • Mackie

          Hey, drugs are bad, mmkay? Don’t do drugs, mmkay?

    • http://newsfox leon

      maybe its from sniffing bicycle seats

    • http://newsfox leon

      i really think he sniffed two many bicycle seats that set off the psychosis

      • JusticeSeeker

        LMAO, now that’s just funneeee….

    • Adam

      This just screams of PCP. I can’t think of any other drug that could have an effect like this.

    • george

      John Lennon and Yoko Ono did lots of LSD and they were very proud of it

    • Chris


      I’m pretty sure you know nothing. Keep your opinions to yourself, jackass.

    • Johnson

      Steve Jobs said the most important thing he ever did in his entire life, was taking acid. After taking acid it changed his whole perception on life and he went on to be on of the most successful CEOs in history. Yea go and tell your kids Steve Jobs is a horrible role model

    • Derek

      I’ve tried bath salts before and alot of it and different kinds, it’s nothing like a trip LSD gives you. it’s a synthetic for coke basically. But of course I’m no doctor but from a first hand experience i highly doubt the bath salts made him do what he did. it may had played a roll in why it took half a dozen shots to take him down but not the cannibalistic behavior.

    • http://Webproreacts angie

      No one person reacts the same to any situation. You can not “predict” how someone will react because reactions are as different as the people who give them. I tried weed and wasn’t to impressed, but my friend tried it and still uses it. I don’t consider myself or my friend a moron just 2 people reacting to a situation differently.

    • jared

      well i’ve done plenty of cocaine and never wanted to eat anyone’s face off. never done bath salt though, not sure of the effects.

    • lindsey

      Actually I think that the bath salts make sense because they do make you hallucinate when you abuse them. You get super dehydrated and it causes hallucinations. If you have ever watched intervention the guy who is addicted to bath salts has similar behavior and he is pretty much incapable of communicating or paying attention to anything except for the “people” he sees and tries to kill. You guys should really check it out.

    • http://yahoo aubrey

      Let’s take all inmates who are in jail for senseless cold blood killings, feed them this stuff, and then send them overseas to fight in the war. That way, everyone wins-the enemy gets their face eaten off, and the inmate/soldier, will most likely get shot and or blown up because they will be delirious and crazed:)

      • n8

        …until you are “the enemy” and the nation sending them at you knows nothing about you except for what represents you on their national tv.

    • jennifer

      This is a total farce. Did they find bath salts on his person or in his system? No. This is a lie to promote antidrug laws.

    • G

      It’s begining to look alot like zombies!

      • n8

        You’re right. LEGALIZE BATH SALTS!!!

    • G

      He had the munchies and no money so he bummed it.

    • steve

      what a buncha whackjobs…i’ve tried coke in my day .. even tried bath salts .. never had a weird thing like that happen.. i assume the psychosis was caused from multiple days awake and not due to the effects of either drug in it’s current state .. i am not a fan of either myself..i move at a slower speed than those drugs were designed for. i’m a card carrying ,marijuana using ,atheist with an Ed.D and a keen grasp of logic n reasoning and can without assumption guarantee if a stimulant was involved in such a dramatic event it was the lack of sleep that brought about that outcome..

    • steve

      ..haha..what a buncha whackjobs…i’ve tried coke in my day .. even tried bath salts .. never had a weird thing like that happen.. i assume the psychosis was caused from multiple days awake and not due to the effects of either drug in it’s current state .. i am not a fan of either myself..i move at a slower speed than those drugs were designed for. i’m a card carrying ,marijuana using ,atheist with an Ed.D and a keen grasp of logic n reasoning and can without assumption guarantee if a stimulant was involved in such a dramatic event it was the lack of sleep that brought about that outcome..

  • Mars

    But why was the victim naked too???

    • honeybear

      The victim was not nude. Re-read the article.

      • a

        uhh it clearly says, “he was found nude and attach another man”, another man meaning, a man besides him self, not a separate person from whom he was just eating. maybe you should re-read it

        • Jesse

          It says nothing about the victim being nude. The attacker Rudy Eugene was nude.

          • RJ

            “in the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”

          • tj

            the following is taken from the article…”the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”

        • anonymous

          Direct quote, “In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”

        • CSIHONI

          “One of the effects of the drug is internal heat, which raises the temperature to a dangerous level and makes the user feel like their organs are baking, which is reportedly what caused Eugene to take his clothes off. In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.” Article CLEARLY DOES state that the victim was nude as well, YOU re-red the article!

