Lebron James Gets a Beer Shower From an Unruly Fan

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Lebron James, whose 45-point performance during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals helped the Miami Heat make an astounding comeback against the Boston Celtics, was riding pretty high after the showdown. Many would argue that he's essentially the reason they're headed to Game 7, and I'm sure he was looking forward to the accolades that were sure to be showered upon him in the press. You can practically see it on his face as he walks off-court.

In the stands above, someone was apparently a little peeved about the Heat's unexpected comeback. In order to express his or her frustrations, this individual decided to dump what was left of their alcoholic beverage onto the controversial baller. It was a prime example of extreme bad taste, of poor sportsmanship, and of old-fashioned rudeness. Regardless of how you feel about James, the Heat, or the Celtics loss, tossing beer on someone is pretty much the lowest of the low. It's what a friend of mine would have called a "bitch move".

If, like me, you missed Game 6, you can see the incident in question by taking a look at the video below. Although the beer shower only lasted a second, the clip lets you view it at a number of different speeds. Once you've finished there, take a look at the four-minute "supercut" of James' performance. It's impressive, regardless of whether or not you're a fan.