Man Dies On Flight After Loud Bouts Of Snoring

    February 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Passengers on a flight to Salt Lake City were stunned on Sunday when a man on the plane suddenly died.

The man, believed to be in his 30’s, has not been publicly identified yet. Passengers say he was snoring loudly for a while before the plane landed and then suddenly was quiet.

“You could tell something was wrong. I asked, ‘Hey, sir, are you awake?’ ” passenger Jared Noall said. “I shook him a bit, trying to see if I could get a response out of him. We checked his throat for a pulse, and it wasn’t there, so we laid him down in the aisle and started CPR.”

Noall and two others on board attempted CPR for more than thirty minutes, but to no avail. Passengers were visibly distraught as they left the plane to go on to their destinations, say officials. An investigation is ongoing.

“They tried their very best; the family of the deceased man would be glad to know he did everything possible to revive him.” said fellow passenger Kevin MacIsaac. “It was sad to see the flight attendant remove his bag from the overhead rack — what shocking news for his family.”

  • Luke

    Sounds like Sleep Apnea…sad…

  • Maria

    Absolutely heartbreaking.

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  • Skippy

    This is breathing apnia. Caused by the throat relaxing during sleep cutting of air to the conscienceless person. I have this medical condition and have to use C.P.A.P machine to force air through my nose and keep my throat open. Once we had a power outage. My Wife and I took 3 hour naps to get through the night. Without her constant supervision I would have died. When my breathing stopped she instantly shook me violently to waken me so i could breath. I suggest those with loud snoring see a Doctor immediately. You can also get a mouth piece online to use in case you don’t have money for a CPAP machine. This is a SERIOUS condition and kills people every day in America.

    • Lame Duck

      Right, cause he couldn’t have had any other reason which can cause sudden death.

    • Donna

      Skippy, I do the same for my husband, you have a wonderful wife. Keep wearing your cpack

  • Lori Leary

    really, really sad !

  • Lori Leary

    really,really sad .


    At least he was there with people who cared

    • Donna

      Feel bad for the family. My husband has sleep ameta, (not spelled right). He wears his mask ever night. When we travel he takes it with him. His heart stops over 50 times per night, but not anymore. I am sadden that so many folks think this is funny. A young man dies. He prob did have the sleep amenta, and did not know it. What is the world coming 2, do people just not care anymore, or they so self center and its all about them, I am going to pray for you folks . Well I do and always will care for other people.May he rest in peace, and my heart goes out to the family. May peace be with all of you. Donna W

      • mjd

        Actually, your heart does not stop with apnea but your breathing does. That is why people with untreated apnea are always tired: they stop breathing, wake up briefly, start breathing again then go back to sleep.

  • Robert M. Medina

    There are medical reports and information surrounding the myths that snoring can be attributed to death. Well, here is a good example.
    Said a prayer for the guy……

    • http://yahoo deb

      He probably had sleep apnea which can cause heart failure if left untreated. Poor guy. My prayers are with his family…

  • Suzan

    Skippy – just because you happen to have sleep apnea (this is the correct spelling, by the way, doesn’t make you a doctor or capable of declaring a cause of death for someone else. There could be any number of reasons this person snored and died suddenly.

    • Beverly

      Gee Susan, Skippy was just being helpful. You are really hard on him. tsk tsk! (Did I spell tsk right???) lol Plus you forgot to place your ending/closing parenthesis in your comment. teehee

  • Richard Eckert

    Did the airlines charge him an extra fee for early termination?

    • Dee

      What a guy….making jokes when a family is now without their loved one. Maybe somebody will act just as heartless to you when something happens to your family member.

    • http://yahoo Rick

      Did the Airline charge for early termination? This may be funny to you but he is someones brother father son or just a loved one! I WISH THIS KIND OF BAD INCIDENT DON’T HAPPEN TO YOU OR ANY OF YOUR FAMILY! KARMA IS A BITCH! YOU WILL BE HAUNTED BY THIS REMARK FOR THE REST OF YOUR PATHETIC LIFE

      • Margie

        Thank you for your comment Rick. I was thinking the same exact thing. I feel so bad for this guy and his family…just so sad..

      • Lisa

        thank u Rick!

    • queenMACSIS

      Truly sad about the gentleman, but totally LMBO about your comment! LOL

    • Sheila

      You are really a jerk…making a comment like that in this situation.

    • Tha chick


  • Jim Smith

    Did anyone check to see if a sock was stuffed in his mouth?

    • Dee

      Hey, look…another asshat.

