Mark Hamill May Have Revealed Star Wars: Ep. 7 Plot

    April 30, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Now that Star Wars aficionados have had their fix with Tuesday’s cast announcement for the much anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, they are now clamoring for plot details.

Although the J.J. Abrams-directed film is held under tight wraps, they may not have to wait too long for those details. It looks like Mark Hamill may have blurted out some plot details in an interview with ETonline in February 2013.

“I’m assuming, because I haven’t talked to the writers, that these movies would be about our offspring — like my character would be sort of in the Obi-Wan range [as] an influential character. … When I found out [while making the original trilogy] that ultimate good news/bad news joke – the good news is there’s a real attractive, hot girl in the universe; the bad news is she’s your sister – I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to wind up like Sir Alec [Guinness]. I’m going to be a lonely old hermit living out in some kind of desert igloo with a couple of robots.'”

Hamill said he hopes the new film will remain “old school” and maintain some of its original look.

“I said to George [Lucas] that I wanted to go back to the way it was, in the sense that ours was much more carefree and lighthearted and humorous – in my opinion, anyway. … I hope they find the right balance of CGI with practical effects. I love props, I love models, miniatures, matte paintings — I’m sort of old school. I think if you go too far in the direction of CGI it winds up looking like just a giant a video game, and that’s unfortunate. … If they listen to me at all, it’ll be, ‘Lighten up and go retro with the way it looks,'” said Hamill.

It was exciting news for Star Wars fans Tuesday with the announcement that Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher will reprise their roles of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. Other original cast members Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker will join the trio in the film as Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2.

Hamill said he was thrilled to be returning to the Star Wars franchise.

“It’s all very, very exciting and so unexpected; I think that’s the quality I like about it most – it’s like getting a pair of pants out of the closet you haven’t worn in three years and finding a $20 bill in the pocket,” he said.

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  • http://www.prankplace.com/ biscuits

    He didn’t reveal anything that most fanboys don’t already know anyway. I hope he’s right about the use of more practical special effects as opposed to all CGI. That was part of what made the original trilogy great!

    • Emperor’s nuts

      You are so right Biscuits.

    • Bojesphob

      while I agree it would be nice to have a lot of practical effects, CGI isn’t bad if used correctly. A lot of what was done in the locales in the prequels wouldn’t be possible with practical effects. The speeder chase in AotC was visually stunning (dialog not so much), and that just can’t be done with practical effects. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t use practical effects in other places though like the interiors of ships and stuff like that.

      • moses0507

        Look at how Christopher Nolan makes movies, thats how you mix practical and CGI effects. When you can’t tell the difference, you’re doing something right.

        • Bojesphob

          Very true, and I completely agree. A lot of movies have the right combination, although I think Lucas did things like all CGI just for the sheer fact that very few before him (if any) had done that sort of thing. Maybe if pushing the effects envelope isn’t in the goal of these new SW movies, they might actually focus more on the important stuff like dialog and plot.

        • Kevin Sharkey

          Its a lot easier to mix practical and digital effects seamlessly when you are shooting a film set in the ‘real’ world as opposed to Galaxy Far Far Away. You cant compare the two.

      • Fender

        The way George Lucas used CGI in the prequels, the visuals had almost a cartoonish feel to them; that’s a good example of how not to use them.

    • DarthBrian

      Andy Serkis is in the cast. There’s going to be a ton of CG and mocap.

      Also, Revenge of the Sith had more practical effects and model work in it than the entire original trilogy combined.

      • Faeden

        I am in the visual effects field…You are correct. ROTS had plenty of practical effects. The problem is they look cgi to the untrained eye as a result of new compositing technology…they can completely remove matte lines now, and they can color correct the foreground and background plates to match.

        • Fender

          Very interesting, Faeden. With all the processing you mention that goes in those practical effects shots, they could get the same results in (possibly?) less time by just going with CGI. As you mentioned, the untrained eye (which is likely 99.9999% of viewers) assume it’s all CGI to begin with.

      • Regressive Goosesteppers

        Demonstrably false.

