Maria Conchita Alonso Faces Backlash Over Tea Party Ad

    January 20, 2014
    Val Powell
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Actress Maria Conchita Alonso is receiving  backlash over her support of  Tea Party Republican Tim Donnelly. Donnelly is a California State Assemblyman known for his vigorous opposition of undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. He is also the founder of the state chapter of the armed vigilante border patrol group known as the Minutemen.

The fallout forced Alonso to withdraw from her role in the upcoming Latin version of the ‘Vagina Monologues.’ Despite her absence, the play will continue without her and will be held at the Brava Theater Center in San Francisco.

The San Francisco arts organization responsible for the play, expressed disappointment over the situation. “We really can’t have her in the show, unfortunately,” said Eliana Lopez, the show’s producer. Apparently, both Alonso and the play’s organizers believe that her participation would prove to be disruptive.

In 1984, Alonso, an actress of Cuban and Venezuelan descent, became famous when she starred opposite Robin Williams in the movie “Moscow on the Hudson”.  Her numerous Hollywood roles since then have made her an admired figure in the Latin-American community.

However, Latinos don’t seem to admire her role in Donnelly’s campaign ad which aired last week. Alonso appeared in the ad to support Donnelly’s run for California Governor but her critics believe the ad stereotypes Latinos and have been very vocal in their disapproval of it. In the video, Alonso holds a small Chihuahua she calls “Tequila” and even uses vulgar expressions when translating remarks by Donnelly.

“Politicians and big government are killing our prosperity, pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground,” Donnelly states in the ad.

And Alonso simply translates it as: “We are screwed.”

Latino Republican group, Café Con Leche released a statement which described the ad as “so bad it’s almost laughable.” The statement said that the campaign ad seems to have been aimed at Hispanic voters, but instead, it insults the intelligence of many of them.

During an interview with Fox News, Alonso defended her stance saying she agreed with Donnelly’s views. She also took issue with the attacks, which she thinks violates her freedom of expression.

Image via YouTube

  • Greg

    How dare her have an opinion or legal view. What is this country coming to?

    • Karen

      How “dare her” have a political opinion? Are you that obtuse or are you kidding? She can have her opinion which is clearly that all Latinos are incredibly stupid, low class, name their dogs after alcohol and love copious amounts of plastic surgery. She can have that opinion and those of us who disagree with her can have ours. They don’t cancel each other out genius.

      • Harold

        Wow, that is what you took away from that Karen? Where did she say that ALL Latinos are incredibly stupid, low class name their dogs after alcohol and love copious amounts of plastic surgery??? Where did she say ANY of them did? Where Karen? Where? Comments like yours that include your opinion of what she meant are incredibly stupid, low class and I bet you have no friends who have stupid dog names or who have had plastic surgery. Get a life!!!

        • Harold

          Oh yes and watch the video before you comment. Don’t take someone else’s word of what was said from an excerpt!!!

    • Mike E

      That’s right “you re either with us or you re with the terrorists.

    • Vince

      No Greg..She CAN have an opinion…..so can the play organizors

    • Dan

      Hi Greg,

      Is evident you do not have an idea of wikipedia, right? Well, she is from Venezuela, but she changed “legally” her residence status to “citizenship”. Unless I woke up in the wrong country this morning, this is still america. Land of Immigrants, such as your ancestors. She is entitle to have an opinion based on our Constitution, unless you live in China.

  • Reynaldo Lempez

    What an anti-Latino response. The whole thing is based on a series of stereotypical misconceptions; the erroneous belief of the right wing that all Latin illegals are lazy welfare recipients and the equally false racist assumption that Hispanic children are ruining our schools.

    • http://StatueofLibertas.com Lance Voorhees

      Reynaldo, you complain about “stereotypical misconceptions” and then make a stereotypical generalization that the right wing thinks “that all Latin illegals are lazy welfare recipients…that Hispanic children are ruining our schools.”

      I think that is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think? I am part Hispanic, Ted Cruz is Hispanic and there are a lot of other Hispanics that support the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party.

      I find that there is a pattern of limited government conservatives that are being discriminated in the workplace by left-leaning employers. When is the last time you heard about a liberal losing an employment opportunity purely for her political views?

    • Harold

      Obviously you did not watch the video either and took the explanation from the newscast…The ad said politicians are ruining our schools…unless the politicians are Latino, your point is futile. The ad doesn’t even mention Latinos. Because the guy tried to stop ILLEGAL immigration makes him a latino hater. I think he just wants everyone to pay their fair share of taxes, so we all don’t have to…how do you not get that?