      • http://yahoo robin

        maybe someone needs to put a sock in your mouth you stupid B.AN THE SAME FOR ALL YOU OTHER STUPID COMMENTS

        • Lisa

          thank u Robin!

      • Joanna

        You shouldn’t even be allowed on the internet.

  • http://Yahoo! Rod

    Where was the AED equipment in the plane? Why didn’t they use it? Flight Attendants are supposed to be trained on their use.

    • Lame Duck

      AED’s only work for Ventricular Fibrilation. There are many causes of cardiac arrest. For example, if he had V flutter, it wouldn’t do anything.

      • MEDIC77

        an AED would make the determination of the heart rhythm unlike a paramedic, doctor or nurse who has to interpret the rhythm. If there was an AED on the plane the flight staff should have applied the pads. Who knows they may have done that and it just wasnt mentioned in the article. Although sleep apnea does clearly cause snoring respirations a severe bleed may or may not cause the same. Guess its something for the autopsy to figure out.

    • bob

      If you don’t know he is dead……why would you use the AED? They probably used it when they found out he wouldn’t wake up!

    • NurseD

      AEDs only work if the patient has a rhythm TO defibrilate. There are several circumstances in wich an AED is not effective.

  • MountainEbony

    Maybe he saw the movie—FLIGHT before his departure!

  • Irene

    Sleep Apnea



  • http://webpronews Paula

    Not cool to talk bad on someone who died, karma will come back to bite you..

  • joe phillips


  • http://yahoo janet petronella

    that snoring sound is called the death rattle,its heard just before a person dies,its very loud too.

    • heather

      agonal breathing

  • Doug

    Certainly sounds like Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I have it and have almost died several times with it. As long as I use the CPAP machine, there’s not a problem, but if I dose off without it, I am asking for trouble.

  • statexam

    god bless his soul and hope his loved ones find peace. RIP

  • Pam Anderson

    My son-in-law was sitting behind this man on the plane! My daughter told me of the news after the plane landed. So sad!

  • Sara

    It could have been a blood clot. NEVER, EVER, EVER sleep for more than 3-4 hours on a plane. Drink LOTS of water, even if you’re not thirsty, and walk up and down the aisle every two hours.

  • Samantha Smith

    he was a good, kind, humble man, a very well respected doctor in his field. He will be missed by many whose lives he touched, especially his wife and two children.

  • NM

    It just amazes me how many “Doctors” there are in this comment section diagnosing the poor guy. Im an ICU Nurse and didnt even think about posting a “possible” reason for his death. Point it, he died, there were Good Samaritans there that tried their best with what they had given the situation that they were in. Condolences to the family, may he rest in piece and may all you posting stupid remarks be forgiven one day.

    • PAM

      It’s “Rest in Peace.” A PIECE is a fragment of a larger part!

      • kim

        HA! I was thinking the same thing.

    • AreYouMedicallyQualified?

      A Defibrillator cannot re-start a heart that has stopped beating. The device was created to stop a heart that isn’t beating correctly.

  • traumamama

    Very tragic. He probably had a fatal heart attack and that snoring that they heard was his life ebbing from him. Good of them to try CPR, and if they had defibillator, might have helped too. Condolences to his family. Everyone should learn CPR, you never know when it might come in handy.

  • Jane

    Im so sorry to hear that this young man didn’t make it. We never know when are time is up. My daughter in law just came back at the end of Janurary from a Medical Mission in the Phillipines. She and her sister are both doctors. On the plane coming back to the states a lady was not breathing and had no pulse. They did all they could for the 46 year old women. They did Cpr and got her pulse back and they do not know if she made it or not, as she was taken off the plane to a hospital. It was very sad.

  • Sue

    I feel so badly for this man’s family. I send up a prayer for them – He was so young. I have lost the majority of people in my family and it is never easy. How sad for his family to think he was going away on a trip to soon return then hear the sad news that he is returning just not the way they were expecting. All you people who think this is something to make fun of, I pity you.That is what is wrong with our country, there are so many people who have no apprecoiatiom of life or others and some people never think about what they are saying before running their mouths. God forbid anything bad ever happen to you, but in due time, it WILL.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Victoria

    ??? Possible Pulmonary Embolism(Blood clot/clots in his lung/Lungs).
    I lost a dear friend and c0-worker at age 41 years of age(She had No Known Illness/Illnesses OR ALLERGIES.
    She was a Non-Smoker her entire short life.
    She collapsed one afternoon,preparing to leave home to her job.
    Autopsy report confirmed, Bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolism of Both Lungs.
    She is resting in PEACE.

