Jodi Arias Is Accepting Donations Via Twitter

    October 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Jodi Arias has been operating a Twitter account via a “third party“, and is now accepting donations for her appeal on her page.

Arias, who was convicted of murder after she admitted to the 2008 killing of boyfriend Travis Alexander earlier this year, has dominated news headlines during her trial. During her 18-day testimony, Arias painted a picture of an abused woman who had finally had enough and murdered in self defense. The jury didn’t agree, however, and for the past several months the question of whether or not Arias would receive the death penalty has been up in the air. A retrial was granted, and attorneys met with the judge this morning to go over the penalty phase.

In order to receive the death penalty, Arias will have to be found guilty of committing the murder in an “exceptionally cruel” way. But that definition can be very broad, and jurors had a difficult time finding an answer.

Alexander was found dead in the bathtub with his throat slit and had been both stabbed and shot. Arias had taken several photos of the two of them in various acts of sexual congress the day he was killed, right up to his shower.

Arias seems to have few supporters on Twitter; many of the comments on her donations tweet were pretty angry, and many seemed shocked she would ask (Caution, strong language).

Image: Fox 10

  • Wow

    Wow. Really? I know many men who are in prison because crazy women literally got away with things. They all claim they are abused just like Jodi did, but when you look into their mental health history most of them have serious mental disorders. In fact, I know an online vigilante group that is mainly comprised of women with mental disorders. The women think they are making the world safe but in actuality, they are getting innocent people in trouble. When mental illness is left unchecked, innocent people get harmed and in this case killed.

    The courts simply believe too many mentally ill women. Mentally ill people sometimes see evil and enemies everywhere. The “abuse excuse” and domestic violence defense is used too often.

  • JT gardiner

    Wow! Pure Evil now has a place to live in the heart and the mind of this sociopath. How egotistical of you to think that anyone would give you a dime for your appeal. Thank God for the fruitcakes that believe in you. Maybe there will be enough of them for you to pull you out of this mess you are in.

  • I agree

    Yes, I agree. We had a case in New York where a mother and daughter claimed that a father had molested the daughter as a child. The father said he didn’t, but of course, no one ever believes the man in a trial. He got convicted and served two decades in prison and now the daughter and mother are both coming forward saying it was all a lie. A lie to get a better divorce settlement. The crazy mother had threatened the daughter and made her claim she was molested. Problem is the damage is done and the man may not even be released. It is crazy. All because of crazy women. The story was reported nationally on NBC and CBS so some of you may have seen it.

    There are lots of crazy women out there and men are paying the price. Courts are simply too biased against men.

  • Alicia

    I am interested in donating to the family of Travis Alexander! Can someone get this setup so his family *knows* we are here, we care, and wish to support them?

  • Freda

    HA!! She doesn’t even ask politely. No please or thank you. Unbelievable.

  • http://www.jaynehubbell@wordpress.com jayne

    I don’t think this woman deserves a cent in any kind of form to pay for her appeal. She openly admitted in court that she killed her boyfriend. I don’t think the way she killed him proved that she did it in self defense like she said. She slit his throat, stabbed and shot him. I believe she meant to kill him because he wanted maybe to get away from her. Someone should take up donations for the boys family. It is a shame that they are letting her get away with asking for donations to begin with. Someone should put a stop to this.

    • Ryan McReynolds

      If I had my way, she would lose commissary privileges for good and be told that if she wants to eat anything, she can eat whatever is given to her, even if she thinks it’s yuck, even if she thinks it tastes bad.

      Heck starving children in Africa would be happy to have the food that Maricopa County Jail provides.

      A girl in Virginia who was neglected by her alcoholic parents until she managed to get moved into a much better home at 16, would have been willing to eat the crappy food that I am sure Jodi doesn’t like (heck the only free food in cafeteria for this girl, fit the description of slop and most students did not even want to eat or look at it but this girl in Virginia ate it because she was barely fed at home).

      Now that this girl in Virginia is in a much better environment and has decent food to eat, she actually prefers to eat healthy food (especially after having lived off junk food in the home of her alcoholic parents since that was usually the only food available to her at home till she got out of there, she will not even drink Soda Pop either).

      Hey Miss Arias, suck up your new life and deal with it, accept the stripes you wear, accept the yucky food you eat, and please make your peace with God.

