Kristen Bell Enjoying More Private Life

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Kristen Bell is adorable and getting more and more so each day as her baby bump continues to grow.

The Frozen star, already mom to daughter Lincoln, is much more comfortable in her second pregnancy. No, it's not due to wearing sweats more often.

Earlier this year, Bell and other A-list celebrities joined forces to create a No Kids policy.

The policy works like this: If you are a publication that prints pictures of children of celebrities without their parents' permission, don't count on an interview with the celebrities who participate in the policy.

That would be a bad line to cross, since celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence are on board.

When she first began rallying for the change, Kristen Bell said, "I like being an actress very much," she said, "but I love being a mother and it is a very clear decision which one I would choose."

"I'll argue until my dying day that my daughter should not be affected by my career choice," she added.

So far, the policy seems to be working and has brought relief to many a celebrity parent like Kristen Bell.

"The response has been so overwhelming that it's really almost a moral stance that the consumer demanded their publications take," Bell said in an interview. "We're all consuming healthier media now."

She added, "I feel a lot safer because I'm not followed at all now. It makes me feel like we all rallied and did something. The good people that were on the side of responsible parenting and passionate about child welfare spoke up and made a difference, and that is a really invigorating feeling."

Congratulations to Kristen Bell on successfully getting paparazzi to back off! That was quite a feat, I'm sure. Hopefully her second pregnancy will continue without stress from constant prying.

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