  • Miina

    Poor man. Quite possibly had an underlying heart condition that was triggered from the altitude change during the descending of the aircraft. The snoring could’ve been agonal breathing. That is only one of the possible scenarios but it’s all up to the medical examiner now. My condolences to his family.

  • TC

    I was just told I have AFIB and I fly weekly. I am terrified of ending up like this poor guy.

    • mark stevens

      You will probably die soon.

      • norm

        Another moronic statement.

    • http://webpronews Rod

      Tc, I have afib as well. Since childhood and I am 54! I never sleep on a plane. In addition, I suggest you have a sleep study. This will insure you sleep soundly. Or, you don’t. If that’s the case you will be hooked up with a c-pap. No matter your age. Sounds like the man on the plane stopped breathing due to snoring. Perhaps a c-pap would of saved his life. Obviously one would not wear it on a plane. However, he would at home and hotels thus sleeping incredibly better. He would not be so tired on planes. Don’t freak about your situation, simply follow your doctor’s orders. You will live a long life! Best of luck TC….rod

  • babiep

    sad indeed. RIP

  • mark stevens

    I think he had gas and it backed up and he farted out of his mouth and choked on it.

    • Rhonda Jones

      Was that comment suppose to be funny??? I really hope it wasn’t a member of your family…wouldn’t be quite as funny then!!!!!

    • Debbie

      You are totally disgusting!!!

    • sar

      Are you seven?

    • mary

      you are insensitive and cruel. Shame on you.

    • norm

      You are a moron and that was a moronic statement.

  • JON

    He just took a flight from one earthly destination to another; that’s all, but then ended up going to heaven! YAH/God rest his soul and those who must now survive him. Nemaste’…

  • C Taylor

    My mother, following an appointment to her lung doctor, fell forward – her seatbelt was the only thing holding her up. She too began making this loud sound. I looked it up later and it’s called an ‘agonal respiration’ and it is something people commonly do following a sudden cardiac arrest – which is what my mother had done – with absolutely no other warning whatsoever. She snapped out of it at the E.R. – somehow. She had no memories of it, no ‘white light’ moments or anything. The sound was just a follow up to his heart attack, more than likely. Rest in Peace, Sir.

  • Miss Kitty

    The snoring people heard was most likely Agonal Breathing. Unfortunately it is mistaken for snoring most of the time which keeps the person from getting medical attention in time. Had CPR been given to him during the ineffective breathing it could have saved his life depending on what stopped his heart to begin with.

  • Stella

    He probably had sleep aptnia, my brother has had it for over 20 years now and was put on a c-pap machine soon after they found it. They did a sleep study on him after he fell asleep while driving and wrecked his car. My brother had it for quite some time though because his wife and daughters were always saying that he sounded like a bear when he snored. If it goes untreated long enough it can kill you.It has affected my brother’s overall health because of him having it so long without being treated for it.

  • Michael

    Come on people, get realistic. 30 yrs old and dying in your sleep? He probably had drugs smuggled inside him and they broke open. Tough life being a drug mule.

    • MYB

      Read up on sleep apnea before you reach that conclusion. This article stated that the passenger was snoring loudly, then became very quiet suddenly. Very typical of the way people can die from sleep apnea,if this condition is undiagnosed and treated. “Apnea” is when a person stops breathing for 20 seconds or longer. It can be caused by many things. Here’s an article; hoping you educate yourself. If you don’t feel like reading there is a slideshow available, too.

    • sar

      That’s quite an assumption for someone who didn’t know the guy. Typical no life poster.

    • Andrew

      Drugs??? Really??????? From Denver to Salt Lake City????????

    • Dave

      Anyone at any age can die in their sleep from an undiagnosed health problem. Assuming he was a drug mule is unfounded.

  • Carl

    That is so sad I have a c-pap machine and because of this I am sure i need to use mine alot more. That scares me.

    • Dave

      If you have sleep apnea you should always use it. I have used mine every time I sleep for the past 10 years. I can’t sleep without it.

  • Robert

    mark stevens get alife jack a**

  • jnp

    Snoring and sleep apnea are serious.Some need to be more sensitive,especially since noone knows but God.

  • http://webpronews Dirk Digler

    You have to pay no mind to idiots and their idiotic posts like this one. Grow up you baffon!!

  • Brian

    I agree with the other two posters. This sounds more like agonal respirations (sometimes referred to as a “death rattle”), than sleep apnea. Of course, there’s more information missing from the article that could provide a little more insight. What were his “snoring” patterns? Every person I’ve heard with sleep apnea had very irregular breathing/snoring patterns when they were asleep (I work EMS, and, trust me, I’ve heard more snoring in the past 20 years than I care to admit!). How long did this last? Was he turning cyanotic?