  • Nick S.

    I would like to see this poor excuse for a human being be put in a room with Casey Anthony, whereas they could destroy one another. They both think they are celebrities. How about the lowest of life?

  • Sandy

    Justice for you? You have got to be kidding me!!! I wouldn’t contribute one penny to any kind of justice for you.

  • Anna

    Caution, strong language- you think that’s enough, that you should re-publish bigoted sexist comments with that? C*nt? Really? Would you flaunt the n-word similarly?
    Sadists, misogynists.

    • @Anna

      You and Jodi are related huh? How in the world could you claim that any of the comments are bigoted and sexist? Sadists and misogynists?

      Every comment above and the article itself was written by a woman. Take that feminist BS somewhere else.

    • B

      NO no no no no no… NO. this is no place for pseudo-feminism. Take that somewhere else.

      If I call Jodi Arias a bitch or a c*nt then she deserves it. She makes steaks out of a man in ‘self-defense’ no…. NO if a man did that to a woman, you’d be here calling that man every name in the book. I do insult Arias and I’m a sexist? No way.

      This animal then wants to claim that he forced her to get an abortion? Where were her knife welding skill then? yeah….. exactly.

    • Mike

      OOOO, I’m wounded…bigoted, sexist, misgoynists. STFU, Anna.

  • Nick S.

    This (excuse me) person is the phoniest of the phony. Does she really believe people adore her? Put her on bread and water.

    • Ryan McReynolds

      I agree put her on bread and water or slop and water.

      After all you can mix all sorts of things into slop and make it taste super super bad.

  • http://www.lillyvivona.com Lilly Vivona

    Please DO NOT donate anything to Jodi Arias. Just like her trial, her appeal is free, well at taxpayers expense. She didn’t pay a penny for the millions her trial cost and she won’t pay a penny for her appeal either. She should be forced to pay for her defense from the money she sold and continues to sell online and on e-bay (before the put a stop to it).

  • http://www.lillyvivona.com Lilly Vivona

    Her lawyers should tell her to use some of her intelligence, which apparently is above average, and shut her mouth. She makes herself look so bad with her twitter, snide comments and antics that she just makes us want to execute her….fast….soon. Please do not get a new jury from the same city as they found Casey Anthony’s, we can’t have another miscarriage of justice. OJ, Casey and a future of Jodi Arias twittering from prison during her life sentence.,.,,,what a twit!

    • Concerned Citizen

      FULLY CONCUR with all your sentiments. She is nothing but a complete psychopath. She doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air that normal law abiding, non-psychotic, non-killers, do.

  • David

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  • http://none Veyavi

    Where’s Dexter…Jodi is a candidate for the code system of Dexter.

  • Lots of Crazy Women

    There are lots of crazy women in this world. Jodi Arias and Nancy Grace are on the top of my list. Jodi is in prison and I so wish Nancy would just fade away into nothingness. What is sad is that I would rather share a cell with Jodi than I would with Nancy. Nancy is the anti-christ. Just go out to YouTube and watch videos about her. If you don’t see the devil, I don’t know what to tell you.

  • http://yahoo D. A. Nang

    Sure…here’s a million. Ha Ha.

  • http://n/a cindy

    I can’t believe she is asking anyone for monetary help. She really is a sick woman. Do the people involved know this form of keeping herself in the “media” if you will??? And, did I not read where her defense attorneys wanted to keep cameras out of the courtroom for her upcoming hearing on whether she truly will get the death penalty, what a bunch of hypocrites, IF they know what she is now doing. Also, I agree with some of the comments above, as a woman, I am appalled at the things and lies etc. that MANY woman pull on men and get away with. A lot of guys have to put up with a lot of crap from women in a lot of ways. AND, when they pull stunts like abuse and rape, then the REAL victims really get nowhere because too many men have already been wrongly convicted and too many women have lied and shed their tears (women are good at that). What about not so much sensitivity and bull crap and more morals,
    integrity and character in people?????

