Komodo Dragon Attack Leaves 83-Year-Old Injured

    April 11, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Despite having “dragon” right in their name, Komodo dragons don’t, as first glance, appear to be extremely dangerous. However, as anyone who has ever played the video game Far Cry 3 could tell you, the large lizards can be quite dangerous and have poisonous, infectious bites.

This week, AFP is reporting that an 83-year-old woman on the Indonesian island of Rinca was attacked by a Komodo while sitting outside her house. The lizard reportedly bit her right hand and wrist as she was making a broom from a coconut tree. She screamed for help and kicked the Komodo, which then released her.

According to the AFP, the woman needed 35 stitched to close the wound on her arm. Though her hand was paralyzed after the incident, some movement has returned. Her wish is for the hand to heal so she can continue making brooms.

This is the latest in a series of recent Komodo dragon attacks that have hit Rinca Island. In February two Komodo National Park officers were hospitalized after a Komodo dragon infiltrated the park office and attacked them. In October 2012, another older woman on Rinca was attacked as she prepared fodder for her livestock.

(Image courtesy Spencer Weart/Wikimedia Commons)

  • William

    “However, as anyone who has ever played the video game Far Cry 3 could tell you, the large lizards can be quite dangerous and have poisonous, infectious bites.”-Sean Patterson

    This sentence speaks volumes of your skill as a writer.

  • Tre

    komodo dragons are one of the coolest creatures on earth. Feel bad for any suffering the lady had, but glad the awesome beast wasn’t hurt. Go K drags!!

  • John Schaffer

    William, you read my mind! I scrolled down to comment on that very sentence. What kind of colossal dork writes an article about a Komoda Dragon attack and makes a reference to a video game that no one besides other colossal dorks have ever heard of, and references it as though everyone reading the piece should know what he’s talking about? Of course! We all just spend 12 hours a day super-glued to a TV screen, trying to kill digital giant lizards. Naturally. Is this what we have to look forward to when Generation ZZZ, or wherever we are at now, writes the majority of the bylines? References to video games, tats, piercings of genetalia, whatever Vampire or Zombie show is trendy this week, and Taylor Swift? God help us all.

    • komodo king

      BRAVO!!!! well said….monosynaptics like the author of this story convinve me we are very near the end of civilization….your response is perfect

    • Brian

      Well John, you sound like just an awful person

      • John

        Nope, sorry Brian, I’m actually a very nice person, at least, that’s what I’m told. I’m just smart enough to point out lazy, pretentious writing when I see it.

  • Michael W

    You don’t think Komodo dragons appear to be extremely dangerous?

    I hope I never get that bored.

  • Dan

    Great reporting here. Did you really cite a video game as a source for scientific facts? That is a small step up from “my friend jerome text’d me and said they be really dangaruss.”

  • Rossa

    I have to disagree with Brian, John is just stating the facts, please! Poor lady, poor dragon, and poor writer. LOL! I’m sure there are a million places you could use as reference to support your facts, but a video game? seriously? think twice next time, pleeeeeeeease!

    “…as anyone who has ever played the video game Far Cry 3 could tell you, the large lizards can be quite dangerous and have poisonous, infectious bites.” LOL! A video game can tell you this? You can tell from a video game a bite is Infectious? What about the one’s that haven’t played it? I guess they won’t be able to tell it’s an “infectious bite!”

  • randy

    how do you not know a Komodo Dragon is near you?

  • tom

    if you’d ever seen two komodo dragons tear apart a live water buffalo, you’d understand.

  • Bm4c79

    Hmmm. Must’ve been an arguement over who had better skin.

  • x

    komodos better get backround checks

  • mr. e

    i,ve heard these lizzards were used in military war,by japan and us army.

  • bruce ortiz

    I’ve been to Rica and Komodo island. Komodos are no slouch, they can smell blood for miles, run as fast as a dog for short distances, are ambush hunters, and the darn things can swim in the ocean. They are the top predator in their neck of the woods and must be treated with respect.
    The live on Rinca, Flores and Komodo.

  • nubwaxer

    their saliva is full of deadly bacteria and they can eat half their body weight (they weigh around 300 pounds). some scientist who was studying them disappeared and all they found of him was his shoes.