Katy Perry Survives Plane Crash In New Video

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Katy Perry already had fans in love with her single "Roar" from the moment it dropped; but with the release of a new video, she's proving to her KatyCats that just because she got rid of her girly, candy-coated "Teenage Dream" image doesn't mean she's not the same fierce girl.

Perry manages to survive a plane crash in the video and, after witnessing her boyfriend get eaten by a tiger, finds ways to both thrive and still be fashionable on a deserted island. Of course, she manages to be sexy at the same time, turning herself into a jungle girl who bathes with the help of an elephant and crafting herself a new outfit out of leaves and flowers.

Perry won over the MTV VMAs crowd last month with a performance of "Roar" under the Brooklyn Bridge, on a stage made to set up a boxing ring. As the first single off her new album "Prism", the catchy song is everywhere these days and has been the talk of Twitter.

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