John Cena Not Up For Marriage With Nikki Bella, ‘Total Divas’ Recap

    December 16, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Last night, was definitely a ‘John Cena’ night. From the wrestling ring to the Reality TV world, television and entertainment were ‘all things John Cena’.

However, most of the highlighted moments were full of drama, and a lot of it actually unfolded on the season finale of  Total Divas.

E! News offered the run-down on the full episode, as things got quite intense when Nikki Bella sat down with Cena to discuss the future of their relationship.

The WWE Diva shared her desire for marriage and children, as she aspires to have it all with the 14x WWE Champion. However, the desire for relationship stability may have been heightened due to the progression of Brie and Eva Marie’s love lives, as they both ultimately ended up announcing that wedding bells in their near futures. Now, if you’re wondering how that happened, let’s start from the beginning.

The finale opened with the WWE Divas taking a break from their demanding schedules as they all separated to enjoy life outside of work. Nikki headed back home to Tampa where she enjoyed a pool party with her girlfriends that Cena flew in. At the pool party, their weekend excursion continues with dinner, but things get a bit uncomfortable when commitment questions start to stir.

When her friends asked if marriage and children were in their future, Cena made his perspective quite clear. He told Nikki it wasn’t happening, and she abruptly ended the conversation. Cena went on to state his reasoning for the decision, but she wanted to hear nothing of it. So, it’s safe to say there’s definitely a slight wedge of indifference there, but hopefully they can come to amicable terms where their relationship is concerned.

Then, things shift to Eva Marie and her fiance’ Jonathan. The two set out toward Marie’s parents home in Northern California to announce their engagement. However, things didn’t actually go as planned, due to her parents disapproval.

But, the ‘wow factor’ came when it was revealed that her parents had never met him, and had no idea they were even dating, let alone engaged. So, they’re level of shock can actually be justified. With that small piece of information, it’s easy to see how the whole ‘meet and greet’ went sour. However, it didn’t deter their decision to proceed with their wedding plans.

Then, there’s Nikki’s twin sister, Brie Bella. Things actually shifted in a positive direction for her relationship with boyfriend, Daniel Bryan. Their weekend was quite romantic and Bryan also popped the question. But, Mr. Romantic didn’t stop things there. When they returned to the cabin, and surprises her with an engagement dinner with her entire family present. Although Nikki assisted Bryan with his engagement plans for her sister, she still felt some kind of way about her own situation with Cena. So, things picked up once again when they returned to Tampa.

Nikki decided to express her disdain about his perspective on marriage. But, nevertheless, Cena still felt otherwise about the whole situation, as he still expressed no interest in advanced to the next level in the relationship. “I can’t give you that,” said Cena. The moment grew even more tense, and Nikki broke the uncomfortable silence. “I make all of the sacrifices, and you make none,” said Nikki. However, Cena stands firm in his decision. “I won’t get married again, and I won’t have kids,” he explained.

So, how did John Cena and Nikki Bella resolve the situation? Fans will just have to wait until March 2014 when Total Divas returns!

  • Yep

    There is no upside for men in marriage. None. You give your life to your wife and kids and it is never appreciated. Your kids might appreciate you, but the wife won’t. She will always just want more and more. It is like the article above. It is the woman who wants to get married and have kids. It is all about her needs. When Cena said he didn’t want that. She complains that she is the one who always sacrifices. What sacrifice? She is just mad she isn’t getting what she wants.

    Yeah, it is wrestling. Yeah, it is all fake. But it does mirror real life. Women just always want thing their way. There is no upside for a guy to get married in America. Everything is your fault and they will do nothing but complain until you die.

    • Ashley

      I totally agree

    • tsn

      yeah bullshit. women sacrifice far more then men. they do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, deal with the kids and men have it so hard? please man im a guy and its a lot harder for them then us. ungrateful prick

      • TJizza

        I clean and take care of my kids, do yard work and a load of laundry or two… I also work. I am a man. I just equally divide up the chores with my wife.

