Mass Effect 3 Kinect Voice Commands Detailed

    February 23, 2012
    Zach Walton
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It’s been public knowledge since last year that Mass Effect 3 would be using the Xbox 360 Kinect for voice commands. Funny thing about voice commands in games though, you have to be awfully specific for them to work.

If you are going to be getting Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360 and have a Kinect, Microsoft and EA have issued a “cheat sheet” of sorts that will fill you in on how to use the voice commands.

The list details the various actions you can order your squad mates to perform that range from the mundane, like “Activate,” to the exciting with “Singularity.”



I’m all for making games more interactive, but this just seems kind of silly. Also, why use voice commands when you can do the same thing with a few button presses? I can see how it could be appealing to some gamers, but it just seems like more steps to me.

Regardless, here’s the guide to voice commands in Mass Effect 3. There are some minor spoilers as it confirms who is going to be in your party. Spoiler: Wrex isn’t it on it. I demand you fix this immediately, BioWare!

  • jm

    how is it more steps??? in one case i stay focus on the game and issue orders vocally and the other i have to pop open a menu which pauses the game and then select something for each character… and some stuff are noteven really doable without the voice like making a perso move orfollow u.. in any situation using the pad over a voicecommand is more time consuming and way less interactive… i really don’t see ur point