Martha Stewart Broke Her iPad, and Apparently Apple Is Pissed That She's Tweeting About It

Josh WolfordTechnology

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It looks like Martha Stewart dropped and shattered her iPad - the iPad that Steve Jobs personally gave her. And it also looks like Apple PR is upset with her about all the tweets she's been posting concerning how to get it fixed.

Of course, you have to take your broken iDevices into an Apple Store to begin the repair process. This confusion led to Stewart having an interesting business idea:

I guess this prompted a call from Apple, who according to Stewart were non too pleased about her tweets. She is a high-profile Twitter user, with nearly 3 million followers. Maybe that had something to do with Apple's frustration.

She does seem to have changed her tone a bit...

Don't mess with Martha Stewart, Apple PR. She will cut you.

Image via Martha Stewart, Twitter

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