Manson Stage Collapse: Rocker Passes Out While Singing

    February 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Marilyn Manson is, obviously, no stranger to theatrics and weirdness. If you’re familiar with his music or his shows, you know he’s not afraid to get a little weird with it. That’s what his fans love about him.

But some fans in Saskatoon, Canada were left very confused last night when the musician warbled and swayed his way through part of “The Beautiful People” before collapsing just an hour into the show. He fell over onstage as his bandmates kept playing and was eventually dragged away by roadies. One fan captured video of the whole thing:

Apparently, no explanation was given to the audience as the house lights went up. Twitter is buzzing today with news of the story, and rumor has it that the flu played a part:

  • Lauren Gytis

    marlyn manson is a demon posessed drug addict

  • Ryan N.

    Marilyn Manson is a great man. He however, does do drugs, that is known. Despite him being against religion, I believe he is an amazing artist both in music and actual art. Do not say anything bad on the man before you truly get to know him.

  • Eve

    It sounds like God’s judgement so I guess I don’t care. He better repent soon before things get a little HOT.