  • Wendy Bell

    Unfortunately, there are sympathizers for Jodi Arias. They will donate funds for her appeal because they believe she was/is a victim of abuse and that she acted in self-defense. To them it does not matter that she slit the throat, put a bullet in the head, and stabbed to death Travis Alexander. Even after Arias lied time after time during her trial and she was proven to be a liar, these sympathizers still don’t won’t budge as to her guilt of murder, self-defense yes. I am very anxious for the July 14, 2014 death penalty phase. I only hope the new jury has enough sense and conviction to put her to death. We do not need another jury who can’t do their duty as jurists. The same woman is handling the Arias Twitter account as she did during the trial. I feel Arias should not be allowed to have that account at all. To me that is a luxury and prisoners are not allowed that sort of luxury.

    • Marvin Pruitt

      That is the beauty of America. We can agree to disagree. And at times perception is everything until one can see the strange in the familiar. I definitely will donate.

      • Bobo

        Iknow what you’re thinking…..”if I donate maybe one day she will suck me off”.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Marvin, please, if they bring back public hangings, get up there with her on the gallows. Promise?

  • Lynn

    Citizens of America… we must unite and KILL THIS CRAZY B**CH!!!

  • http://yahoo donald bolton

    i’m very glad i never met a woman like you!!!! go away

  • karmah

    She is the epitome of stupid! So happy to hear that was NO DEAL made today! Just euthanize her and get her out of our hair!

  • http://www.biteme.com Buck Ofama

    Jodi……Sorry babe I have to give Mooseshel more money this month for weight (arse) watchers……hit me up later ho!!!

  • B

    This is the USA in 2013 so surprised a female would get life or the death penalty for killing a man but this is ridiculous. Remember guys, many people will donate to this slimy digusting c*nt because we live in a “male dominated world and Jodi was just expressing her anger”

  • George

    Stop wasting everyone’s time! You are the piece of shit I can’t seem to scrape off the bottom of my shoe. Just die you worthless bitch. Wish they still used the chair!!!!!

  • Marvin

    count me in for a donation as an empathizer

    • http://facebook Billie Wever

      I will donate the sweat off my a*s*s.

    • Concerned Citizen

      I think you mean euthanizer.

  • Joe

    I thought she wanted the death penalty.. isn’t that what she said in the interview?

    • Ryan McReynolds

      I thought so too, if I had my way, she would be visited by clergy for a final chance to repent of her sins and be saved, then she would have a public hanging.

      Indeed I want to see her executed but I hope she makes peace with God before she meets her earthly end, cause if she has any brain cells left in her, it would be wise for her to avoid the dismal side of the afterlife, and she still has a chance to do so, will she take that up or not?

      • Concerned Citizen

        If your ‘god’ would forgive this peace of human waste killer, then that is one god that no one should be worshipping. He should be right up there on the gallows with her.

    • jean

      This was just another one of her “intellectual ploys” —reverse psychology on the jury….

  • Some Crazy Feminists

    I am sure that there will be some crazy feminists out there that will help her campaign fund. After all, planning to slit a man’s throat and then doing it is actually the proper way to do things if you are supposedly “abused”. The whole idea of just leaving and living your own life isn’t all that logical. Although, I highly doubt she was abused. She was just a psycho and possessive woman. Too many women use the “abuse excuse” in America. All women are victims in this nation it seems and feminism has come to rule the day. No wonder our nation is collapsing right before our eyes.

  • Mike

    In some 3rd world countries, women are allowed to “work off” their sentences in the privacy of their jail cells. I’d donate ten bucks.

    • Ryan McReynolds

      I bet my ex would have loved living in one of those 3rd world countries, especially the Muslim ones that cut off right hands for stealing (my ex stole from her step-mom to pay for cellphone minutes and she thought losing cellphone and thus being unable to talk to me on the phone, was the end of the world).

      For real which is better, losing cellphone for a month or losing right hand for the rest of your life with the label of thief?

      After all you can get a stupid cellphone back when the punishment is over with but you can’t get your right hand back once it is chopped off unless Jesus restores your right hand.

      • Bill

        you are one freaking weird dude

    • jean

      …and Arias would be MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige! She is EVIL, DARK, SCARY and TOTALLY PERVERTED!!! God help any male, or female for that matter, if she ever gets out, God forbid!!!

  • Ryan McReynolds

    I was engaged to a psycho and Jodi Arias reminds me of this psycho.

