Kris Jenner: New Wig Makes Her Look Like Daughters

    May 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kris Jenner slipped on a wig during a water excursion in Greece recently, which gave her a spooky resemblance to her daughters.

The 57-year old looked laid-back while on vacation with her family and took a few spins on a jet-ski while she was there. They also spent time on a huge yacht in Mykonos before heading back to L.A. to finish filming their reality show.

Of course, since photos of the Kardashian’s mom-ager hit the web, they’ve gone viral as no one can quite figure out why she’s wearing a disguise.

Interestingly, pregnant Kim–who had joined her family initially–was summoned for by beau Kanye West and left the party early.

“Kanye sent a private jet to Greece to pick Kim up. The plane flew to Paris and now they’re spending more alone time there together,” said a source.

Images: Splash


  • Jim Dunn

    she looks horrible.

  • Hustla

    More like Big Ang from Mob Wives

  • Maxine

    She should act like a mother and stop trying to compete with her daughters!

  • http://yahoo iris

    it sad to see a mother living her life though her daughters for money and not wisdom in teaching what it mean to be a real beautiful women, wife, mother, person!! what even sadder is we who watch TV give this ugly behavior our time and money !!!! and that’s why I no longer watch there lies……… and yes I’m for real and once watch your show .. AND NO LONGER WATCH IT BEACACUSE I HAVE A DAUGTHER AND THE LAST THING I WOULD EVER DO IS USE HER LIKE OPTHER PEOPLE DO !!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    I thought she was one of the Jacksons.

  • jessica sayed

    She looks great,she is enjoying herself must she be sad hell no she trying as a mother sometimes she is crazy but it ok

  • http://k katie

    Who writes this crap? Looks like her daughters? Firstly, her daughters aren’t that great but come on….she looks like a overweight 60 year old woman with a phoney looking wig….nothing more, nothing less and I am her age – Dumb headline when she looks every bit her age.