          • CSIHONI


          • Debi

            This is a very sad time for whom ever the victim was. He has lost an eye, an ear and was already homeless to begin with. How very disturbing this is for anyone who must worry about being out in public and being attacked like this. Makes me want to be a hermit.

      • s marion

        Actually if you look at the pictures that show both of them on the ground, the victem has no clothing from the waste down either.

      • TrueStory

        “In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”- it’s stated above. And if you read other articles on the internet, they also say the VICTIM was nude as well.

    • http://www.yahoo.com sillo

      the victim was naked also because rudy eugene practised witch craft on him, hypnotised him before dining his face. check eugene’s DNA might be the great great grandson of some witch doctor.

      • n8

        You are obviously quite intelligent…

    • abbazabba916

      The victim wasn’t naked. He was fully clothed. The article doesn’t show the picture of the incident. The picture is out there. I have it on my facebook.

      • f

        One of the effects of the drug combo is internal heat, in which the user feels like their organs are baking, which is reportedly what caused Eugene to take his clothes off. In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.

        • donna

          it clearly says in the article the victem appeares to be naked also

          • donna

            im so sorry the victim (typo)

        • kathy

          why dont you watch the video and take a look at the pic with this article both obviously undressed

        • kathy

          why dont you watch the video and take a look at the pic with this article both obviously undressed

      • Hailey

        Both of them were naked….just FYI. I was on the MacArthur/395 Causeway and sat in traffic during this when the police came…absolutely disgusting.
        Also, the News 7 and 6 down here in So. FL. displayed them both to be naked…just blurred out images.

      • http://yahoo Linda

        abbazabba, you need to look at the picture again. Both men are naked. Why else would they cover up the one mans butt.

      • paula

        the “victim” was naked from the waist down. he had on a shirt. you all are something else. arguing over what drug he did, whether or not someone used the proper pronunciation, and now whether or not he was naked. and every one of you are
        supposedly right. lol

      • JusticeSeeker

        I think they are going by the video surveilance camera images. If you google The Miami Herald you can watch about 6 minutes of video and it does “appear” that the victim was nude as well.

    • Gary

      Didn’t want to get his clothes dirty…

      • Corey

        He must be a messy eater. My ticket for Hell is still good right?

    • big_cards_fan

      No where does it say the victim was naked. Just says that Eugene was found nude.

      • http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/26/2818832/naked-man-shot-killed-on-macarthur.html ab

        The victim (homeless man) was nude

        The video is here…you have to look closely and it’s towards the end of the video…you can only see both men on the ground with their bottom half nude (they’re under an overpass and were caught on a surveillance camera)

        • ab


          (forgot to post the link to the video)

          • ab

            It looks like I didn’t even need to provide the link to the video…it’s shown within the article

      • melissa

        “In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”

        pulled straight from the above article.

      • chris

        The article CLEARLY SAY,AND I QUOTE,…”in the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”,..Learn to read before you troll.

      • Brandi

        actually, the article does state that the victim appeared to be nude…

        “One of the effects of the drug is internal heat, which raises the temperature to a dangerous level and makes the user feel like their organs are baking, which is reportedly what caused Eugene to take his clothes off. In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.”

      • m

        the victim was naked from the waist down, watch the video, it gives more details than the article.

      • TrueStory

        Can’t expect a Cards fan to be that good of a reader eh lol

    • http://yahoonews tiff tiff

      right thats what i said, why was the homless man naked, smh what is our world coming to?

    • Robert Gonzalez

      uumm I don’t know maybe cuz he’s homeless you jackass!

  • Sam

    I guess the tazer was out of the question.

    • biill

      Zombies are not to be messed with

      • http://yahoonews tiff tiff


        • Chef

          I wonder if he cooked the face before he ate it?

      • brittany

        zombies are not real. the guy is completely crazy.

        • TrueStory

          Are you sure brittany?

          • brittany

            yes,I’m sure. Unless you have proof that zombies are real. please, don’t use Rudy Eugene, because that guy is just nuts.

        • bobby

          Actually I believe you can go to the CDC website and see they have a zombie outbreak plan… I also imagine if you did a little research you could find a number of scientifically plausable scenarios that would explain the possibilty of zombies.