        • Kevin Sharkey

          I dont think something can be ‘demonstrably false’ if you dont have any demonstratives to back up your statement. Now go back to your ‘Word of the Day’ Calendar and leave the discussion to the adults.

        • DarthBrian

          Read Faeden’s reply to me, if you would. Thanks.

    • Kummin

      I think Abrams knows that.

    • Carl Mastromarino

      There is NO original trilogy anymore thanks to Lucas! What is left is CGI added to the old.

      • Charlie Chan

        No true. I have all 3 originals on video tape. :)

  • KumQuat

    Too bad it’s being made by JJ Abrams. If it were George Lucas, that would be great, but JJ Abrams has ruined every franchise he touched. His Star Trek, for example, was terrible.

    • drerasmusdoorjammer

      Ghee your comments are idiotic and way off base …when you make a film let us all know …but you have no clue about what you speak of…but then I bet you are 40 yrs old , still live with mommy and weigh 400lbs and do nothing but yap about things you have no clue about ( I have made over 70 films and have worked with JJ …and he is brilliant as compared to you who is stupid)…..now go and get off mommies computer before she spanks you

      • callisto

        You’ve made 70 films? Can I ask what they are? And you’ve worked with JJ? Really? Uh huh.

        • Kummin

          He’s made the type of films that they make a lot of in the San Fernando valley. The kind I’m sure he wouldn’t want his mum to know about.

          • E;f

            The kind of movies with great writing and a really good plot.

      • M

        I believe you.Only an elitist hollywood asshole could sound like you do.

      • THX-1138

        I absolutely 100% do not believe you. If you actually have made 70 movies then you would be proud of your body of work. Tell us who you are so we can look you up on Imdb. Until then it’s off to troll-ville with you.

      • E;f

        “Ghee”? What word is that? 70 movies, puuuhhhhlease!

    • DarthBrian

      I agree that J.J. Abrams ruined Star Trek. I’m trying to be optimistic though that he understand Star Wars a lot better than he understands Star Trek. Because he doesn’t understand Star Trek at all.
      Also, George Lucas rules. :)

      • Jacob Wongwy

        yea that’s why he made better star trek movies than all the others except one. And George Lucas ruined star wars 1-3 so no JJ Abrams is still a better choice.

        • DarthBrian

          George Lucas ruined nothing. He made the movies he wanted to make and told a good story. You might not like them, and that’s fine, but he didn’t ruin anything except your expectations on what those movies were going to be.

          • Blue meanie

            Guess you and KumQuat are smoking from the same hash pipe. I totally accept the fact that there are lots of people in this world with a extreme sense of bad taste. Keep smoking.

          • jason malinoski

            “Their opinion isn’t the same as mine, therefore you have bad taste.” Ego.

          • Fender

            I think he ruined the expectations of those who were adolescents when the original Star Wars movies were released between 1977-83… such as myself. The prequels don’t even come close to the overall quality of the original three movies. When he made the prequels, Lucas surrounded himself with “yes” men who didn’t have the stones to suggest that some of his ideas should have been reconsidered… many times. Just an opinion…

          • DarthBrian

            I agree with the “yes” men part. I don’t think he consciously did it. He just seemed to have hired people who didn’t want to tell him no. The last time (before TPM) someone didn’t tell him “no” we got Ewoks. So, I agree with you there.

            However, it’s not his fault you had unrealistic expectations for the prequel films. :p

            I was 9 when ANH was released in theatres and I went in to TPM expecting a good Star Wars movie and that’s what I got. *shrug*

          • E;f

            All I have to say is, Jar Jar Binks.

          • E;f

            No, Lucas ruined them. Crappy story lines and boring actors.

      • Kummin

        I didn’t like the first ST. Anytime a movie relies on time travel as an essential part of telling the story, you’re in trouble. Too easy and too cheesy. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the Khan one.

        • AloneMordakai

          I was just really happy they didn’t fall back on the time-travel favorite ending of returning everything to the way it was at the beginning of the movie.

        • miamivice1969

          I would normally agree with you on that, but in this case it was so they could work with a relatively clean slate. First reboot movie was very well done, the second one however was very disappointing.