      • Hulk Hogan

        You must be so gay to say something like that. A total left crack pot sexist nut.

    • zimyola

      Are you kidding yourself!. What is the “upside” for woman?. We sacrifice our lives for the lives of others!. We work, pay bills, raise children, cook and clean and most men work and have their hobbies/sports!. The “upside for you is that you have and extra income to pay bills, and/or (for free) a live in nanny to raise your children, a cook and a cleaning lady to picking up after you and run your errands. If anyone is unappreciated, it’s the wife and mother!. Then (not in my case-thankfully) men complain about nagging wives and sexless relationships- wonder why?. We enjoy passion and adventure too and life gets dull for both sides. Don’t kid yourselves- you would be in shock if you were a fly on the wall in a room with a bunch or married woman drinking some wine! (dirty talk and calling out bullsh*t!)

    • zimyola

      You’re complaining…oh wait, it’s constructive criticism. Woman do not always want more, and more (the good ones don’t- and men are guilty of this too), we just want a partner. Don’t get married if you don’t want too than b*t*h and moan!. Oh, and does you life have some sort of gold stamp on it?. You are giving up, this precious life of your and your wife is just some dog you rescued!

      The are some great woman out there and there are some self-absorbed duds and this goes for men too!

  • Jaime Emerick

    Bitter much?

  • patty

    I think she’s def with the wrong person and don’t think she should settle for her dreams of having children. Also, don’t think she’s asking for too much by expressing she wants a family to her boyfriend who she’s seriously dating. What’s in it for Nikki if she does stay? Cena seems like he was hurt VERY badly in the past and isn’t willing to even consider marriage with someone he “loves”??? I bet he isn’t complaining each time he sleeps with her. #Selfish much

    • Diana

      Why is he selfish much? He is telling her out in the open and even in front of her friends what is going on. Selfish much would be hiding the fact and leading her on with marriage ideas so he can sleep with here whenever he wants. He is not doing that. He is being honest from the get go. So now it is up to the women to decide to now leave him. But she won’t. Because she loves his fame and money. Selfish much.

      • Amanda

        Nikki Bella already said in Total Divas that she not looking for John Cena’s money. She has her own money. Get your facts straight before you comment.

      • zimyola

        You’re a dolt!. Don’t cast aspersion regarding her motives!

  • jenn

    bella can do better. John Cena is not even a cute guy. If I were her I would be better off without her.

    • http://timmyhines timothy hines

      you go jenn I do not like john cena I hope to see nikki bella break up with john cena and tell john it's over I hope john cena never get another title shot

  • meme

    He’s an anal, boring jackass!

    • gold9oh

      right..hes as exciting in real life as he is in his mathces. cause nikki is real tough on the eyes, im sure the c nation is the best she can get right…yeah right. she could kick joe joe to the side and get the face of the franchise randy orton

  • Ramona

    Back off people!!! Holy crap!!! John Cena hasn’t been divorced for that long. Give the guy a break will ya! Hes making the right decision by not wanting to get married. Nobody knows what the future may hold. He could change his mind, he might not. Nikki just needs to be happy with what she has. Expressing what she wants is a good thing. Both need to be made aware of what each other wants. Relationships take time and should not be rushed. If they are meant to be together, they will work through this and enjoy each other to the fullest now and worry about marriage and children later on down the road.

    • http://webpronews nicole thomas

      I agree with u on that give cena a break OK holy crap dam I agree with u on that to I agree with you about everything she should be happy and everythimg

  • Lee

    She needs to just move on and not waste anymore time on him. He’s obviously damaged and there are better suited guys out there for her. Ones that don’t make her sign contracts saying she has to move out with 48 hour notice and one that will adore her, putting her first.

    To the guy that said men get nothing out of a family, I hope you don’t have kids or a wife! How about not cutting all women from the same cloth?!?! I adore my husband and would do anything for him. He’s the 2nd best thing to happen to me after finding Jesus. Our kids adore him and appreciate everything he does and will someday grow up and honor him by being the type of parent that he is. Life isn’t about what you get out of it, it’s about what you put into it. You weren’t blessed by the lady in your life because you aren’ t a blessing!