    I believe someone so stupid can not be in a progressive play.She has only herself to blame

  • g h

    Hey Bernie… I guess if she had vomited homophobic slurs and been a democrat you would support her right to say whatever she wanted like you do with Baldwin… repeatedly getting passes, and no boycott threats… Does she offend you because she is a female, because she is of Cuban and Venezuelan descent, or because she does not spew what you feel she should believe?? When I see you voice similar animosity towards the media’s comments on Romney’s adopted grandson, I will give more credence to your worthless opinion… Maria, you are a double threat, a beautiful woman with a brain, I hope the play fails without you.

    • Karen

      shows what you know. I have never heard of the adopted grandson but I am a liberal democrat who has been vocally against Obama since he tricked this country. Not in favor of a Republic mind you, I’m not brain damaged. We need a real democrat not a republican in sheep’s clothing. He’s so GOP with his drones and NSA, I’m surprise you lunatics don’t love him. And Alec Baldwin is a pig. Democrats are still the only hope this country has, at lease they they are not vulgar gluttonous monsters like Christy or war criminals like every single GOP in history.

      • Voice of Reason

        REally, Karen? Can you please list the war crimes of, say, Abraham Lincoln? Calvin Coolidge? Please keep posting, sweetheart. I love to watch people make complete fools of themselves.

      • Paul

        Yeah, Lincoln was a was criminal. Or did you forget that he was a Republican! There is a fine line between generalization and blatant ignorance and you are nowhere near that line.

      • Harold

        Karen, if you do not know of Romney’s grandson, you have been watching the liberal news who would the that to get out. I do not believe you do not support Obama based on all of your previous statements. So quit trying to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    • BERNIE

      the problem with right wing nuts like you is that you really don’t care about free speech but the content of that speech,look what happened to Mr Bashir when he expressed what he felt about Sarah Palin.You are always attacking liberals.Fortunately we always gonna have liberals to balance situations.Because if this nation falls in hands of The Tea Party,it will be the end of the USA!!!
      I may add I was born n Cuba!!!!!!!

      • keith

        as a P.R. LATINO . I think you were born there . but not raised with Cuban American values . go live in castro’s paradise then come back here . and talk you b/s .

        • Bernie

          I want to know what are for you Cuban-American values???

      • Harold

        Go back to Cuba and you will realize how the USA will be if the liberals take total control!!!

  • werewuf

    Nothing like being a traitor to her ethnicity….

    • Harold

      Once again, I think you need to watch the video werewuf and see if she is a traitor to her ethnicity. If Cubans and Venezuelans were allowed to have guns they would not have the government they have today. She is not Mexican, she is Cuban and Venezuelan…big difference in ethnicity…your comment is so stereotypical, please learn about politics before making such stupid comments!!!

  • john

    shes not mexican. she feels different. like a jamaican person would have different views as an african person.

  • Tony

    Hola Maria, good for her for her stand against illegal immigration and behind the Tea Party. Hello public, most Cubans in this country, came to this country to escape the communist of Castro. Get with it America, stop this liberal bull and I see this country heading the same way. Go Tea Party, by the way I am also of Cuban decent.

    • myri

      I am also of Cuban decent and voter suppression is what the Tea Party and the Repubs have been doing and that is what CASTRO has always done. Tyranical tactics similar to Castro is what the Tea Party and the Repubs are all about.

      • Ben

        Boy r u confused, Dems r taking our rts away,!!! WAKEUP!!!

      • Ben

        You must like socolism…

      • proud american

        Tea party supporters do not have voter suppression they want proof ifcitizenship in order to vote LEGALLY but its okay that a gang called the black panthers c an intimidate people not to vote
        wake. Up America

      • paul

        Voter suppression? You cant cash a check without a valid ID. but you think a person should be allowed to vote without one.

      • keith

        lay off the Kool-Aid the libs have you drink . then see the light .

