Kim Dotcom May Get His Money Back

By: Zach Walton - March 18, 2012

Things are looking up for Kim Dotcom these days. After being arrested and denied bail multiple times, he finally was granted bail last month. He was then on the verge of a deal that would let users of MegaUpload get their files back. He also found that people within the DoJ and the US Senate were using MegaUpload which could help his case in some way. Now he may get his money back due to a “procedural error.”

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that police issued the wrong court order when the seized Dotcom’s assets back in January. The judge overseeing the case called the court order “null and void.” This is great news for Dotcom who has been denied all of his assets over fears that he may use them to skip countries and not be present for his upcoming extradition hearing.

The police and legal team responsible for the seizure admitted their mistake and are now filling for a new restraining order that would keep Dotcom’s funds out of his hands. Dotcom’s legal team are using the chance they’ve been given to call the seizure “unlawful.” The judge is scheduled to make a judgment on the matter soon.

It would be great news if Dotcom got his money back. Even though Dotcom is out of jail, he still has no money to mount a legal defense against the charges brought against him. He claimed in a TV interview this month that he was going to fight back against the charges. He would be in a much better position to defend himself if he had his money back.

The MegaUpload case just keeps on getting more and more interesting. Dotcom’s extradition hearing is scheduled for May. Expect more news to come out of this before then. We’ll keep you updated on any changes in the MegaUpload saga.

Zach Walton

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  • Tom Aikins

    They’ll find some way to get this guy even if they have to change the law. The forces against him are too powerful.

  • American

    Utter nonsense! USA funded libraries carry lend share borrow copyrighted movies,books,music…and have movie nights. Also cities all over the country have free movie nights in the parks. Corporations and or individuals that buy off the doj should be charged with crimes. What is the difference between a libraian or a file storage that allows sharing. This guy maybe a little shady but no criminal.