Katt Williams: Slap Came After The “N-Word”

    December 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Katt Williams has been involved in a string of bizarre incidents in the past few months, including allegedly throwing a lit cigarette at a woman, starting a brawl with fans in a comedy club, assaulting his former assistant (and subsequently being sued by her for it), and beating an audience member in the head with his microphone. While he hasn’t given much explanation for those things, he’s now spoken out about an altercation at a Target store in which he allegedly slapped an employee.

“This is what the dude at Target said, “‘Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass [N-word],” he said, to which he says he responded, “Did you just say the N-word in front of Katt Williams?”

The employee, identified as Forrest Liebenberg, then allegedly said, “You say it all the time.”

Williams says he warned the man about speaking to him like that, and when the warning wasn’t heeded he slapped him. Since then, Liebenberg has been fired from Target.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

  • Michael DeVerne

    The employee should have got fired. Katt is the customer.

    • Zman

      Katt Williams is on some major drugs, he is probably lying about this guy calling him that, if anything Katt Williams deserves to get beat down for the bitch he is. If the employee did call him that then I agree the employee deserves to get fired.

    • jim

      for what getting slapped?

  • hard

    Considering the person, what he called him was a complement.

    • avc

      I wonder when people will grow the hell up and stop with the racism. Being called a Nigger is not a compliment.Considering your comment, being called a human is more then generous.

  • Larry

    The fellow needs to grow up .if I were the black fellow I would have slapped him alot harder,show some respect he is the customer.

    • http://Webpronews Kat

      Larry; If you believe the white empolyee called him the N word you are a bigger fool than Katt is. He is a nasty little number, and color has nothing to do with it. Just a sewer rat that got lucky, and in my opinion he hasn’t an honest bone in his body.

      His interaction with others proves the truth of this situation,
      allegedly throwing a lit cigarette at a woman, starting a brawl with fans in a comedy club, assaulting his former assistant (and subsequently being sued by her for it), and beating an audience member in the head with his microphone.

      Sounds like a mental case, intelligent human beings do not be have this way.
      And I believe when a so called black person behaves this way, and especialy when they us the N word as a shield for bad behavior, all white people need to boycot him. Just as they do white people who behave badly.

  • D

    Hmmmm… let’s see. I slapped someone and it is on camera. That’s assault. Now how in the world do I get out of this cut and dry crime that any sane person would see? Let me think… Is there a way that an African American can get away with slapping some white guy?????

    • D

      Excuse me. It was battery.

  • JohnnyKiller

    When all else fails play the race card

  • julia

    Drugs, or a bipolar episode of mania, or both.
    Whatever is going on with him, my lie-detector is ringing off the hook.

  • Bry

    I do believe that the White gentleman probably did say something to infuriate Katt Williams but given the behavior of Katt Williams recently, it’s hard to take his word at 100%. So while Katt’s explanation is plausible, (and I certainly understand his reaction if it is) he’s currently not a fully reliable source.

  • mark yates

    Liebenberg, was the guy that got hit on video. Target should sue the “Black” guy arrested for assualt, da

  • Al

    The employee has to be at least 30 lbs heavier and 6 inches taller. At some point you’re a man and not just an employee. That being said, I would have slapped Katt so hard the “K” would have been replaced with an “SH” because he would have pooped himself. Never let a 5’3 guy with a perm slap you and get away with it..

    • I hit back…hard

      I agree…if your going to strike me…no matter your size…you better make it count alot more then a slap

  • Mike

    I believe that if that man had responded with violence it would not have gone well for him at a later date. Katt is not a lot of things but one thing he is is a real deal ghetto as ninja! That being said-when you hang out with people with the likes of suge knight and others, their are many young street guys who would love to do a favor for mr Katt. I believe this target employees mouth got him into a situation that he had to reconsider. It is one thing to think your are gangsta, real, hard, ghetto, or tough. It is another thing when you are confronted with the real thing. This man though twice, which was a good decision!

  • Pete

    Sticks and stones will break my bones……this is straight up battery, regardless of what the employee (might have) said. You tell the manager what he said and get him fired…enough said. By hitting the employee, you have taken matters into your own hands and have broken the law. The employee was wrong if he did, in fact, call Kitty this, and should have been fired instantly. Personally, I don’t really buy into anything this punk wanna-be rapper says or does. He’s a liar and trash to the “N”th degree.