Kendall Jenner Allegedly Tells Kim K. To Stay Away


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If dropping her last name wasn’t a big enough of a hint to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it seems that young Kendall is taking things a bit farther.

Some gossip sites are reporting that the model formerly known as Kendall Jenner has outright banned her older sister Kim Kardashian from attending any of her fashion shows.

This is a rather unfortunate turn of events if true, as the 18-year-old has stated that big sister Kim K. has been very supportive of her dream to be a top fashion model.

Said Kardashian, “[Kendall] had to work extra hard to gain this respect and to fight for people to see she’s serious.”

Despite the fact that the 33-year-old reality television star is pulling for her younger sister, Kendall Jenner isn’t interested in sharing the spotlight with her famous sibling.

It was revealed that Kardashian had even been invited to attend the shows that Jenner would be walking in.

“Kim was invited to a lot of the shows that I was in,” said Jenner to LOVE Magazine during an interview.

“She called me before and was like, ‘Hey, I was invited to the show, I just wanted to let you know. Do you want me to come?’ and I was like, ‘No.'”


Well I'm sure Kim Kardashian is still rooting for her baby sister. She’ll just have to do it from a safe distance.

It’s been a busy time for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet, who participated in the craziness of New York Fashion Week.

She showed off anticipated styles for Spring 2015 and made appearances for some highly respected fashion brands.

Jenner donned a shoulder-length shaggy black wig when she walked for Marc Jacobs. She also walked for Diane Von Furstenberg, sporting a white gingham dress and lace dress that was absolutely adorable.

While it may be some time before she is able to shake the association with her famous family, perhaps her participation in Fashion Week will help demonstrate that she has the chops to become a popular fashion model.