    • Z

      Exactly actually to figure out what was the problem

      • april

        I dont believe he was a zombie,its just a crazy event that just so happen to take place due to whatever the curcumstances are… I just cant even get over the fact that he ate his face off and had to be shot so many times……. What has this world come to….?

        • Ashley

          Yes a zombie and in the end of the world the dead will walk before us its not drugs or everyone would be doin that .

    • james

      NO, absolutely no tazer, they shoulda shot him more!!!!! HE WAS EATING SOMEONES FACE OFF U IDIOT!

    • Wes

      Yeah I would say it was out of the f#c%!NG question!!! He was eating the guys face!!! 5 shots couldn’t drop him! He took it and smiled! And now I’m back to set the record straight! With my A.K. it’s still your face he wants on his dinner plate!

      • http://yahoonews tiff tiff

        hell naw dude u crazy. lmmfao

    • Rich

      Another geneous I see! Have you ever seen someone tasered on coke? It doesn’t do a damn thing. Especially someone screwed up enough to eat someones face? Get real dude!

      • Grammar Nazi

        Uhm sir, you obviously need to go back to High School. Because you spelt “Genius” wrong.

        • hutchhann

          its spelled not spelt.

        • Grammar Allied Troop

          “Because you spelt “Genius” wrong,” is a sentence fragment. “Spelt” is barely a word. It’s slang for spelled.

      • m


        • http://www.ta-discount.com tim

          lol he did it again

    • laura

      glad he’s dead

  • Hal

    Can’t eat a man with his clothes on..

    • Ken

      But you can eat their face.

  • Mr. S

    Good thing he was not hungry for some of Ben and Jerrys Schweddy Balls.

  • silver fox

    If the attacker had been white, the color of the victim would have been published. If the victim would have been female, evidence of sexual activity would have been published. Why the double standards?

    • sunny-side-up

      It would of also said what direction the wind was blowing!!! I dont think racism can be the subject of every crime!

      • donna

        dont start that bulls*** please

    • Asmith906

      you just read a story about a person eating another person and the only thing you got out of it was that they didn’t report the victim’s race.

    • bells

      Are you stupid?? who cares what color any of them were! THE MAN WAS EATING ANOTHER MANS FACE!!!! HELLO!! Stop pulling the race card, segregation was over in the 60’s let it go!!!!

      • Pucksinwah

        its not a matter of race, its a matter of whether he wanted white meat or dark

        • donna

          i friggen agree with you 100% pucksinwah everything always has to come down to race ya cant use that forever you know, in case your not with us whatrace is our president? so please stop using the race card and take responsibility

    • RJ

      You don’t know that. Something like this isn’t comparable to 99% of violent crimes.

  • Steveshakotko

    He couldn’t wait for a burger? When they advertise fast food, damn it better be FAST!

  • Jim

    This is more incentive not to be homeless.

  • honkey

    A black cannibal? What a shock! He left out the bone in his nose!

    • http://www.yahoo.com sillo

      in the village where i grew up…. cannibals acted like eugene, they truly ate the eyes, lips ears and private parts were kept for rituals.There were black cannibals in Africa then.

  • http://Yahoo John

    Well, he’ll never go hungry again, compliments of you and me.

  • Blankman

    mmmm, manflesh

  • Pablo


  • Eduardo

    Absolutely no way bath salts and cocaine would trigger a cannibalistic attack. This man was clearly deeply disturbed and may have been under the influence of something more dissociative than salts and coke. I am a recovering cocaine addict and I have tried the bath salts, I never craved human flesh. I just got a lot of work done, was euphoric (an extremely positive mood), and then crashed later (and wasted a lot of money). Nice try media, nice try.

    • SARA

      I have to agree with you. But the media sells it and people are clearly buying it. Not saying that coke and bath salts aren’t harmful but to say they create affects similar to LSD is wrong and to say that any of them would make someone eat another person is hogwash. This guy has a violent past and in my observations, it’s not so much the drugs themselves as it is the extended loss of sleep that makes people crazy.