      • Kevin Sharkey

        George Lucas ruleD. Past tense. As in ‘A Long Time Ago’. Now… not so much. Although the prequel trilogy did get progressively better as it went on.

        • Fender

          After “Attack of the Clones”, there was nowhere to go but up, sadly.

    • Blue meanie

      Um, err..what planet have you been living on? I think the majority of Humanity would totally disagree with your opinion. The Lucas directed prequels were beyond TERRIBLE and Abrams Star Trek movies were both some of the best chapters in Star Trek Movie history. Lucas should NEVER direct a movie.

      Not sure if you purposely trolling…

      • DarthBrian

        Abrams Star Trek movies were terrible. The script of the first one was idiotic at best. They didn’t even follow their own rules on how their fictitious Red Matter element works. The second one was clearly intended just to piss off all the original fans of Star Trek with their lame rip-off of Wrath of Khan. Not sure what movies you watched but the ones I watched were beyond terrible.
        The prequels were great, family films as they were intended to be. I think a lot of the hate comes from people who want Star Wars to always be dark and depressing and that’s simply not what Star Wars is. It’s a fairy tale. There should be light and dark and there absolutely should be stuff in there for kids to enjoy.

        • Jacob Wongwy

          wow you dont know shit when it comes to star trek or star wars please stop commenting.

          • DarthBrian

            You’re the one who doesn’t know anything about Star Trek if you think Abrams’ Trek films are anything but terrible movies.

            Star Trek is supposed to be science fiction. Abrams’ movies are action movies in space. Nothing more, nothing less. So maybe if you’re a mindless maladroit who only likes to see movies with action scenes and no plot, then I guess you would find some enjoyment out of Abrams’ idiotic crapfests.

          • bri3030

            ur crazy. JJ did great. the casting, plot, action, everything was very well done. It made people who werent just star trek fans enjoy it. kind of the point of making movies. I didnt enjoy star trek as a kid, but my family did. They loved the new movies. karl Urban is perfect as mccoy, pine as Kirk…spot on. Quinto as spock? no better choice. List goes on bro. So stop hating and just accept it. And how can you know like the Kahn twist? It was awesome. end of rant.

          • MR89

            Darth you just explained why Abrams is the perfect fit for Star Wars. You said it yourself the Abram’s Star Trek movies were action movies in space. Remind you of anything…oh yea Star Wars.

          • DarthBrian

            I hope you’re right but my expectations are low.

            Though I disagree with your classification of Star Wars as an action movie in space. I think there’s more to it than that. It’s also a Fantasy film in space. It’s also a Fairy Tale in space. It’s not just an action movie.

          • MR89

            I’m not saying Star Wars is Die Hard in space but the elements of fairy tale are as present in star wars as they are in action films like the terminator…good and evil clearly defined…morality tales…as opposed to Star Trek which is more science based…Geology, Chemistry, Engineering. I like Star Trek but that’s where Abrams went wrong with his reboots

          • DarthBrian

            There’s magic, wizards, a princess, a farm boy destined to save the galaxy from an evil ruler. What’s not a fairy tale about that?

        • Bojesphob

          I like parts of the prequels, but they weren’t great. The acting was terrible and casting was horrible. Jar Jar (while some small children liked him) was beyond annoying. Why is it so hard for Lucas to make characters for kids that aren’t terrible? I think you sort of miss the point about what the prequels were supposed to be, though. The original trilogy was supposed to be about hope and striving for a better future, and therefore lighter in tone. The prequels were supposed to be about the fall of a great Jedi to become one of that galaxy’s most evil people. It should have been dark, because it’s a dark subject. The first one I can forgive for being lighter in tone, because it was about Anakin when he was a kid, but the other two shouldn’t have been lighthearted. You can still be dark and still be a fairy tale (because REAL fairy tales were anything but light).

          • DarthBrian

            ROTS was dark because it needed to be dark. It was, in fact, the only Star Wars film that was rated PG-13.

