Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, and Other Tech Leaders Push for Immigration Reform

    March 15, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Tech leaders have crafted a joint letter to President Obama and the nation’s top lawmakers, asking that Washington work together to craft some sort of comprehensive immigration reform by the end of this year.

The letter was signed by over 100 Presidents, CEOs, partners, and chairmen of both major and minor tech companies. Some of the notable names include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, HP CEO Meg Whitman, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

It was addressed to President Obama, Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Here’s a bit from the letter:

As you know, the United States has a long history of welcoming talented, hard-working people to ourshores. Immigrant entrepreneurs have gone on to found thousands of companies with household nameslike eBay, Google, PayPal and Yahoo! to name just a few. These companies provide jobs, drive economicgrowth and generate tax revenue at all levels of government.

Yet because our current immigration system is outdated and inefficient, many high-skilled immigrantswho want to stay in America are forced to leave because they are unable to obtain permanent visas. Somedo not bother to come in the first place. This is often due to visa shortages, long waits for green cards,and lack of mobility. We believe that numerical levels and categories for high-skilled nonimmigrant andimmigrant visas should be responsive to market needs and, where appropriate, include mechanisms tofluctuate based on objective standards. In addition, spouses and children should not be counted againstthe cap of high-skilled immigrant visas. There should not be a marriage or family penalty.

They go on to say that bipartisan legislation like the Immigration Innovation Act of 2013 and the Startup Visa Act and startup Act 3.0 are good steps to “encouraging innovation here in the U.S. by allowing American companies to have access to the talented workers they need while simultaneously investing in STEM education here in the U.S.”

Tech companies have a history of lobbying congress to free up green cards and temporary worker visa for high-skilled workers. This new push is a continuation of that message – that we need to keep the best and brightest inside our borders.

Tech CEO letter by JMartinezTheHill

[via The Hill]
  • Dave Francis

    Every day, I like to add articles from the great grassroots organizations, because either that or you only have mainly lies and propaganda stuffed down our throat from the Liberal Progressive entities that now infest the mainstream press. Without factual information from groups as NumbersUSA, American Patrol, The American Federation of Immigration Reform (FAIR), Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), American for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) VDARE and even the legal movement of Judicial Watch and hundreds more reciprocating the truth of the illegal immigration, that would never see the light of day. The facts, no matter ugly must be put before all the American people. ABC news, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and other mega press outlets, always skirt around the factual happenings, or have been influenced by the years of different administrations or the mogul owners who pay their salaries.

    In the majority of cases my blogs, articles or even daily commentary are deleted before being read. Other negative charges that my writings do not fit their immigration criteria. However my stuff does get out and the proof is I receive thousands of replies a day, which I send automatically an email for people to check out the information suppliers to all the above organizations. As I must reach hundreds of press outlets a day, my writings are not always clear and concise, as everything is in a mad rush. On a daily basis, I only receive a about 5 percent ugly replies, but uniting the readers correspondence I have found many are starved for the truth, not the information supplied in print, airways or other media from Liberal/Socialist Professors, analyst, journalists and investigative reporters.

    Illegal Immigration is to me never about a person’s skin color, although thousands do and will remain so? ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS ABOUT HUGE CHUNKS OF TAXPAYERS MONEY THAT BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE SPENDING LIKE SAND THROUGH THEIR FINGERS. Every American whether naturalized or natural born, whether a green card carrier or some other form of legal immigrant needs to speak up, as our days are numbered. I have crowed about the numbing appropriated costs of children smuggled in to this country every day by their illegal parents via the border or by airlines from other countries. Once here illegal aliens keep bringing children into the world to supplement their own income, as the child or children can claim instant citizen opening the portal to all citizenship entitlements, for low income assistance and state payment for each child in the $600 dollar range. It’s a legal “Ponzi” scheme that the cash payment and other privileges gained with the more children born, that includes government housing. That is why a change must be made to BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP, that only children born to a U.S. citizen should be entitled to this honored prize.

    BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP Originally meant for only slave descendants, leads to more Dream Act Children, Chain Migration of family visas, Sanctuary City decisions made by city administrators and even more people being smuggled through entry ports, borders, ferries and from across the seas.

    The other system that that the so-called Gang of Eight has dismissed is a mandated E-Verify system, coupled to the SAVE ACT. Obviously to me and my followers that corporate and agricultural money has got to them all, because why else would E-Verify, that can ascertain who is legal and who is unauthorized to work in the United States? The 23 million American who cannot find a job has been destabilized because employers want cheap labor and politicians crave all the monetary and entertainment favors they can accumulate. I can see a minimal place for the highly skilled workers, perhaps Guest Workers but must be heavily supervised and then return home once contract runs out. No exclusions.

    That amongst the Democrats and Republicans is their money machine that corrupts much of our politics, which is why we will NEVER have a taxpayer funded elections. If all campaigns for our politics were supplied through American taxes, then lobbyist’s corruption wouldn’t exist and the giant corporations would have lost their leverage. It has always threatened the principles of our Constitution.

    Supposedly the gang of eight has agreed to some secret illegal alien compromise behind closed doors, which to me means the public have no right to know the results until the last moment. Whatever the outcome to these stealth discussions it’s going to cost the taxpayers billions, if not trillions of dollars according to the Heritage Foundation. Currently we are already paying for emergency treatments and hospital stays, education for the illegal alien children and according to sources—Food Stamps. Now that the news is out ABP are already acknowledging more people are crowding the border regions, specially the larger cities on both sides of the border; but don’t expect to exempt foreigners smuggled through the Canadian border either, in time for any kind of amnesty?

    American Patrol Report — March 15 published this headline report today?

    Fearing that a push toward amnesty might stall in the Congress over the border issue, the mainstream media have become desperate. On March 2, the NY Times reported: “In the 1990s and after 2006, when Congress set aside $2 billion to build border fences, the approach focused on static technology. San Diego was the model, with its three layers of fence and cameras atop poles 85 feet tall. But immigrants soon adapted and crossed elsewhere.”

    What they failed to say was that the fence wasn’t even built. (Go to the American Patrol web site to see what the fence looks like.) “In 2006, Bush signed the Secure Fence Act, which authorized 700 miles of fencing — as well as infrastructure such as vehicle barriers, roads, and checkpoints — along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. The same year, the Bush administration endorsed plans for a ‘virtual fence’ of surveillance equipment to run almost the entire length of the border.”

    The Monitor didn’t notice that the fence and vehicle barriers are the same thing. And, they failed to tell their readers that the original fence wasn’t built and the virtual fence failed. On March 10, the L.A. Times reported: “Homeland Security officials express frustration at what they consider unrealistic expectations. Because accurate measurement of migrant traffic has always been elusive (how can migrants be counted if they’re not caught?), security levels will always be open to interpretation.” The Times knows full well that the American Border Patrol (ABP) has tested a system that can count everyone who crosses the border. Finally, on March 13, Bloomberg News reported that securing the border would cost an additional $16 billion per year and it would take six years to do it. ABP could do the job in about six months at a one-time cost of around $400 million (including a new camera system).

    ALL AMERICANS/ LEGAL RESIDENTS Should sign this petition against the Gang of Eight’s scheme and all reluctant lawmakers who remain indifferent with the 23 million unemployed Americans at: NumberUSA If you really want your say counted write a note to your congressman (a aid will read it and reckon up the letters ‘for’ and against) so you don’t have to hassle about being persuasive since all Your Representative hears about the amount of correspondence). Phone calls are always better and we should jam the phone system, but here you need to be coherent and not explode with an awkward outburst. at 202) 224-3121, which is the Central Washington switchboard. LEARN THE REALITY OF OUR BORDER AND INVESTIGATE THE CONCEALED NEWS AND REPORTS AT AMERICANPATROL. Plaster your Senator or Congressional House with a post card, demanding they stop the current path of overpopulation and Balkanization. Bombard Facebook and Twitter with information, as the other side do. Contact your local press and TV station, because the end is near for commonsense and also another hit on the taxpayer.