Kristin Cavallari Fined For Driving Without Illinois License

    September 7, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Kristin Cavallari, former “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” starlet and new wife to Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, was “escorted” to a Chicago police station for driving without an Illinois license on Friday. Cavallari was required to post $150 bail and given a $120 ticket.

Cavallari, 26, was driving in the Chicago suburb of Evanston around 11:50 a.m. when she was pulled over. She says she didn’t break any laws because she is a legal resident of California, as she still owns an apartment in Los Angeles.

According to Illinois law, anyone residing in the state for more than 90 days is required to have a valid Illinois driver’s license in order to be on the road; Cavallari possesses a California driver’s license, but not one in Illinois. Further, California does not participate in an interstate cooperative agreement that allows for their driver’s licenses to be valid in other states.

Cavallari tweeted about her run-in with the law yesterday afternoon.

Cavallari and Cutler married in June and are parents to a son, Camden, who recently celebrated his first birthday. The couple rent a home in Winnetka, Illinois during the football season. The young mom also designs jewelry and shoes for fashion house Chinese Laundry.

Any possible court dates stemming from the matter have not been released.

Image courtesy watchwithkristin via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I mean it’s illinois… anyone surprised?

    Illinois… shouldn’t their cops concentrate on the urban centers and not CA drivers?

    What a terrible fate to be doomed to that state.

  • J. McGoldrick

    Headlines : “Chicago shootings leave 9 dead, 28 wounded since Friday night”. It’s a good thing they got this menace off the streets.

  • Ralphie

    Yes Illinois is a mess, however what kind of reporting is this? She received a ticket for speeding in Evanston, IL (a suburb of Chicago where Northwestern U is located) and had to go to the Evanston police station to post bond because CA licenses can’t be left as bond (nor can any out of state license). So she was not ticketed for having a California license, you clowns.

  • http://webpronews.com LH

    I could be wrong, but doesn’t this just seem like COMMON SENSE? When you are in a different state, in order to legally operate a motorized vehicle you have to possess a license from that state. It doesn’t matter if she is a resident of California… she was in Illinois.This is further proof that the brains of many or most reality television stars have nothing in them.

    • Rob

      You are the biggest moron I have ever seen on ANY forum board unless you are just completely trolling which in that case… BRAVO!

      You dont NEED to get a DL in every state that you’re driving in unless you are a RESIDENT in that state you idiot. Apparently you have never driven outside your lil country town. You really need to get out more.

    • george

      COMMON SENSE is what is lacking in your comment. i am a commercial driver using your logic I would have to have a drivers license for every state I drive through. which is stupid. California and Illinois are two f***ed states.

    • MK

      LOL….Common Sense? So when I drive across the country I need to apply for a license in every state I travel through?

  • http://yahoo.com fred

    That’s all we need is Jay Cutler having any family issues to throw his game off. Bears will get rid of him after this season, and she is partly to blame. It is tough to be a QB in the NFL. With his mid-range talent and her as a distraction, his life must be really tough. She will do anything to get attention, including bringing him and the Bears down.

  • daniel covert

    really is this the best they can do is pull over cars and checking for lis. with all the shotings and hate crime.

    she good looking i hope the cop took the time to pat her down see if she was out pushing drug, you know she looks like a dealer (ha ha)
    all there tax dollars going to this? is this why ditort had to file bankup.? paying the cops for doing nothing but there job

  • Xcalifornia

    This is pure non-sense – I think I will apply to all 50 states for a drivers license just to make sure I won’t be fined as I drive thru

  • Mike Borgmeyer

    Cops showing their uselessness again.

  • Nicki

    She was ticketed for SPEEDING!!! Why does she have a CA license anyways when she so called LIVES in ILL? There is no reason for it. All of this could have been avoided when they got hitched. But, oh well, shit happens.