Kelsey Grammer Weds Again...In Vegas

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Don't worry, Grammer fans, the former Frasier star didn't divorce Katye in a Vegas court to wed a showgirl or anything. He simply renewed his vows with his wife in the sparkling city due to their love of the Elvis film "Viva Las Vegas".

Grammer famously got his fourth wife's name tattooed on his hip earlier this year, prompting some to speculate on his motives for being so public with his love. However, after being embroiled in a bitter and drawn-out battle with ex-wife Camille, it seems the actor is just looking to put a positive spin on the relationship.

Greg Smith of Little Church Of The West--where the vow renewal took place--said the ceremony was touching.

“It was emotional… He was choked up about the whole time and you can tell they are very much in love and happy. He had tears of joy.”

Still, some say he's just looking for attention with some very public stunts, so only time will tell if the marriage will last or if Grammer is simply trying to keep himself in the spotlight.

Kelsey Grammer has his new wife's name tattooed on him and went to Vegas to renew vows. That's a lot of reminders that he is still married.
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Kelsey Grammer Just Wants To Be Young Again!
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Kelsey Grammer renews his wedding vows for another eight weeks.
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