    • Klaus

      I agree!! Having done it all

  • hal1200

    NO WAY!! how scary. i think the zombie apocalypse is starting. i intend to lock my doors at night, and when i walk down the street i’m going to keep a eye on all of you. i don’t trust most of you. you’ve all become monsters.
    if a single one of you even thinks about taking a chomp out of me, i’m…well i’m going to run away and tell someone. why don’t you all stick to eating out vagina and penis and butt-hole like you normally do?

    • brittany

      People just say that theres going to be a zombie apocalypse to scare you. You have to be crazy to believe it.

  • wata


    • m

      english, please :)

  • Rosso

    Mike Tyson wanna be!

    • dongivafcuk

      Nah, that there is a black Jeffrey Dahmer.

  • Jennifer H. Lane

    Jeesh! A popular zombie show and now we’re headed for a Zombie Apocalypse! this always seems to happen when there is a popular TV/movie. Remember Scorpion King? Oh yea. There was a REAL Scorpion King. Thank goodness that there wasn’t a real King Kong/Gremlins/Killer Klowns from outer space!

  • hal1200

    be afraid. be VERY afraid. AAAAAAAAAAH!

  • NL

    Crazy or not, human face may be delicious…

    • hal1200


  • jim

    sometimes, when you’re really hungry, you’ll eat just about anything

  • ricshaw7

    not guilty by reason of insanity, thousands of dollars spent toward
    rehabilitation. to what end? red, white, black or green if no reasonable
    doubt put him out of his misery and ours. problem solved.

    • ricshaw7

      must amend my post have just now realized that he was killed by the police. well played officers well played indeed !

  • Mike

    I love all these experts on the effects of drugs. Things affect people differently. You can’t sit there and say a substance will or won’t make a person act a certain way. There is no way to support such a theory.

    • RJ

      Amen to that. And people seem to think taking a drug a few times makes them an expert.

      • SARA

        So then what makes YOU experts? Do tell.

      • Laura

        You are so right.Doctors and scientist can’t even explain that, with solid eveidnce. Our brains are wired differntly!

  • http://webpronews.com Mack

    Two less votes for Obama in Florida….. This could mean trouble…

  • Mark

    So what this dude is saying is bath salts + Cocaine = zombie!!

  • hal1200

    i think there may be a zombie outside our door! AAAAAAAAAAAH! and i think he just got my friend’s sister susie! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • Curt

    Is the guy from Haiti?? Also, does he practice voo doo?? That might explain much. Another fine immigrant.

  • sabin

    say hello to my canibal friend( to be said like scarface)

  • liverseradfasd

    You never hear stories of someone on LSD doing this type of thing. Compare it to meth, or PCP, thats fair, but saying someone does this kind of thing on LSD, well maybe you’ve been watching too many 60s/70s govt anti drug propaganda.

  • Siriskulk

    Wow…….Man the things people do. It’s crazy, and kind of sad that some people are driven some how to do these things.(drugs included)

  • hal1200

    wow. you all really scared me for a second. cool. but in the future, i wish you and horror story writers like Amanda Crum would stop making up scary stories like this in order to scare us. i don’t believe in cannibal zombies. you all just made this up just to scare innocent people. THERE ARE NO CANNIBAL ZOMBIES! they just made this story up so we would stay indoors with our computers and television sets.

    • Chris

      You people are all a bunch of idiots….but at least you aren’t freakin Zombie cannibals. So tacky.

    • Sarah

      Are you kidding me? There were people who saw this and video surveillance cameras posted on the pole there meant for highway watch for accidents and what not. There is a picture of the two men laying next to each other, and a picture of the mans face while he’s in the hospital with tubes shoved down his throat and half of his face ripped off (from the top lip to his forehead and parts of his back head)
      they aren’t saying these things to scare us

      They’re trying to keep us from being scared by blaming it on drugs.

      If they wanted to scare us, they’d tell us it was something more than some nutjob on lsd, pcp or bath salts.


      • Cheri

        You my friend, are illiterate. What cave do you live in, rather closed to the public religious cult? Drugs DO cause people to not use judgement and “forget” their morality, empathy, etc…

        There is no devil at work here other than man made chemicals that are made available to children whom our society has forgotten.

