Kris Jenner: Kim And Kanye Have Got To Go

    August 6, 2014
    Val Powell
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Some mothers beg their children to move in with them, and this was certainly the case when Kris Jenner asked daughter Kim Kardashian to stay with them while she was pregnant with her and husband Kanye West’s daughter North. However, Jenner is reportedly desperate for her daughter and the rapper mogul to move out of the house because Kardashian’s lifestyle has taken it over. Insiders describe Jenner’s Hidden Hills, California, home as seeming like a hotel, with Kardashian’s  guests arriving every day, including nannies, security teams, and friends.

Kardashian and West have been crashing at Jenner’s place for a year with their daughter North because their $11 million Bel Air mansion was being renovated. However, the end date of their stay seems to be up in the air because the couple has decided to put their newly refurbished home on the market. Jenner has supposedly been driving herself crazy asking Kardashian when they plan to move out and getting no straight answers.

According to sources, West has been urging his wife to find another place for themselves, but she’s been making excuses because she loves living with her mom, who does everything for her and allows her to boss her around. Meanwhile, West is also enjoying staying with the Jenners because he loves being part of a big family, especially since his mother Donda West passed away in 2007.

The situation has gotten so bad in the Jenner home that it’s even affected Kardashian’s siblings. Kendall Jenner recently moved out of her mother’s home and purchased a $1.4 million apartment in Los Angeles to get away from the chaos of Kardashian’s extravagant lifestyle.

In a recent guest apperance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kardashian told host Jimmy Kimmel that she and West haven’t moved out of the Jenner home because of “house drama.”

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  • Deneice Holbert

    The drama is their $11 mil remodel looks like crap. Just goes to show just because you have a lot of money, does not mean you have good taste.

  • abcd1234

    Its like I’m their best friend even though I don’t want to be… I know every detail of their lives and I REALLY don’t want to.

  • anna

    They need to all go, back to their gypsy country & get out of the United States.

    • mona halani

      and whats the US culture?

      • anna

        Well let’s just put it this way, we have enough immigrants living here as it is.

  • Ann Plank

    I dont know one mother that begs for their children and families to move in with them, thats when I stopped reading.

  • nikki

    Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Buy New $20 Million Estate Near Mom Kris Jenner — of course they still stay near mama, KIM doesnt know how to do anything