            You have to show the “light” before you can contextualize it with “dark”. The first film was light-hearted as it was meant to be as the protagonist was a child. The second film was the transition to the “dark” film. It also raised the stakes with a galactic war. This set up the third film which started at the end of the Clone Wars so it was already pretty dark. It got a little light at the end as the calm before the storm. Then it get really really really dark as it was always intended to be. That then sets up the “New Hope”. That was delibrate on George’s part.

      • JOSH

        Star tek sucks and you guys are all nerds! All six episodes were great.

      • THX-1138

        I don’t agree. Abrams didn’t ruin Star Trek, but he clearly doesn’t get what it was that Star Trek was about. The last four movies all had the same basic plot: Bad guy in a big, dark ship seeks revenge. Don’t believe me? Insurrection: Bad guy in need of a facelift and in command of a big, dark ship seeks revenge on his parent’s for banishing him. Nemesis: Bad guy clone of Picard in command of a big, dark ship seeks revenge on Picard. ST09: Bad guy Nero, who happens to be in command of a big, dark ship seeks revenge on the Federation and Spock for the death of his wife and homeworld. STID: Bad guys Khan and Admiral Marcus, both at one point in command of a big, dark ship. Marcus wants to start a war and Khan wants, you guessed it, revenge.

        • DarthBrian

          Spoilers, but yeah you’re right. :p

          The last good Star Trek movie was First Contact. Kind of sad. :(

          • THX-1138

            Spoilers? STID came out a year ago. This article that we are commenting on is allegedly BASED on a spoiler. Who, exactly, am I spoiling? I submit that if you read this article, yet haven’t seen any of the movies I indicated above, then your Nerd Cred is in question and your Geek Card should be revoked. I’m just clowning a bit, BTW. Truly, Star Trek doesn’t work and never really has, on the big screen. It’s home is TV where you don’t necessarily have to focus on action! action! action! You can make parables and commentary episodes, kind of what Roddenberry had in mind originally.

          • DarthBrian

            The Admiral Marcus part.

            Star Trek IV was pretty heavy science-fiction. And it made social commentary on humans forcing species into extinction.

          • THX-1138

            Again, the movie came out a year ago. Why haven’t you watched it?

            Star Trek IV wasn’t hard sci-fi. It was a farcical romp with a message. Heinlein, Asimov, Niven. Those guys do (did) hard sci-fi.

          • DarthBrian

            I’ve seen it. I worry about other people. Not everyone can see a movie right away. There should be no statute of limitations on spoilers. It’s just a nice thing to do to not spoil things for people who might not have seen a thing. *shrug*

          • Fender

            Yeah, but after nearly 12 months?

          • DarthBrian

            I already said “there should be no statute of limitations on spoilers”. That means 12 months or 12 years don’t make a difference.

    • Peter North by Northwest

      You guys do realize KumQuat “love the name” is laughing right now getting you all stirred up and arguing with each other right?

    • Fender

      Considering what George did the the prequel trilogy, I wouldn’t consider his to be the Midas Touch at this point.

  • Huboi

    He didn’t blurt anything out. He said he hasn’t spoken to writers, and was rephrasing stuff he said about the first trilogy at the time.

  • Archetype

    Yeah, this movie is going to stink because they were supposed to cast me. I hope it fails miserably.

  • DarthBrian

    He was only guessing. The script was still being written by Michael Arndt at that point and he eventually got fired. Kasdan and Abrams took over script-writing duties afterward. So he’s not leaking anything of the plot other than what he’s guessing.

  • Rk1968

    Uh, he wasn’t spilling anything. He was guessing based on the books that have been written. Webpronews you’re starting to act like Yahoo “news”…

  • callisto

    Look at how Christopher Nolan makes films (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), by blending CGI with practical (in camera) special effects. Difficult to tell what’s what, right. That’s because he’s doing it the way it should be done. How about Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity”. Almost all of it was CGI, but it was tastefully done unlike the Star Wars trilogy sequels. I hope JJ Abrams can bring back the charm of the original trilogy.

  • MayFong

    I could have written better ones than the last few that came out. I hope they get some better writers.

