Kim Kardashian Wanted A Farewell Skype With Ex

    July 25, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Kim Kardashian, who recently gave birth to baby North West, reportedly wanted to have one final Skype conversation with ex-husband, Kris Humphries, to be filmed and to appear on her hit television series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

The reality television star, with her show appearing on the popular channel E!, was eager to have the video chat with Kris to apologize for things that happened during the divorce battle, and show viewers that she and Kris are ending their marriage on good terms.

A source reported to gossip website RadarOnline.com that Kris, a 28-year-old basketball star whom Kim was married to for 72 days before filing for divorce, declined Kim’s request to have the final Skype chat, even though Kim planned to apologize to him. “Kris said no way. Kris turned down Kim’s offer because he didn’t want to appear on any of the Kim reality shows ever again. Kim and Kris haven’t spoken since the divorce was made final, and there are no plans to do so.”

On a recent episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, Kim is show high-fiving her family and celebrating the finalization of their divorce. Kim was also seen talking about the video chat, that she hoped to have, to her mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe Kardashian saying: “I want one Skype phone call with him. I want a one-on-one conversation with him. It really bothers me that he really feels in his heart that I didn’t love him.” She continued, saying “There are things I would own up to and say ‘You know I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m sorry if you felt like we should have communicated better in our filing for divorce’. I wish I did that differently.”

Apparently, Kris was not thrilled, and was hurt about the way that Kim reacted to the divorce being final. A source said, “He heard about it from his friends. On the day the divorce was finalized, Kris was sombre and a bit sad. There was absolutely no celebration, or parties. It was the end of his marriage, and it was a reflective time for him. It didn’t surprise him that Kim carried on the way she did on the show.”



  • Tammy Burris

    You have “used”, him enough. He get’s it now. ok? Can it get any smaller for you or your mom? I mean “shit”, girl, let it go. you won! Is that not what you wanted?

  • Tammy Burris

    It has backed up to his throat, can you not cut a white man lose?

    • KiKi

      He’s not white, Tammy … he’s bi-racial.

  • http://yahoo. Melva g

    I must say I’m truly happy he turned down her skype call. Does she not have enough viewers already…..grow up Kim K!

    • Jackie

      In my opinion they should cancel the show. There is no talent, just a bunch of dysfunctional people shooting off their mouths. I saw it once and didn’t even watch the whole show. Let’s see, the mom is a serial adultress, one daughter has 2 kids without being married, one daughter has a porn tape, and like mommy dearest is a money grubber, she is also an adultress and only one decent daughter who should run from them as fast as she can to keep her sanity!

  • http://Yahoo.com Sally

    LMAO…Kim….he doesn’t want to see you or have anything to do with you. Leave him alone. Stay with you’re heavenly hung guy like you said or isn’t he so great like you’re mom says about Bruce? That is an excuse to see Kris and you know it. You and you’re mom both should be dumped!

    • Bird

      Kim wants to see if Kris still has feelings for her, maybe she’s lonely and realizes the grass is not always greener. She could call him on the phone, but she really wants to see if he still loves her. Kris you did the right thing and I hope you can move on and trust again.

      • dawn c doran

        It seem like that Kim will never grow up…

  • Ngozi

    Kim K remember this….what you do to others(in wrond doing) will come back to get you…..leave the man alone at least he dont have time to play games other than basketball…..tsk tsk tsk

  • MARY

    Leave him alone he doesn’t want to talk to you give it up you with KANYE temporarily let see how this relationship last I wont never buy any of your clothes or perfume whatever just give it up

    • dawn c doran

      Her perfumes are too strong for me and too cheap…

  • kathi

    How about they were not happy and being married is for a lifetime, most of us anyway! It just didn’t work out! Sorry!

  • Lori

    Kim, get over it and move on because Kris does not want to talk to you. You are now involved with Kanye (which I do not know what you see in hom) but you have a child. Kris does not need that rubbed in his face.

  • sharon levy

    Kim, you have too much space in that head of yours,,,,,,,,your idiot k.w. is brain dead, you are just another trophy,,,,,duh

  • TheBride

    Now that she had Kanye’s baby and the excitement is over, she’s thinking about Kris. Glad he didn’t agree to the Skype deal. Proud of him!