    • Ruben

      LO peor del caso es que muchos los cubanos que estan en America son antiinmigrantes, cuando ellos llegan aqui tienen todo, llegan sin nungun problema, con la mentalidad que ellos merecen todo. pueden aplicar por una visa, aplicar por unemployment,viven de estampas, tienen seguro de salud y tienen acceso a l major educacion, por que? por que son superiors ( Cubanos ).tenemos dos cubanos en el senado, que fueron illegales, este pais les abrio las puertas, como a todo inmigrante. ahora usan su imagen para hacer menos a cualquier inmigrante. Conchita vete en un espejo, un dia llegaste sin nada a este pais, hubicate, quien te a hecho famosa, es toda esta familia the inmigrantes. Los latinos tenemos que protejernos el uno al otro con ideas que ayudan a nuestros hijos y nuestras familias. Que lastima que la fame los haga tan mediocre por dentro. El perro

  • Mary Belton

    Maria Conchita-
    I watched you on Megan Kelly show (Fox), tonite
    I agree with you 100%. I’m sorry people are so narrow minded that they cannot allow anyone to have a different opinion. I too, grew up in a Latino community and I am sympathetic to the Mexian Nationals, I do not think we should allow criminals to come to our country nor should we allow them to remain if they are a burden on the good people. You were right to follow your conscience. Your a good and caring person (we have 2 rescue dogs) & Teqiuila is a perfect name for you chihuahua! I loved your sense of humor.
    Es usted muy amable!

  • doesn’t matter

    This article is ridiculous, no one’s ever heard of that movie. That woman is the gorgeous latin girl from Running Man!

  • Bob White

    She is wrong not to support those of her race who wish to come to America… by whatever means necessary.
    Mass demographic changes have historically been wrought by sub-rosa invasions, and this is no different.
    Those that are against this demographic shift (white people) can fight it by undermining the hispanics in traditional ways;cheat them,jail them,drug them, infect them with communicable diseases,and kill them when the opportunity arises.This may stem the invasion (or not), but it is the logical, rational response…so…
    you white people…STOP COMPLAINING and start wiping the floor w/brownos…you’ll feel much better and will solve a serious problem(or not).

  • Sycho

    Hello Maria! Welcome to the reality of the freedom of speech! You exercised that freedom…good for you! Unfortunately, what you and most of people who are behind you in these comments do NOT understand is that those who hear your comments are also free to speak their minds about your comments. Feel free to speak your mind anytime!!

  • dannyo66

    “The fallout forced Alonso to withdraw from her role in the upcoming Latin version of the ‘Vagina Monologues.’ ”

    It takes a brave person in Hollywierd to support a Republican openly. Usually,the result of such support includes losing a roll in a movie or stage performance. More proof the real hatred is found on the left, and Hollywierd is full of the left.

    • dannyo66

      Incidentally, thumbs up Maria. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Joshua

    Liberals always speak of tolerance until you disagree with them.

    • Ruben

      We agree of freedom of speech, but we don’t agree with the Cuban idea, only us as Cuban immigrants deserve the righ of a green card. When they moved to the USA they get everything for free, free food stamps, free education, free health care system. We have 2 clear examples of Cubans on Senate that are very ant immigrants and they were welcome in this country. At the end of the day, this millions of illegal aliens make her famous. Now she bites the hand that feed her.

  • JMac59

    Another example of that tolerance and inclusiveness that liberals are so famous for.

  • AntDawg

    Conchita-Alonso is a freakin’ sellout! Its all a publicity stunt. I mean what has she even contributed to the Latino Community anyway!? What? The Running Man?? She’s lucky that she’s had the opportunities in the U.S. that she has and now she’s gonna turn on her own people. EF her!

  • Jackie

    So many latinos here seem to be against immigration when their roots in fact indicate they have similar descent. I’m so disappointed to hear fellow latinos express themselves like Conchita. Of course you can easily judge all you want and disapprove of other immigrants when you have already been granted your citizenship and benefits that come along with it.

  • Rob

    She was great looking in Running Man but what happened to her face??? Is it plastic surgery gone bad? I’m ten years older and a man and I still look better than her these days!

  • Ricardo

    Doesn’t everyone agree that T.V. is a very powerful political tool? Who owns Hollywood? Liberals! They infiltrate the minds of you and your children EVERY DAY, right in your OWN HOMES! And you PAY them to do it! T.V. is the source of the liberal’s power!
    Why else do you think the government was so willing to take your tax money and subsidize the boxes that allowed them to continue delivering their control over to you after they digitized the signals?
    So, if you don’t like it, STOP PAYING LIBERALS TO DELIVER IT TO YOU!!!
    It’s really that simple!
    Either that, or there needs to be a conservative version of Hollywood that spits out its own propoganda to try to undo all the damage that liberal ideas have done to this country over the last 3, or 4, decades!
    We stand behind your right to free speech, Maria! You are an American, not a Cuban/Venezuelan! Those who disagree with you have the right to choose to go back to their motherland, and change it for the better!