  • Jethro

    I think J.J. Abrams is a competent craftsman, but he’s never made anything that seemed inspired to me. He makes decent special effects “action” blockbusters, not great, memorable films. Say what you want about George Lucas, but he made American Graffiti, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, which are all better than anything Abrams has done. I agree about the overuse of CGI in the prequels, though. It made the overall look a bit cartoonish, and the light saber battles were overdone, too much like a video game.

    • DarthBrian

      Don’t forget THX-1138.

      Also, as I said below, there was more practical effects work in ROTS than in the entire original trilogy combined. Some of the CGI in Phantom Menace looks dated now, but due to new technology, it’s a lot harder to tell the difference between practical effects and CG in the latter two movies.

      For instance, Utapau in ROTS is all a model. There’s some CG polish and other things floating around, but the place itself is a model.

  • Starfan

    I’ve heard that George Lucas was going to remake the prequel trilogy. He
    said in an interview that he didn’t like what he did with the prequels
    and that he wanted to go with his original plans for them. The reason
    the prequels are so different from the original trilogy is that 20th
    century fox rushed his ideas, as a result, today’s prequels.

    • DarthBrian

      George never said anything like that.

    • jason malinoski

      “I’ve heard.” Yeah, you heard all right, straight from the invisible dude who shares your brain. Liar.

    • lancasterco

      I heard he wants to remake them with talking animals instead of real people.

  • Faeden

    “I have a bad feeling about this.” JJ Abrams was less than honest with us regarding the plot to Star Trek Into Darkness…we got exactly what we feared, a revamped Wrath of Khan. So is he blowing smoke up the posteriors of the fans when he says that the Expanded Universe is out? As for Hamil, I saw him at a convention a few years back and he was rather nasty to his fans. I am least interested in his character.

    • DarthBrian

      He must’ve been having a bad day. The two times I’ve met him he was really nice.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    He didn’t reveal anything. The first words out of his mouth were that everything he was about to say was all assumption, and that he didn’t even speak to the writers yet.

    Being a ‘journalist’ must be the easiest job in the world. You don’t even have to read what you’re writing about.

  • Cory

    Harrison, looked so much like an older elder Jack Ryan in that press release video, instead of Han Solo. I bet Harrison feels, he’s ready to reenact and reprise his role as Jack Ryan than Han Solo. RIP Tom Clancy. Thank you Philip Noyce for your direction.

  • Jon

    I just hope they cross paths with the Starship Enterprise, the Avengers and a Plastic spaceman and cloth sheriff, and of course a teenage wizard in school!

  • Cory

    Episode VII should not have a “retro” run down look. The reason that typified standard was conducive for Episode IV was because after 30 years of the Empire and Sith’s take over the universe since Revenge of the Sith, technology, conditions and society dilapidates (similar to what Obama is doing with Socialism and what the USA will look in 30 years after he leaves hopefully). Episode VII should have at least SOME minuscule effect of digital technology, because after ROTJ, evil was halted, light and good is finally recovered because the threat of a new enemy that possibly could one day emerge.

  • AloneMordakai

    Thank you, Mr. Hamill, for your opinion on CGI / vs models and miniatures; I couldn’t agree more. Episodes 1-3 just seemed so cartoonish compared to 4-6. CGI should definitely be used in moderation.

  • ronchris

    ugh – the anti-American anti-gun Everytown people need to go for a trip on the Death Star, or maybe take a tour of the inside of a Sarlacc’s stomach..

  • http://www.Ihavenosite.com/ Joshua Feind

    Yeah…uhm…How is this revealing? With the announcement of the younger actors that were being head hunted for whichever roles the world, unlike the author, already knew that a younger set of heroes was going to be displayed in the new Star Wars movies. Plot aside, I just hope they get it right since they (DISNEY) have thrown the EU out of the window as canon…I do not give a crap if you consider the EU canon…if Lucas did not see this as official he should have said something.

    • Steven

      Yup. It either rises or falls on this movie. If it fails, they scrapped an amazing EU.