  • Ashley

    Nikki has to be realistic. She wants marriage and kids? With the busiest most popular WWE wrestler? At the prime of his career? Most marriages fail in WWE because the wrestlers are working most of the year and constantly travelling. There is hardly any bonding time. John Cena is right in his decision. Even if he marries her and has kids he won’t have time for them because almost all of his time is at WWE. WWE is his life after all. He divorced from his ex-wife not too long ago because of it. Nikki is being selfish. She isn’t thinking about why John Cena is even saying no, nor does she ask why. If she really cared for him she should be trying to understand, even if she doesn’t agree instead of emotionally blackmailing him with ,”I make all the sacrifices you make none” Seriously? So you want to be married when your husband isn’t there most of the time and will hardly have time for you and his kids?But you can’t argue with a woman even when she is unreasonable. She always have to be right. (Thank God I’m not like that) If she wants marriage and kids she should have thought twice before dating John Cena.

  • Becky

    Only thing I want to bitch about is waiting for the next season

  • http://N/A Vietvet1968

    I have been married 4 times in my life.The 1st marriage she went back to her former boyfriend. The 2nd she put me in debt for over $100k. The 3rd I have 2 boys and we wanted different things. I am still married to #4 with a daughter.There are many men who string women along and there are real men who tell them the truth in how they feel. Cena is the latter. Some men have hard divorces and some “no problems” Either way they both have to express what they do and do not want. Leave them be!

  • Noelle

    Whatever happened between him and his ex wife he is carrying it over to his next relationship from the get go, he’s not even giving Nikki a chance. That is already a sign he isn’t very mature for his age. Like he said, he’s selfish. There is nothing wrong with him not wanting kids and not wanting to get married, but the only reason he doesn’t want that is because he was hurt bad in his marriage. It’s all for the wrong reasons. At the end of the day you live your life and your life only, so if him not being married and not having kids is going to make him truly happy (which I think is a lie because I think he has just built a wall so high no one will ever get over it) then he should be able to do it. Same goes for Nikki, it’s her life and she shouldn’t change something that was always in her life path for anyone. He may love her, but I do not think she is appreciated.

    • miss pedro

      Out of point

  • Ken Johnson

    SPOILER ALERT!!!! These two are already engaged and have a baby girl together. She had the baby when she was out with her leg injury and proposed to her right after the baby was born.

    • Trish

      Didn’t we just watch her during her leg injury?? There was no baby nor was there an engagement. Would you like to tell me what I am missing??

      • Ken Johnson

        John and Nikki are writing a book about their love story and they have everything in detail about the baby and engagement. you can read some of what they have written so far online. NikkI mentions in one part that on June 27th she took John to celebrate his 11th WWE anniversary as a surprise but he thought they were going to Boston so everyone could see their daughter. Plus they talked about this stuff on Monday Night raw earlier this year. E is just scripting their show for ratings.

  • kaka

    I hate those bella twins. they are ugly as f#ck despite the fact that their faces are covered under 3 cm of make up.
    john cena did the right thing.

    • zimyola

      I’m sure your face looks like kaka….

    • raven

      You are so stupid!! That is a fan fiction story. It’s not written by John and nikki!! There is no ring or baby…DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU POST

  • /james

    “she still felt some kind of way” you know I would have bet a hundred dollars….

  • Dmitry Kaminsky

    I can’t understand why John Cena is liked by ANYONE. Not a single thing about him is original – his entire gimmick is a mix of Eminem and Vanilla Ice with a touch of Marky Mark. He is boring in the ring, he is just about as boring in the promos he is cutting. He is just a waste of time and space. I wonder how much LIP job he does to Vince and others to get this insane push…

  • Centurion


  • http://google G.R

    The man always get second best in a relationship and generally ends up in the hospital because the wife stresses him out to the point he has a heart attack or goes bonkers or they end killing each other or divorcing or she cheats on him with another man or woman john is doing the right thing staying out of a relationship is better for your health and peace of mind .The WWE is nothing but a show a joke and people believe it’s real .I realized that these people are not the people you think they are in life they are trouble makers especially the divas so I don’t need that I found out there rude and nasty and not to be trusted…..