  • boy_troll

    I love it when she says Cochie Cochie!

  • boy troll

    I love it when she says Cochie, cochie!

  • chris

    I’m a republican and a business owner. I wonder what would happen if I pushed employees away that are liberal?

  • http://StatueofLibertas.com Lance Voorhees

    I am now an even bigger fan of Maria Conchita Alonso. She had to know she was going to catch heat from Hollywood, Hispanics and others with left-leaning views. Mexico has strict immigration laws as do most countries. We have a right to know who is coming into this country and restrain the flow of immigrants, both legal and illegal.

    I feel for those who flee from Mexico as I might do the very same thing if I was raised there. The corruption and violence is very widespread, more so than what is happening in our own country. Nevertheless, we can’t continue to be lackadaisical in our fight against illegal immigration. We will continue having criminals and terrorists sneak into the U.S. to wreak havoc.

  • Dave

    Bravo ! I’m hispanic and I completely agree. We are screwed. She is cuban and knows the destructive power of the left. Liberals and Latinos (illegal ones) hate when the truth is spoken and gains an audience. They seek to quickly squash any voices of truth to promote more exploiting of this state and nation that is already 17 trillion in debt due to lefty bad Obama policies. Good news is that people are finally waking up.

  • Tony

    Well, that’s her ass, she has the right to say or believe what she wants, that’s true, so now she will suffer the consequences, cause just like her, People have the right to reject her also!!!

  • Nys Parkie

    Commie schmucks say; OUR way or the highway. This poor person who only expresses her political view was told the highway. It is what commie schmuck dip wads do.

  • Daniel NP

    ** I just cannot understand “My People” … No One can say anything critical or even just have a dissident opinion or tendency against “The Community” … Maria Alonso has a right to support ANYONE she feels, not excuses or apologies to anyone!!!

    Once in a “Gringo” Talk Show – The Brian Lehrer Show – WNYC, I had to disagree with a “Flag Waving” interview with Miguel Pérez, Professor and Chair, Department of Journalism, Communication and Theatre, Lehman College of the City University of New York. My stance was a lack of respect for those who day-to-day stand in all weathers, at great expense for the meager incomes, outside the Embassies of USA, Canada, Sweden, etc., in Latin America … He said “you should be ashamed of yourself!” I was surprised to find a blatant “Activist Chairman” of a large College – Imagine the quality of his graduates?!.

    It is a perennial stance, blind stance, of “The Community”. Illegal Immigration has for decades made Mexico’s Labor statistics to look as if employment was at normal levels (easy to do when you don’t have to worry about creating employment for 10,000,000 people). In Central America, people have told me that their young people have “No incentive to work, nor progress” – the slim remittances from the USA keep their extended families barely above water compared to those who do not receive foreign funds, hence no need for seeking work or stay in school of 10,000’s of youngsters who rather be part of violent gangs.

    Before it was being Anti-Castro and Puerto Rican Independence. La Raza and Cesar Chavez. Inhuman incarceration levels. No one could question any of these movements or the fact that we were more secure by all these Latinos being behind bars, you were called a “Casi Gingo”, at the mildest. Oh, and if you wanted your butt kicked, you could question the “how much better the Old Country is”

    I am not a defender of Hollywood types: Sean Penn has his faults; Michael Moore shift the truth to make his movies more engaging; and, Maria Alonso is am air-head – but they all have a right to say and embrace whatever they want. Question them, Don’t punish them!

    Yes, “Mi Gente” there are LOTS of us who are Critical Thinkers, defenders of debating, defenders of the integrity of “Our Real Country” the USA, observers of how bi-laterally detrimental Illegal Immigration is …

    Wise words from the French thinker Francois Marie Arouet a.k.a. Voltaire:

    – …I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.

    – Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.

  • John Murray

    Typical liberals. Open your mouth and say something they don’t agree with and they go after your livelihood. Yeah, liberals are “tolerant” as long as you agree and march in lock step with them.

  • Bernie

    Maria Conchita Alonso was in desperated need of attention and did she got it!!!!!
    Sad she received it by being ignorant!!!!

  • Gayle G

    If the producers of this Latina version of the play want to fire her, they can fire her. It’s a free country. She can speak against Latinos all she wishes, but must realize that the hand that feeds her (not public officials, but independent producers) may choose to react negatively. Many of you who are speaking out against their actions would not do so if she was undocumented or if she said negative things about white American Replicants.

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