        • ko

          where do you think the inspiration for these man made chemicals came from? i’ll tell you and the rest of these non-believers…the Devil and his legions of angels. read it in the Bible. it’s very simple even a child can understand the difference in good and evil. humans are evil by nature…thanks to Eve being decieved by the serpent. And NO…I am not living in the dark ages. God is the same today as he always has been. Humans are the ones who have let demons creep into their lives. Now, no doubt this guy has some other disturbing issues, I believe he is possessed by a demon and ONLY God can save him. When we allow experimentation with substances that are not meant for our bodies we open the door for the devil to take over the decision we make and possess our mind, body, and soul. As for you who justify your drug use by saying it inspires your music and art…two words: try God. once you have a personal relationship with him, you have no desire for foreign substance to take over your body. If you belive otherwise, well that is just another lie from the Devil. He is the father of lies. The Bible says that God is not the author of confusion. I believe this. Btw: for those who just think we Christians are living in the dark ages, we haven’t seen the dark ages YET. There is coming a day when people will answer for the choices they have made.

      • JusticeSeeker

        Sarah, I whole heartedly agree. The truth would scare the shit out of people but I think that’s what people need these days, to have the shit scared out of them. This world has become so evil but so many don’t want to know the truth.

      • dude

        wow….. your an idiot!!! no, you’re an idiot!!! noooooo, you are an idiot!!!! you didn’t spell that right. so you are the idiot!! your a racist now!! noooo, your a racist now!!! holy crap your all a bunch of dumb asses. What did any of this have to do about the actual article?? people make me laugh sometimes.

  • Ken

    Apparenlty there is some truth to the saying “You are what you eat.” XD lmao

    • Bob


  • http://yahoo strange visitor

    Look,arguing about it is null, the point is something very disturbing is going down and we all better hope and pray this is and remains an isolated incident, it’s right out of a friggin horror movie.

  • hal1200

    wow. you all really scared me for a second. cool. but in the future, i wish you and horror story writers like Amanda Crum would stop making up scary stories like this in order to scare us. i don’t believe in cannibal zombies. you all just made this up just to scare innocent people. THERE’S NO SUCH THING! Amanda Crum made this story up so we would get scared and stay indoors all day with our computers and television sets.

  • christan for life

    thats dam crazy

    • Kent Manthie

      Bath Salts are nowhere near LSD – LSD was a chemical made in a Swiss drug firm (Sandoz) laboratory. The resulting Lysergic Acid Diethylamide was apparently an accidental finding, but it nonetheless made Albert Hoffman a kind of wizard of psychedelia. Over the years, many, many people have experimented with LSD-25 (as opposed to the more volatile LSD-6 and other lysergic variants) including actor Cary Grant, Aleister Crowley (who was a heroin addic besides), author Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, novelist-cu-proto-hippie, Hen Kesey and of course, the most infamous duo, of the two very intelligent Harvard psychologists Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (who now goes by the name of Baba Ram Dass and has branched out into meditation and more mind-consciousness-controlling things like meditation, whereas Leary would eventually become enamored by the likes of the emerging computer technology and cybernetics, robotics and whatnot, but with a psychologists mind, and one whose mind had been opened and altered by this fascinating drug. On the other hand, this stupid “bath salts” fad is just plain stupid – it’s just a way for bored middle class white boys to get a cheap thrill and comparing it to any type of effects of LSD could only have been written by one who has absolutely no experience with LSD – never taken it, never been around anyone who’s taken it and definitely has never read any objective papers or books about it. The whole craze of taking these brain-killing substances (which, like huffing airplane glue, gives one a high only because of the very real, if very slow, killing of the brain itself). Unlike the poor kids in Central America who are hopelessly addicted to huffing because “it takes the hunger away” – because they are so poor that getting industrial strength solvents with which to get “high” is cheaper than buying food, in countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, etc. But treat this silly fad as what it is – dumb and not meant for any serious tripping, a la LSD, mescaline, peyote or psyllocibin mushrooms. Please don’t confuse the unwashed masses (the disinformed mass of “middle America” more than they have been with years of propaganda and misinformation regarding drugs.) Thank you, Kent Manthie

      • Jeff Brackett

        Ken Kesey,,,

  • http://n/a damian

    why did the article leave out the feral manner in which the attacker growled at the police?

    • matt murphy

      u mean FECAL MATTER ideit

      • JusticeSeeker

        NO, he meant “ferrel manner” which is how animals get when they are eating their prey. They growl and snarl at whoever or whatever comes near them while they are devouring their prey.