  • Tina

    And the purpose of the Skype call would’ve been to set up one final booty call; let’s be real here. No one contacts their ex to apologize unless they’ve gone to AA and are trying to right their wrongs as the 12 steps advises. Kim you’re with Kanye now either move on or stop with this charade you call your life!

  • Mittsback

    How about you just say sorry I am a flat out whore with no class or morals. I married you to get ratings for my show about my shit family who is making the world a worse place. I apologize to everyone in the world for this filth that I have put out. I will try and be a better human being and close my legs from now on

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never commented on these before! I’m really not sure why I am now! lol Maybe, the high five was just a reaction for feeling relieved she was FINALLY DONE with this LONG over due situation! DOESN’T mean she didn’t love or feel bad that this all happened! I’m sure she has a <3 and feelings! People gonna hate no matter what ya do! Maybe I'M glad, I'm NOT rich and famous!! :)

  • Barry

    Her hit TV show ?

  • mary

    good for you kris. keeping yourself out of that circus is definitely a good idea. i thought kim was being sincere when she said she wanted to apologize to him, but now that i know she wanted it to be taped it’s obvious she wasnt being sincere. she and that arrogant jackass kanye deserve each other.



      • fuck off

        only a jack ass types in CAPS….. excuse me but chris is NBA and KIM is wannabe movie/ amuture porn star with RAYJAY that made her get your facts stright!

        • Hoku

          You are so right about this person typing all in CAPS… She just looking for attention… She wish it was really her in Kim place.. Sad… :(

      • BellaVegas

        WOW. I don’t think you are qualified to be calling anyone a “dumbass” or “ignorant” when clearly you don’t have a grasp on the English language, both in spelling and grammar. So unless you were speaking on yourself then maybe you should keep the comments to yourself.

      • Hoku

        SWIFTYZ MOM, Are you a mother I really hope not. And if you are a so called mother I feel really sorry for your child or children how you would raise & teach them how to be a hater in life. And I think you should also enroll your self back to grade school cause your English SUCKS!

    • dawn c doran

      I believe that Kim wants to make more money by asking him to come on her stupid show…God only knows what her plans really are for Kris…BEWARE…

  • Andrea

    I cant believe what a HYPOCRITE and a liar she is! She is “sorry” for what she did, and how everything went down… Mmmmm, maybe if she wasnt trying so hard to just “live” like nothing phases her, she would see that money, and glory doesnt bring her everything she wants. She should stop and think BEFORE she acts! Shes sorry her divorce is final, and how everything went down.. which is why she hooked up with Kanye while going through a divorce.. She didnt want to have kids, which is why she got KNOCKED UP WHILE going through a DIVORCE! What a liar. I’m through watching that show. Its a waste of my time, and brain cells..

  • http://yahoo eagle2500

    who cares why is she still news ?

  • Rodney Carlosdangerson

    So totally reminds me of Socrates wanting to Skype Xanthippe to give himself some closure. Stand-up Athenian move.

  • astrix

    got a baby by another man while been married. wow. what are you gonna tell your child?

    • CJ

      Wait till they tell him about the video! lmao!!!

    • dawn c doran

      Keep the baby away from Grandma Kris….


      She’s a hoe, what do you expect, a rich hoe, but never the less a hoe.

  • jerry caughron

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gwen

    She is a total moron. She’s a terrible mother, a hypocrite. She’s a worthless self-seeking narcissist. Kris Humphries probably regrets every second of that 72 days he EVER married her. I don’t blame him for not wanting to talk to her. It’s probably a self seeking motive of KK anyway. Be on your way KIM. Bub-bye.

    • Elle

      To say she’s a terrible mother is overly dramatic given the fact that she’s only been a mother for about a month, and you don’t know her. Gwen, you sound just as miserable as you make Kim out to be. If you don’t like her, stop feeding into the hype about her.

  • http://yahoo Karen

    If we all would stop commenting and watching, this show and family would stop. I am as guilty as everyone else in that I have to “keep up” on the latest news.

    Kanya seems like he has “feelings of grandeur”, a symptom of mental illness i.e. bipolar. Grabbing the mike from Taylor Swift WAS NOT NORMAL behavior. .

    I feel concern for any child named North West. Anyone agree with me???

