Jessica Alba: Haircut Gets Her Ready To Reprise Role

    August 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jessica Alba isn’t content to wear a wig for her upcoming film shoot; as the iconic character Nancy in “Sin City”, she dazzled with long blonde hair and blunt bangs which framed her dark eyes. Now, as the sequel is about to start production, she’s going back to blonde and documenting the process.

“She got roots that Nancy”, she tweeted on August 25th, along with a photo of her in the hairdresser’s chair. Because her locks are so long and thick, going blonde is quite a process; so far she’s had at least two trips to the salon. But it’s worth it to see the complete transformation onscreen, where she’ll reprise the role of sweet, sexy Nancy.


Alba also visited a shooting range recently to hone her gun-toting skills for the role.

  • Ricky

    The hair between her legs is kept even shorter…

  • Bubba

    You could color her hair blue, and she would rock it! Katy Perry…not so much!

  • danana

    not a natural dancer.scene feels forced, unnatractive.

  • Gerry

    Jessica is one of the hottest and sexiest women on the planet at this time. Most men are just lucky that she still acts and shows up on the big screen once in a while. She does this even after having kids, so darn good genetics are a factor in her success. What a natural beauty she is!! I loved most things she starred in.

  • Sharon Mahart

    You feel forced and unattractive, danana!

  • http://ussonizuka.com John

    I enjoyed HONEY so much, I bought a copy of it, and have watched the copy, at least two or three times. I’d like to see a sequel or more!

  • dw

    Jessica Alba may have good genes when it comes to looks….. but lush and thick gorgeous hair is not one of them!

    Jessica Alba’s real hair is definately not “long and thick” as stated in this article. The only reason she had to spend 2 days at the salon is because she needs to transform her stringy hair into something that looks fabulous and sexy for the film. Jessica had to have thousands of strands of blonde hair extensions added to her hair, and even then, it looks terrible.

    Jessica’s real hair is anything but lush, thick and healthy.

    WANT PROOF: Look at the length of her hair in the salon photo vs. the length of her hair at the shooting range. The blond hair extensions look so fake!! They do not even match the baby fine texture of her own hair. And the bottom extensions haven’t even been layered to blend better with her own hair.

    Her hair is anything but lush, thick and healthy. Wearing a WIG would have been a much better choice here !!!!!