    More info please.

  • norm

    I’d bet he had been drinking heavily, and it triggered sleep apnea, or cardiac arrest. A post mortem may show a high blood alcohol level.
    Many people drink heavily before flying to kill time or calm their anxiety. .

  • James

    At least he won’t have to listen to Obama drone on for the next four years! Lucky bastard!

    • Jack

      James is a frickin IDIOT!! Naturally a Republican supporter would be so stupid and callous. The man isn’t lucky, he was in his 30’s.

      • Mark

        and just like a retarded liberal to buy into his trolling. You idiots together are what’s wrong with America..

      • Mary

        I could not fathom that a person could be so very cruel,to any family,that has just lost a loved one under any circumstance,the way you have just done.
        MY apology to the family for the ignorance of the “idiot person” that just made that comment.

      • Joe

        He died because he was so mad Obama won and the Republicans are used up toilet paper

    • Lena

      This is low. Lower, then the frog a§%”!

    • Ctsfan

      Shame on you

  • Jill

    Sounds like agonal breathing he was experiencing. I bet he threw a blood clot while flying.

  • http://yahoo Kim

    Could this man possibly have been in a diabetic coma ?

    • Ctsfan

      Why are we being doctors lets just Pray for this family and thank God for the Man that tried CPR I hope when I fly that CPR is available and not you people God Bless the persons that tried and May the passengers family find peace and not read these blogs.

  • George Morris Davis

    These have to be the craziest, most useless posts I have ever seeen on a news item. geeze!!!

  • Rob M

    I think it might have been cardiac arrest…sometimes people who have sleep apnea stop breathing and suffer a heart attack…who knows? I send prayers and thoughts to the family. Kudos to the two gentlemen who did CPR and try to save his life.

  • Susan

    Probably was not sleep apnea. Sleep apnea by itself rarely kills. It is possible to have apnea from overdose of drugs or alcohol. Possibly a brain emboli causing a stroke. Severe stroke can cause this.

  • Linda

    I have never seen the like. This Mark has got to be the sadest person in the world. I work in the medical feild but would not dream of trying to diagnose what happened to this poor man. Unless you where there and knew all the details there is no way to know what happened. My heart goes out to his family and I hope they don’t see the things that are said on this site. As for Mark, I feel sorry for him. I hope someone shows him the same compasion he showed this man and his family someday. I AM QUIT SURE THEY WILL. What goes around comes around.

  • http://nil jasper

    may God Almighty grant the family the fortitude to bear the irrepairable loss and grant the dead man eternal rest

  • jay

    this maybe a result of an acute pancreatic disease

  • charmin

    Don’t they have A.E.D’s on planes? If not, they should

    • c

      Why do you think that would have saved this man?

  • Amelia

    sounds like he had sleep apnea.

  • Alex

    Sounds like a severe case of Sleep Apnea. If he was snoring loudly and suddenly stopped, it could have been an episode of suffocation he couldn’t get out of. Sad situation.

  • sometimes

    A death rattle cans sometimes sound like very loud snoring.

    • Janet

      I agree with you.

  • Ray

    Well it was simply because his time was up. So what’s the fuss. If anyone believes he should’nt have died because he was travelling or in his 30’s or in an airplane ought to have a re-think. If it’s your time to go, you go. Period.

    • Janet


      • T S

        Have you ever thought it was sleep epnia too.
        I mean come on he was snoring. People that snore do have what is known as collapse esophagus’s where the pallet of the top of the throat and the esophagus sort of clap together making that sound. they guy is gone not because of health really like everyone else said. It was his time. we aren’t promised tomorrow anyway. be thankful for that time you do have. People morn basically for themselves. not for the dead.

        • Lorraine

          TS: that is only one form of sleep apnea…the other form is central sleep apnea which has to do with the brain and not the soft tissue of the throat.

  • Bob

    Lot’s of amateur doctors here. Doesn’t really matter how he died. Give the man some peace.

  • Bubba

    Clearly this was a case of a ruptured hemorrhoid.

    • mudstuffin

      have some respect dingleberry!

    • Coach

      Hey Bubba,
      I would like to put my foot across your throat. How can you be so cold and cruel when a story deals with a human life. You are a sick freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Loud snoring and then suddenly stopping sounds like a stroke…

  • Lorraine

    There have been a few comments about sleep apnea…one states that it is rarely fatal. I beg to differ. My husband has severe central sleep apnea (in other words, his brain is not telling him to breath). He would often go 30 seconds or more without breathing and during his sleep study he did this 280 times in 4 hours. He now uses a cpap and his health has improved tremendously. Sleep apnea can cause heart problems and undiagnosed sleep apenea is life-threatening. In any event, my condolences to this young man’s family.