  • CC


    NOBODY in their right minds should stick up for this guy. This world is doomed….WHAT THE HELL???? I’m tired of all the politically correct asswipes out there, THIS AINT NORMAL!!!!!!

  • shannon

    holy crap who cares if it’s effects are like lsd or not. There’s a person in a hospital with his face mangled. I guess i didn’t realize how many people out their could give a shit about caring for others.

    • r

      Finally someone makes sense

      • Jeff Brackett

        Exactly!,, how did this whole story become an issue about drug?!,, We don’t even have the toxicology reports at this time!,, It’s sad that we forget about the victim so soon and focus on possible drug involvement. If bath salts are to blame, then we should consider that they can be purchased online and recently were legal to buy in gas stations all across the country, while they arrest people for having small amounts of cannabis!

        • Jeff Brackett


  • http://yahoo Saint’hillien abel Watson

    Ceci nmontre que le monde toute a sa fin c’est pour cela j’invite tout ceux et celles qui ont eu la chance de regarder cet evenement tragique il est d’une grande importance de remettre votre vie a Dieu.Parceque,le grand jour arrive il ne manque pas grande chose pour l’accomplissement de l’Apocalypse.

  • http://yahoo Rebecca

    I think the guy is sick good thing cops were there to hopefully save the victims life.

  • Richy

    rule 1 cardio
    rule 2 double tap

  • http://webpronews Cindi Nicholas-Grisham

    They need to kill this FREAK, if he ever gets lose, God help his next victim!!!

    • JusticeSeeker

      He’s dead Cindi, the police officer shot him 5 times before he would die.

    • Jeff Brackett

      Yeah,, I think he died at the scene,, but you never know about the face eating zombies. As they say, once a zombie, always a zombie!,,, If he comes back from hell, they should kill his ass again! Lol

  • heidi

    Sounds like Eugene was high on PCP.

  • sausage

    I dont recall seeing the word cocaine in the article. How did cocaine become involved in this article anyway

    • JusticeSeeker

      Because one article said that it was from a “cocaine psychosis”

  • speechless and mystified

    I cannot believe the perp of this crime is a black dude!
    I’m black btw.

    • jdogg

      What only white people is crazy? I’m white by the way.

  • MrX

    I have done cocaine while on LSD & I ate a girl’s vagina but that’s probably different. Seriously though I have done both cocaine & LSD at the same time. The coke took the trip away & it was REALLY hard to fall asleep but I didn’t have any urges to eat anything let alone human. You don’t really get the munchies on LSD or cocaine. Everyone is different though & I was a “veteran” user so I guess anything is possible. I have never done bath salts so I can’t comment on that but the super-human strength & the single-mindedness reminds me of “wet” or PCP. Strange that he went for the face. I would think a true cannibal would go for more of a meaty area of the body. Such a strange, unfortunate story. What is wrong with our society?

  • ONE


  • Sam

    Well, he was naked and had bath salts. Maybe he was getting ready to take a bath for all me know.

  • drug expert

    This man was definitely high on marijuana too. one of the side effects of reefer is being hungry! this incident proves why marijuana should be kept illegal and proof lsd can make people go insane. all these people addicted to lsd and other drugs think they know what theyre doing, but they really don’t.

  • April

    The REAL story here is that China has rejected the American dollar. I believe this is just another distraction tactic. If the American people are busy watching this, they won’t notice how our country is falling apart at the hands of our government. The whole story sounds a little far fetched to me. This may be a little creepy but the Chinese Central Band rejecting the dollar is terrifying. Wake up! Your government is lying to you and stealing from you and it has been your whole life. Pull the tape worm outta your a**.

    • r

      April, that being said (i agree to a degree) someone still got hurt and I highly doubt you are the lead singer of System so quotation marks help.

  • r

    Just a question, did anyone here stop to think the victim’s family may be reading this? The man isn’t dead. Why is anyone laughing? Hes critically injured, and if he lives, a long road to recovery. I feel terrible for him.
    As for the attacker; a violent personality and many substances can bring out the worst in the individual. LSD, while a good trip for some, has caused others with psychotic predispositions to take the lives of themselves or someone else. Many drugs can bring out hallucinations in these people though.
    In any case, there was something more wrong and deranged this person. Hope the victim is at least out of pain for now.

    • http://newsfox leon

      at least he didnt eat his butthole yuuuuumie

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