Mayor On Food Stamps Alone For A Week

    November 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When a Twitter user challenged Mayor Cory Booker on why the government should be responsible for helping Americans feed themselves and their children, Booker saw it as a chance to open people’s eyes about the plight of those living hand-to-mouth. Starting on Tuesday, Booker will be using only his allotted amount of government funds for meals every day for a week.

The woman who challenged Booker goes by the Twitter handle @MWadeNC, although her tweets are protected from public view at the moment; she’s gotten a lot of attention since her exchange with the mayor, which began when she started a conversation with him regarding free food at schools.

“Nutrition is not the responsibility of the government,” she reportedly tweeted. Then, “why is there a family today that is “too poor to afford breakfast”? are they not already receiving food stamps?”

Booker then challenged her to live on food stamps with him for a specific amount of time and feed their families on it, something which is notoriously hard to do in his homestate of New Jersey, which has a high cost of living. Though she accepted, she has yet to set a date to begin.

  • Jamie Smith

    I like the idea, but a week is not enough to get a real idea. It can be done, but it is difficult to make it work and get proper nutrition.

  • crystal

    love this! I think all government officials should do it. A week may be a tad short, they should do what families who rely of food stamps should do, make up a list, go to the grocery store, and try to buy enough to feed their families for a month. Its so hard, and this might actually help open the eyes of why most of america (especially poverty stricken and indigent) citizens are overweight or obese. They simply cant afford good wholesome nutrition on that kind of budget. The pantry and cabinets of these families are stocked with can veggies (high sodium)boxes of hamburger helper (high fat, high sodium) sugar cereals for breakfast because its cheaper per serving than oatmeal (high sugar, high fat,) gallons of milk and Kool Aid (super high sugar content). you don’t find salad in these homes because at 3.99 a bag and an expiration date of less than a week and about enough to serve with 2 to 3 meals its simply too expensive. That 3.99 gets used for something that can be stretched further, like a pack of hamburger meat that can be split up into two meals, or some inexpensive fruit (apples, oranges)that can be eaten as after school snacks. Let the government officials not only live on the budget for a good month or so, but let them live life as a minimum wage parent and see how hard it really is. I give kudos for the effort Mayor Booker is giving

  • Linda Iverson

    HMMMM, I know 12 people on food stamps. They ALL go to multiple food pantries, and none of them are hungry. In fact, 3 that I know about, are getting some money back, from their food stamps, at grocery stores and are buying lottery tickets, expensive bottled water, and one got a tatoo. Too bad people can’t be honest. There are really people out there who are in need, but the “moochers” who don’t want to work are ruining it for ALL.

  • Allyson

    To the people who keep saying they “know” someone who gets money back on their foodstamps so they can go buy wasteful items, THATS A LIE! The government has been giving out foodstamps by bankcards for years now, and they went with the cards to stop that kind of behavior! You are never allowed money back on the cards. You would have no way of knowing that person is even on foodstamps because it looks like a debit card. Are there people who rip off the system? Maybe in other ways, but not on foodstamps. I for one don’t mind my tax money being used to help people who are in need! Has anyone noticed the huge numbers of layoffs for the last several years? I do get irritated at people who see someone in a nice car using a food stamp card and then telling everyone that person bought a nice car because of their food stamp money. Really? Never occured to you that the person might have gotten laid off and is struggleing to pay thier bills?

    • Bruce

      Im with you on that!!!

  • crenee

    Foodstamps and the cash some people get back from the cards are two separate programs using the same card. One is “food” only and the other is a cash assistance program called TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). There is, unfortunately, no accounting for some peoples’ bad judgement.

  • http://WebProNews Noble

    Its a novel concept and gimmick. While the Mayor may use food stamps for a week, he’ll still attend lunch and dinner events as a guest of someone or organization. He’llride around in the city’s car and the city’s gas driven by a city employee and receive his full pay and benefits. How about living for a month on the assistance that our goverment provides to those in need. Make the rent, car payment, utilities, food and God forbid he have any health issues on “public assistnace” Then report back to the public.

    • 1965

      Agreed! Somebody slipped him a piece of chicken, pork, beef or something.

  • http://yahoo Lynn

    At least he works for his money…GET A JOB PEOPLE!!!! Quit sucking off the government and the working class!! I’m soooo over it!!

    • 1965

      And those who were wrongfully terminated, layed-off, terminated, forced retirements etc..worked for their money too. CORY BOOKER works for his money alright….right in front of cameras away from the City he is supposed to be the HNIC.

  • 1965

    Oh please. Like I said before, one week is nothing. Try weeks to months, as in some cases. This Mayor is over-rated, wild-eyed and loves the media and camera. I don’t believe this. Noone is jealous, complaining etc. CORY BOOKER DOES NOT know what it is like to have to live off of forced retirements, layoffs, wrongful terminations, welfare, foodstamps or just nothing at all. I don’t take handouts..only what is supposed to be mine. And no, there is no whining either–just stating facts. This cherade proved nothing!!!!