Kanye West Has Health Scare Hours Before Melbourne Concert

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On September 10, hours before his Melbourne concert, rapper Kanye West was rushed to the hospital. West was sent to the emergency room at 2 PM after he had played basketball. He was reportedly suffering from an intense migraine.

West’s entourage apparently created mayhem on Melbourne’s streets in the mad dash to get him medical treatment. Eyewitnesses reported seeing West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, in one car while their security drove in another car behind it, slowing down to keep fans and paparazzi from catching up with the rapper. The same was done when West was shuttled back to the hotel at around 5 PM. “Fans tried to run into the underground car park, but the security team began screaming at them to get out,” an eyewitness said.

At the hospital, West was rushed in on a stretcher with his face partially concealed, according to Loraine Kelly, a woman who had accompanied her daughter to get an MRI. Doctors were reportedly concerned that West was suffering or was about to suffer a seizure, so they ordered him to get an MRI as well. “Everyone was massively panicked. And they were very nervous about making sure the area was completely clear,” said Kelly. “At one stage, one of his security men saw my daughter and he insisted she had to go. We were not even properly finished.”

Despite the panic, West was released and allowed to go home at 4:30 PM and later felt well enough to perform at the Rod Laver Arena that night. He even found the strength to tell off some of his audience members who remained seated during the performance.

“'I can't go on with this song if there's people in here sitting down unless y'all sitting down because y'all handicapped,” he said. A representative of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations later criticized West for trivializing the experience of people with disabilities.

West was well enough to fly to Sydney the next day, where he has two concert dates on Friday and Saturday for his Yeezus tour.

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