Maria Shriver Talks Women’s Issues with President

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Maria Shriver Talks Women’s Issues with President
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Yesterday we reported that pop star Beyonce contributed a well-written excerpt to Maria Shriver’s “The Shriver Report,” which highlights women’s issues in America. She focused mainly on the imbalance between men and women’s salaries and the inequalities within the workforce.

Well today, Shriver and President Barack Obama will sit down to discuss the poverty issue that surround many women these days, and Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, said the President looks forward to seeing Shriver’s latest report, “A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink,” so he can learn even more about the problem, and read what the report specifically says.

“As the President knows well, investing in and supporting women over their lifetimes is one of the best ways to tackle income inequality and achieve greater social mobility,” said Carney. “And he looks forward to learning about the findings of the report.”

In the report’s introduction, Shriver said that although many American women continue to work hard, become more educated and seem to be doing everything right, many still can’t get a financial leg up to better their situation or their families.

“These are not women trying to have it all,” wrote Shriver. “These are women who are already doing it all, working hard, providing, parenting and care-giving. They’re doing it all, yet they and their families can’t prosper, and that’s weighing the U.S. economy down.”

The people who work on “The Shriver Report” gather information from several American colleges and universities to create their data, and they also speak to community leaders, financial experts, and everyday women who struggle with their finances on a regular basis. Shriver also reached out to several celebrities to write excerpts for the report, and some include Eva Longoria, Hillary Clinton, Lebron James and of course Beyonce.

Sadly, the report shows that one-third of women in the U.S. are either living in poverty or close to it, so the report is timely not only for that reason, but also because President Obama is supposed to touch on the poverty issue as a whole in his next State of the Union address.

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Maria Shriver Talks Women’s Issues with President
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  • Interesting

    I have seen the data on women’s pay inequality. The reality is that the gender gap is minuscule. The statistics are never comparing similar people. For example, they will compare a female to male project manager. However, what people don’t tell you is that the female may have 1 year of experience and the man 20.

    People who have pretty much the same backgrounds are paid pretty much equally. I literally have worked on corporate pay policy. The guidelines are very specific and gender does not come into play at all.

    The real issue is this. There are a lot of poor people period. America has become a two class system and the middle class has been decimated. It isn’t about gender. It is about everyone. Also, more women have chosen to get divorced. Feminism has led to an explosion in the family unit being destroyed. That is why a lot of women are poor. They get divorced because feminism sells them on a dream that isn’t real. Feminism tells them they can have everything, but life does not work that way. To get something, you have to give up something. Men learned this a long time ago. To support a family, we literally died 10 years earlier than women because of the stress. Women haven’t figured out that you can’t have everything.

  • Margie Litz

    Come on Maria open your wide angled lens. I know your are a Democrat thru and thru but I know you know the reality of life. Obama has no respect for Women’s right at all. He deflects reality really well, but that helps no one.

    I would only ask that you read Abby Johnson’s “Unplanned”, and follow her on twitter for one week, then let me know how much respect for women you really think Obama has. Just to note, I was born and raised in a Catholic Family who were democrats, but my family would turn over in their graves if they knew our current administration said God Bless Planned Parenthood(I know you can look up on line how many abortions they have preformed over the last decade). Once you read and study what is really going on in your party we can chat. God Bless.

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