    However I am a virgin as I believe sex belongs in marriage only, of course my ex lived in a different state than me but she would demand I not go to any political meetings when she knew from the get go that I am an elected Precinct Delegate, she would guilt trip me if I was leaving my house to attend a concert or an event, cause she wanted me to stay prisoner in my home which is not healthy.

    She even demanded I get her up to my state and I told her I had to have a job 1st because I cannot afford an apartment without a job unless I want to go hungry and knock on doors begging for food and go to Jail for begging.

    I also told her I would have to take out a loan I cannot afford to pay and then go to Jail for not paying it, she still demanded even after I told her she was asking me to risk Jail time.

    I thank God me and my ex broke up, too bad Travis was not so lucky when it came to Jodi, I hope Jodi gets the death penalty, I really do.

    My ex used that girls are emotional excuse on me when I told her to quit whining, and I was like there are women who have boyfriends stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have reason to cry “their boyfriends could be getting killed tomorrow and they don’t get to be on the phone every single day but I don’t hear a single one of those women whining or crying or complaining about it.”

    Yet my ex had more time on the phone with me than all those women who do have good reason to worry that their boyfriend might be dead tomorrow and I don’t hear a single one of them complaining.

    Rather I hear them sucking it up, swallowing it whole, and dealing with it, and one night of me going somewhere was not going to cause my ex to die, it was not going to cause the North Koreans to blow us to shreds.

    But yeah people like Jodi and the lies Jodi told make it hard for women who really are victims of rape and/or other abuses to actually get their cases heard, especially since sadly a lot of women who are victims of such things do not even get believed, all because of liars like Jodi.

  • dpantle

    Shoot, I already spent my wad to support Casey Anthony.

  • Lilmey

    Caution people. If enough is donate to this physco,and I knew a male version, stay away from her. History repeats itself. He never served time for what he did to me. I am lucky to live through it. Too bad I lost my baby. Karma is a real bi#@h. As long as she stays off the streets, the male population is safe unless she swings both ways. Then the prisoners better watch their backs. I don’t trust her. The hair on the back of my neck stands up when I see a pic of her.

  • adela maimot

    She didn’t killed for love or hate, she did it for what he had in between his legs.
    She deserve to go to hell

  • http://facebook Billie Wever

    I will donate the sweat off my a*s*s

  • Mr. Justice

    Jodi was abused by Travis. Jodi had the right to defend herself. It was equal justice you bastards.

    • Concerned Citizen

      So buddy, it’s ok to kill people just because they don’t treat you nicely? She ‘claims’ she was abused, except no evidence was ever supported to that extent. Besides, just because someone abuses you doesn’t mean you have the right to KILL THEM. Nope, not in this world. You LEAVE, you don’t kill. Not justifiable to any extent. So you’re saying Mr. Justice (what a warped sense of justice you have), that if some guy’s wife/girlfriend, who just so happens to be a large, very powerful bodybuilder woman decides to start beating on her husband/boyfriend, that man has the right to shoot her? Stab her? Multiple stabs? Umm, NO. You think this answer should be yes. Like Jodi Arias, you are deranged, hardcore.

      Just because someone treated someone like a whore (in this case, none of that was brought up, never happened), doesn’t give the that person the right to kill people.

  • Bobo

    What amount do we need to donate to get a bj after you escape?

  • Kandie

    Sorry folks, but I don’t think she meant to do it. He used her like a whore and I think she snapped. He didn’t deserve to die but he was no angel.

    • mary

      marvin, mr.justice and katie maybe you should get your heads out of your asses and stop being so stupid as to beleive that she was abused. maybe you should invite her to your home and I hope she does to you what she did to poor travis. he was the victim not her. truth hurts doesn’t it.

    • jean fairbanks

      Sorry you were sucked in to her story, Kandie but you’re wrong! She pursued him relentlessly and refused to believe he didn’t want her–couldn’t accept that and made one “last ditch effort” to get him reeled back in. When that didn’t work, and because she brought her weapons with her, she killed him by butchering him! You’re wrong and I hope she stays in jail the rest of her life—death for her is too kind!

    • @Kandie

      In life, if someone uses you, then you have the ultimate power — you just leave the person. You simply leave. All these nonsense of going back to your abuser is BS. Evidently, there is something a person likes about the abuse if they keep staying in the situation.