  • 1964Nickel

    Hamill of all people wouldn’t reveal anything plot-wise. He was one of only three people to know Vader was Luke’s father in Empire Strikes Back, and never breathed a word to anyone else.

  • Kevin Sharkey

    So basically when Hamill was quoted he hadn’t seen a script so he (like everyone

    else on the face of the Earth) is just guessing. Another Star Wars news story with absolutely no news in it. Note to journalists, bloggers, Twits (or Twitterers or whatever you call yourselves) everywhere; If you want people to read your stuff stick Star Wars in the title somewhere. I do really like how Hamill’s Twitter pic is a pic of him from the Simpsons.

  • Sean

    muppet Yoda > Episode I + II + III Yoda

    • Steve Smith

      Episode 1-3 Yoda is referred to as the Matrix Yoda. Doing all sorts of back flips and stuff, then 20 years later can barely walk.

      • DarthBrian

        Which makes sense considering the scene between him and Luke in ROTJ. >_>

  • Steve Smith

    He probably has better ideas than what the writers come up with.

  • matt

    LOTR and the Hobbit did pretty great with CGI

  • Santa Cruz

    He’s right so many of todays films look exactly like video games–example is the new Spider man.

  • Fender

    Please, pretty please with sugar on top… don’t make C-3PO as annoying as he was in the prequels.

  • Peter Genovese

    I HATE when reporters like the one who wrote this article, Pam Wright, create an article headline that says what this one says, which is that Mark Hamill may have revealed the EP 7 plot. No, he did no such thing. He clearly stated that he ASSUMED what the plot would be about because he had not spoken to the writers. And this was from an interview from Feb of 2013 when they hadn’t even started writing the script!

    But of course, we have a reporter that likes to distort the truth just to create a shocking article title with the sole purpose to draw as many readers as possible to her article, thus making her look good when she can tout to others that she’s got articles with MANY page views, like this one.

    Sorry, Pam, but this is poor excuse for an article and a very low and weak tactic to get readers to read it.


  • Bryan

    Sorry…. no way this will make 2 billion….

    • lancasterco

      I agree. It will make $3 billion.

  • acasinofriend

    I hope they find the right balance of CGI with practical effects. I love props, I love models, miniatures, matte paintings — I’m sort of old school. I think if you go too far in the direction of CGI it winds up looking like just a giant a video game, and that’s unfortunate…

    TOTALLY… Star Wars Was Great Because Of The Actors… Not The CGI…

  • E;f

    The plot? Its called stringing people along with 3 more crappy Star Wars movies.

  • Kris Schmidt

    Totally agree with his views on CGI. Glad someone in Hollywood has said it. We (viewers) have been saying it for years. Even as much as I love LOTR and movies with TERRIFIC CGI, they have yet to perfect the atmosphere and ambiance of live sets. Take Lynch’s Dune versus Sci-Fi’s Dune, for example. While the latter has a much more detailed story, its setting and effects are obviously fake, whereas the puppetry and miniatures of Lynch’s Dune continues to impress me to this day.

  • Michael Massey

    Are you kidding ?? ” Mark Hamill blurts out the plot of Star Wars VII ” ?? He simply made a comment about the original trilogy . A “slight ” out of context title, huh ??

  • Erik Ruiz

    This helped kill an hour of work for me. Starting Abrams technically didnt ruin ST, he used the time travel plot to rewrite the story and bring a new generation of fans, granted i do enjoy the original Kahn way better! but…and im saying but lightly he didnt ruin it, just made it “new” and “hip” to continue the legacy of ST for new fans. Also when it comes to SW i have faith in him because he stated that he grew up with it and loved it, so if he ruins this i will be royally pissed. but if i tolerated 1-3 and even then 1 was too childish but it does have the most epic battle (duel of fates)…idk im being optimistic about SW, either way im a huge fan and very excited!

  • Tad Wesley

    ” I think that’s the quality I like about it most – it’s like getting a
    pair of pants out of the closet you haven’t worn in three years and
    finding a $20 bill in the pocket,” he said.”

    I’ll bet he finds a lot more than $20 in his pocket after this :)