    • Shelby

      I have a co-worker who suffers from this. It can certainly be fatal if it is not treated. She recently just went for a sleep study and was given a new type of sleeping mask and machine. What made her seek help was when she had fallen asleep one time while watching TV with her daughter. Her daughter woke her up because she noticed she actually stopped breathing for a few seconds.

      A landlord of the old apartment I lived in died from sleep apnea.

  • Shelby

    That’s really sad that he died so young and from something that is treatable. I just watched a report a couple of weeks ago about how if you are a snorer it’s really a great idea to get checked for sleep apnea. A lot of people are given special masks and machines to help them breathe properly while they sleep. I wonder if the man knew he had any type of sleeping condition. So wonderful of the passengers to try and save him.

    • Ctsfan

      stop this madness I am going to stop reading this craziness yall need to go to church

      • Ellen

        That is very very sad for a young man to die like that..,,for the
        GREAT passengers who took the time to try CPR, (for 30 minutes),,,
        instead of what many people these days usually do,,which is so very sad,,they are in such a rush,,,,they would have not even noticed that he was dead and by the Grace of God,,,,in Heaven….I was an
        overseas flight attendant,,,and I can assure you,,,the “training both mentally, physically, and morally,,,and lawfully,,,we had to know what to do in a situation such as this,,(You cannot land a 747 jet that is over the Atlantic Ocean(they call it in terms”the point of no return”) which means the plane and fuel is at the half way point of the trip,,and if there is any “TRUE DEFINITE REASONS TO AVERT A CATASTROPHY”,,,THE captain is the person who decides to go forward with the trip,,,,or turn around to avert ANY HARM TO PASSENGERS,,,,,,we use to say,,thats why he/she gets paid the “big bucks”,,,, and the plane had sometimes maximum of 500 passengers,,
        so,,,,,,,just for your FYI for today,,,give the Captain and flight attendants alittle more respect when your in the plane,,,you cannot imagine what could happen, (aka:911) or in this case,,,a young man sleeping loudly threw the flight,,,and no one could tell how or what was wrong with him,,,because he became “quiet” for landing,,gosh knows when he passed away,,except the nice passengers on the plane were and are HEROS,,,,,not thinking always of themselves,,but helping someone who they didn’t even know,,,and as a Roman Catholic woman,,,,today is “ASH WEDNESDAY”,,,,the beginning of 40 days and nights of “fasting” and Gods wishes for us to “sacrifice & learn/listen,,, and it should be a “GREAT TIME OF REFLECTION” on or about each one of us,,Roman Catholics,,and other faiths that follow Gods way”,,so,,most Catholics “give up” something in the spirit of “sacrifice”,,,as our Lord did for us,,when in this Lent season,,
        maybe instead of giving up something,,,maybe decide to change just one thing,,,,,,,and I am choosing to say “hello,,have a nice day”,,
        to at the very least,,,one person,,I have been doing this for over a year to prepare myself,,,people can be EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL I have known and found out pretty fast,,(especially, sorry folks,,but for over 10 years now,,,NY has gotten the “rudest people” “award”,,
        rightfully so in my mind,,,change just one thing,,when someone says hello to you,,,,,at the very least,,,say hello back,,it may just be what not only NY NEEDS, but our country needs in this terrible economic and scary situation in America today….
        So,,in the spirit of Lent,,,,,,’just one nice thing to say to someone, like just a “hello”,,,and you never know how fast you can not only change,,,,,,,,,,but others also,,,,,,, God Bless

  • Kathy

    it sounds like he had a sleep disorder thst causes them to stop breathing. My husband does it. He snores loudly and then all of a sudden dead silence. When it happens I shake him and it brings him out of it. I think that is what happened to him. What a shame.

  • http://yahoo andrea ginsburg

    Don’t they have defibrillators on all plnes now with staff trained to use them? That is what I heard.

  • David

    Sleep apnea is a major health problem. Anyone with concerns that they have it should speak to their doctor. 1800sleeptest.com have an initial questionnaire on their site that may help.

  • Ed

    People die every second of every day. This one just happened to die on a plane. What’s the story here?

    • Trish K

      Who’s to say that the man would have died IF the flight attendants were aware of the correlation between loud snoring and anoxia (no oxygen). Perhaps, if someone had tried to rouse him when he was snoring, he would still be breathing.