      Just leave. Is it that hard?

    • @Kandie

      Here is the funny thing about relationships. You can leave ANYTIME you want. You don’t have to kill in order to get out of a bad relationship.

      I am tired of hearing women complain all the time too. It really is that simple. If the guy you are with is not that good to you, just leave. What a concept!

    • Concerned Citizen

      So, it’s ok to kill people just because they don’t treat you nicely? She ‘claims’ she was abused, except no evidence was ever supported to that extent. Besides, just because someone abuses you doesn’t mean you have the right to KILL THEM. Nope, not in this world. You LEAVE, you don’t kill. Not justifiable to any extent. So you’re saying Kandie, that if some guy’s wife/girlfriend, who just so happens to be a large, very powerful bodybuilder woman decides to start beating on her husband/boyfriend, that man has the right to shoot her? Stab her? Multiple stabs? Umm, NO. You think this answer should be yes. Like Jodi Arias, you are deranged, hardcore.

  • John Scott

    Of course this whole thing is outrageous. But it is not her fault. Elections come and go and we never think of changing the justice system, which is just a mockery. Why not scrap the jury system? Why not entrench in our books of law the punishment for every crime, regardless of the circumstance that led to that? Judges should only be reading out what the law says, and not make subjective decisions. Until we do that, this kind of thing we keep repeating.

    • Concerned Citizen

      So buddy, it’s ok to kill people just because they don’t treat you nicely? She ‘claims’ she was abused, except no evidence was ever supported to that extent. Besides, just because someone abuses you doesn’t mean you have the right to KILL THEM. Nope, not in this world. You LEAVE, you don’t kill. Not justifiable to any extent. So you’re saying John, that if some guy’s wife/girlfriend, who just so happens to be a large, very powerful bodybuilder woman decides to start beating on her husband/boyfriend, that man has the right to shoot her? Stab her? Multiple stabs? Umm, NO. You think this answer should be yes. Like Jodi Arias, you are deranged, hardcore.

  • Abuse Excuse

    So many women use the “abuse excuse” to justify their actions. Women in this country are coddled. All they do is complain even when they murder someone. Somehow murder is justified in their eyes.

    I don’t believe Arias was abused at all. It is obvious she was crazy and possessive. Lots of women are like this and we do not talk nearly enough about that. Many women in this country are simply not very stable. Just look at how crazy and self-centered they are nowadays! The evidence is all around you!

    At the end of the day, everyone has freedom of choice. If your partner is a jerk, you just leave. You find someone else. It is that simple. You don’t go around killing people.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Wait a second here, I’m asked to donate money to this sick, deranged, lunatic killer? In what demented universe are people actually going to donate their hard earned money to this waste of fresh air? SICK! Her twitter account should be banned, deleted.

  • http://webpronews kristine sanders

    I think I am going to throw up….Im saddened that she believes God is so forgiving and especially that she thinks any of us would be as well. Travis tried to keep her away and yet she kept coming back. Who does that. It was OVERKILL at that. WHO DOES THAT!!! and then paints pictures, joins book clubs and asks for money from the ones trying to keep our homes safe from people like her. I don’t know about anyone else but I understand in a life threatening situation we ALL could do something we don’t believe in to protect ourselves or our loved ones BUT if I did anything to the extent of her actions I don’t think my state of mind would ever be the same and I would not be emotionally able to cope My heart would be ruined for taking another life accidental or due to protection, yet she smiles, snickers, laughs and goes on merrily. Her action was a jealousy factor- obsessive, narsasistic and very detatched from the real world.

  • Lori Cavasin

    What happened to the money she made selling her so-called artwork? And doesn’t the state pay for her appeal? This woman really should learn to keep her yap shut. The people who are going to be on the next jury to decide whether she lives or dies are not even seated yet, which means that they are not sequestered yet and can see everything she’s doing. She looks heartless and remorseless, (which she is), and the future jury is going to see that – it’s in their faces everyday. Then, of course, if they vote for the death penalty, she’ll whine that she couldn’t get a fair trial due to media attention, which she herself has constantly sought out since long before her trial even started. Ridiculous!!

  • Adelina

    Everybody wants to claim that she is crazy….but sometimes the person like Jody Arias, in my opinion are just plain EVIL…..