Mariah Carey Is Reportedly Finalizing Her Split With Nick Cannon

By: Val Powell - August 31, 2014

The marriage of singer Mariah Carey, 45, and TV host Nick Cannon, 33, may be coming to an end. The two have reportedly met over details of the divorce. The couple reportedly held a meeting on Tuesday at Carey’s New York City apartment to talk about their divorce agreement.

According to a source that spoke to E! News, one of the stipulations that the couple discussed was that only one announcement for the divorce would be made, and it would be made by Carey’s team. “Nick said he was fine with this. He knows he really upset her by speaking out of turn last week and has apologized for it,” the source said.

Cannon told The Insider on August 21 that he and Carey had not been sleeping in the same house in recent months. “There is trouble in paradise,” he said.

A source told that the marriage had suffered because of the increasing number of fights between Carey and her husband. “They both didn’t want to live under the same roof if they’d be fighting. They didn’t want the staff to know and of course they kept that away from the kids,” said the source.

However, it is clear that the couple is putting aside their differences in order to give top priority to their children, three-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe. E! News’s source said, “She told him she needed to get out of town and she was taking the kids with her. Nick was fine with it.” The source went on to reveal that Cannon “thinks [Carey’s] a good mom,” and that he isn’t worried about their children’s welfare when they are with her.

Carey was spotted on Friday with the twins, having lunch at Da Mikele in Tribeca and without her wedding ring. A witness told People that the singer and her children “seemed happy and like they were having a good time.” Meanwhile, Cannon was also seen not wearing his wedding ring while he hosted the August 26 episode of America’s Got Talent.

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  • Christianforlife

    I still don’t believe they’re getting divorced. I think it’s a publicity stunt until I hear it from MC’s camp.

    • Corey Hensley

      So dumb


    I thought all along Nick will be overshadowed by Miss Carey.

  • Bob Martin

    this is the best thing mariah can do this guy alwas a bum hell no one even knew who he was until mariah brought him into the pic hell he never would got on NBC if it wasn’t for mariah so good for mariah to kick the bum out

    • laurie

      He had a career before he met her.He’s better off without her for sure!

    • tee-y

      Dam Bob Martin
      Nick was doing alright before Mariah, you know the diva as she call herself wants to wear the pants and dress. and that not going to happen with real men, but with you it might will.

      • Bee

        Yup that is what I think happened. She was running things for a while and he got tired of it and snatched the pants back. And she got all pissy because he no longer allowed her to disrespect him and he wasn’t going to kiss her butt.

    • Bee

      Nick has his own success and career. And he has had it for years. He didn’t need Mariah. Mariah will ALWAYS be The Mariah Carey but her star is dimming. It is what it is. I think Nick will be fine without her. But I’m sure that custody battle and divorce is gonna be a mess for both of them. Mariah seems like the spiteful type.

    • Jay

      Nick cannon is very ver very very wealthy… If you know anything abut him! They both are. Neither of them need eachother they’ll both be fine on their own. Nick was very famous before Mariah whoever doesn’t know you’ve been living under a rock

      • Bob Martin

        nick is not wealthy never was

  • laurie

    I never could stand the snooty witch.She’s uppity,Nick is down to earth and human.Complete opposites.Run Nick,run!

  • Wilcollect

    Marriage requires loyalty by both.
    Sad that Nick wanted to be a “Stud” He in my books lost class & joined the loser crowd.

    • DeVon Onhisshit

      how come? he never cheated Mariah just had trust issues… the girl is insecure…… Now Nick can do him and Have A reality show like flavor flav

    • Bee

      I think it was more so Mariah’s ego than Nick’s possible cheating. I don’t know if it did cheat (he very well may have) but for some reason I don’t think he did. Probably did some flirting but doubt he actually cheated. But yeah I think Mariah’s ego and insecurity pushed him away.

  • honus wagner

    really a shame but it’s always an issue when there’s 2 mega ego’s involved and such a age difference, Best to both of them,

  • tee-y

    What they are going through don’t really add up to divorce, so things was said about who he slept with before Mariah, and she could not take it. Who don’t have a pass, she has one. With the thing with Eimemm did he get mad at her. NO! She want her cake and eat it to, and that just want happen.

  • john doe

    Let’s see. Mariah was a well known pop star while Cannon was a so-so who had a “career” on MTV – which in the real “real world” means squat – as well as being in some mediocre movies. Just look at the garbage on Nickelodeon now since he came to town. It’s full of dysfunctional, inane shows that teach kids nothing as well as being a “rehab” where rappers etc. go to improve their image.

  • Pixiesue

    Mariah is a Self absorbed DIVA, I was sunned by how self absorbed she was while in her presence, she was so preoccupied with how she looked it was crazy! He is darling, I am sure ,she like J-Lo need a tremendous amount of ME ME ME attention! gets old, no matter how pretty you are…..

  • Linda

    I love both of them and I sincerely hope they can put things aside and regroup and give it another try. Mariah will be searching the world for another man who is going to dog her out, and nick is going to hope the woman he is getting involved with will do him right. come on people you guys make a beautiful couple MAKE IT WORK. BOB it goes to show you don’t shit, because Nick was doing his thing as a child and he can get on any network he wants or create his own, you are so lost looking out in on something you don’t know shit about. they are both talented people and should give both of them their props. ScumBag

  • Bee

    I’m really not surprised. I really don’t think Mariah really respected Nick anyways (or at least not after a while). Not to mention, I think she really needed someone to kiss her behind all the time and tell her how great and how pretty/sexy she was and basically just do whatever she said and wanted. And he did that for a few years and then I think he just got tired of it all.