Launch Trailer For NCAA Football 14 Runs The Option


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NCAA Football 14 has the looks of one of those EA updates that are worth buying. You know? For the folks who don't buy every edition of Madden, FIFA, or NCAA Football. The folks who wait a few years between copies, waiting for a sufficient amount of updates and improvements that warrant another $50-$60 purchase. For those who adhere to such a regimen, and haven't bought a recent copy of EA's college football entry, NCAA Football 14 appears to have enough new features to make the upgrade worthwhile.

With the game launching next week (July 9), it's time for EA to turn the marketing blitz up a little higher, in an effort to attract those who are desperate for the college football season to begin again, and the launch trailer does a good job of doing just that. As the mobile quarterback/read option is becoming the rage in the NFL, EA wisely plays up the fact these plays, and quarterbacks who run that type of offense, are still quite common in the college ranks. Just ask Tim Tebow.

And Chip Kelly.

While running the option to success can be quite rewarding, perhaps one the primary appealing aspects of NCAA Football 14 is the inclusion of the NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team feature. Simply put, this allows gamers to create All-Star teams with previous college football greats. EA has some details:

The fan-favorite mode makes its way to NCAA Football 14, allowing the college faithful to assemble rosters they’ve only ever dreamed of with over 1,400 former college football greats available at launch. Create a powerhouse team utilizing the best of the best from not only your alma mater, but all of college football.

While that is a fantastic feature in, and of itself, as Kotaku points out, it also means the return of perhaps the greatest video game athletes ever:

Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson.

Which means the following video is provided on an obligatory basis:

It's hard not to wonder how many players will try that on their PS3/Xbox 360 in the coming days. I can't imagine the number of hits the video of the first successful attempt will get if it is ever posted. It might reach Rebecca Black numbers.