    • dawn c doran

      I agree with you 100%…Kim does have a problem and takes after her mother…

  • dawn c doran

    Kim needs to leave Kris Humphries the hell alone….He never bothered her while she been with Kayne and now that she has the baby…

    What does she expect Kris to say to her…Probably for him to congratulate her on the new baby or wants to make Kayne jealous and angry…Kim is a trouble girl and I blame that on her mother Kris..


    That’s a white baby so guess who’s the daddy?

  • WildWen

    This is so Yesterday’s News. They are DIVORCED. I just don’t care anymore. So should everyone else! SO WHAT!

  • Vilma


    • shiego

      So true… I wish this whole family go away!

  • Monah M.

    I want to know the news for today, what i mean of news is that (news about war, education, anything that i should know about). But when I went to Yahoo, 1st on the trending topics is Kim Kardashian. Seriously Yahoo! WHO CARES about her having her last farewell with her ex- husband. I don’t think this news would interest a lot of readers.

    • Nicole

      Then don’t click on an article about Kim Kardashian…you can find plenty of worldly news elsewhere.

  • jimmy

    Who is Kim?

    • shiego

      she’s nobody who got famous for her sex tape!

  • drea

    the only reason the divorce went so long was because of Humpries. He was tryin to get paid. And she did not say she wanted the Skype convo aired on the show she said one on one. here is another Prime example of how fals reporting and bad media turn situations into what they want not what is really the truth.

  • Lisa Rodgers

    Just like this article says… SKYPE…. NO CLASS….. These people became famous by knowing Parris Hilton…. making a sex video… and what you see is what you get. They are people with BIG ISSUES… and a mother who has found a way to CASH IN on it. Period. That is the story.

    In the 70’s this girl would have SHAMED her family… in the 2000’s… SEX TAPS are in…. and all moral behavior is out the door. Poor Kim… the sex tape went public. And this is what our young people are interested in.

    I think Kanya West and her are a good match. He has the Trashy MOUTH…(Remember the Music Awards Show) and is classless… and well she is similar and the same. Like attracks like.

    In our day we would call her WHITE TRASH… today this behavior is REWARDED… it is called FABLOUS WEALTH and That’s Entertainment.

    I am AMAZED that a family story like SEARS….. would give these people their own clothing line. I refuse to purchase anything there.

    We knew the darkness on this land would be black… and it does not take much to look around our cities.. and see to kids of today…. their idols are filled with darkness…. the darkness of moral corruption and the darkness of the TV Industry PAYING BIG BUCS to keep it in the FACE of the masses.

    What every happened to Home Town / Family / Apple Pie and Ice Cream. Well guess what… it still exist… but it gets NO recognition. We have the Hollywood Movies / TV Reality Shows / and the VIOLEN MUSIC of today that gets the Home Run in our society. Sex / Trash /Violence / Fighting / Lazy / and ME ME ME ME ME Attitude is what they all promote these days.

    The REAL STORY here is the corruption of ALL MORAL BEHIVIOR…. Kleenex relationships SELLS the magazine covers… put a little DRAM in.. and SEX TAPES…. and WA LA…. That’s Entertainment…. the sad part is… it is REALLY Their LIFE.

    What I did for MONEY… is the sub-line to that title…. it is ALL about money… Drama… and Fame. Not Education / REAL WORK / or MORALS.

  • Raquel Jean Diaz

    Hi five for Kris Humphries!!!

  • http://yahoo jerry

    Kim you were no good in the sex tape and I hope you have improved in the sex or the bro is going to drop your big ass.

  • Nanana

    Why is it that every time the Duchess of Cambridge makes news Kim Kardashian tries to one up her? Get a clue Kim…..you have no class and trying to compete with a princess makes you look cheap! Now go on tv and whine about this remark because you are so misunderstood.

  • Michael

    She’s such a piece of garbage. Found fame releasing a porn tape with a minor celebrity. Dug gold and married an overpaid idiot jock for television ratings and cash. Got dumped and immediately got herself pregnant by the richest douche-bag she knew, because sharing a child makes it harder for him to dump her. Now wants to dupe the ex into helping her try to make herself look like a decent human being.

  • http://www.number-direct.co.uk/skype-phone-number/ Skype

    Well that was nice of her…. NOT.