  • guzdog

    hey john, u dnt want to get married and have kids with niki move over muscl bound freak nd ill gvethat beautiful women everything she wants :)

  • Terry Sweeton

    I think Cena led her on i mean what was the deal with the prenup if he wasn’t thinking about it.

  • Precious

    Sometimes you dont c what you have until u loose it and i think this is what will happen to Cena if he keeps pushing Nikki away .He shuld stop living in the past bcoz not all women are like his x wife ,my advice John ,treasure it moment u have wth Nikki

  • http://g putoluna


  • Precious

    Not all women are like his ex wife , John shuld look at what he has bcoz 1 day he will wake up and find that the only woman who loved him to death is gone…pliz stop thinking she is like your ex cause she’s nothing like that… Marry the woman…

  • NunyaBuzniz

    It’s hard to feel sorry for Nikki. John was up front from the very beginning that he didn’t want to get married or have children. Nikki knew this and still pursued a relationship with him. I’m sure she thought that in time he would change his mind but she’s taking a huge gamble. I, myself, don’t want children but am willing to get married to the right guy. I need to find a guy who shares that same sentiment. Nikki needs to find a guy who what she does. You can’t force someone into doing something you want, it’s emotional blackmail. John just went through a divorce. He’s not in that mind frame of pledging his life to another woman. You can tell he cares for her and he might even love her but that still doesn’t mean he should put his own feelings aside a appease her.

  • Precious

    John is a loser he thinks of himself , he knew what nikki wanted but still he continued to date her he should have broke it off when he found out what she wanted but hey he chose to hurt infront of her friends ,SO MUCH FOR HUSTLE LOYALTY AND RESPECT…

  • http://timmyhines timothy hines

    I hope nikki bella break with john cena and tell john it's over I hate john crna

  • http://timmyhines timothy hines

    nikki bella you don't have to keep living with someone who keep pushing you away john cena is doing just that push you I hope you break with john cena you should marry somebody that appreciates you and somebody like timothy hines I need somebody I will never give up until I have finally someone who I can trust I hope that one day your love turn's in to hate for john cena if not then fine I hope you break up with john cena

  • Justin

    on the new season of total delight John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella. Watch the preview on Eonline.com. They have not showed anything like Brie and Bryan because they are saving it for when the ratings go down. John says in a ninterview says he can’t live with out her and he also says he needs to change his selfishness

  • mbonneyhcr3@yahoo.com

    The desire of a woman to have children with her husband,the man she has chosen to share her life with and take care of for better or for worse(and for wrestlers,there is a long chance of worse as head injuries pile up,perhaps early onset dementia, difficulty with tendons and joints in general causing difficulty moving a heavy man around.If one shares a long term life with a wrestler, it is a great risk,perhaps Cena has either not considered this, or has and does not want to hold anyone down. As far as children, is there a genetic defect in a family that is causing hesitation?
    just wondering.Mary Flowey

  • beautifulstarr

    Nikki Bella is an embarrassment to all women. She comes across as needy, insecure, immature, and above all….very average in the beauty department, even with gobs of face paint. She admits that she thinks with her heart, not her brains…as a confident, educated 40 y/o woman who has been through a sizeable slice of life, those words make me nauseous. If yesterday was her last night on tv, I guarantee she wouldn’t be missed…at all! Total Divas-get rid of Nikki Bella!!!

  • HA!

    Women give up nothing? Really? She leaves her home, her family, takes YOUR last name, and moves into YOUR house, where she gives birth to YOUR children and then raises them. She cooks FOR YOU, cleans FOR YOU, does it all FOR YOU. And you have the nerve to say women do nothing in a relationship? Im willing to bet your single.