Jessi Smiles From Vine Accuses Ex-Boyfriend of Rape

    January 19, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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Jessi Smiles, the woman who became popular for posting a bunch of videos on Vine, is getting a lot of backlash for accusing her boyfriend Curtis Lepore of rape back in October. The story was first reported by the celebrity site TMZ.

Smiles and Lepore–who’s also a popular Vine user–met on the video sharing website, and weeks after the two met up in Los Angeles for the very first time. Apparently, there were two reasons the couple met up. One, to make their relationship official by spending time together and two, to create more Vine videos to send out to their tons of followers.

According to Smiles, she received a concussion while she went to California to meet Lepore, as he lives in Los Angeles and she lives in Florida. Initially, Lepore was taking care of his new girlfriend and trying to nurse her back to health, but one day, as she was sleeping, she says that Lepore raped her and subsequently he was officially charged.

The story got a lot of recent attention when Smiles received several negative comments from both her supporters and Lepore’s, and she chose to respond to those comments via her Twitter account. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you just have to love the love more than you hate the hate,” she wrote.

Smiles also took the time to thank those who believe her story and support her. “I honestly believed that love and positivity didn’t exist on Vine anymore. Boy, was I wrong. Thank you,” she tweeted.

And Lepore used Twitter to thank his supporters too. “Thank u all 4 your continued support,” he wrote. “It gives me the strength 2 move forward thru the negativity and create content. I love you guys so much!”

Obviously, there will be more details about this case in the weeks and months to come.

Image via YouTube

  • Amazing

    Women cry rape at the drop of the hat. Men need to be protected in the year 2014. This bimbo is obviously lying through her teeth and twitter is not the place to discuss this. She is just trying to get exposure at the cost of her ex boyfriend.

    I have a unique and novel idea. If you are raped, leave immediately and report the rape and then go get a rape kit done. Don’t stop to tweet about it.

    What is really pathetic is that we all know these cases are bullshit. Rape is pretty much easily identifiable. Rape is not regret. Rape is not trying to get yourself exposure. Rape is not drunk sex.

    Men. Give women a life without you. They just aren’t worth it anymore. Don’t marry them. Don’t think about marrying them. They are all crazy. This woman is a prime example. Then there is Miley, Kim, Nikki and all the rest.

    • @Amazing

      This is a publicity stunt. Why wait four months to tweet about a rape? Women who have been really raped should get really pissed about all these fake rape allegations. I would really be insulted. People that are raped should have to report it immediately and not be allowed to report it months later. All other crimes have to be reported immediately. Either a rape happens or it doesn’t. If I get hit in the face, I would be required to go report it immediately. I don’t have the luxury of sitting around and talking with my girlfriend for months about it. Women are getting ridiculous in America.

  • Lots of Crazy Women

    There are lots of crazy women out there. Just two days ago in Michigan a woman was sentenced to five years in prison for falsely accussing two different men of rape. An excerpt from the case is below:

    “A judge sentenced a “tormented and disturbed” Michigan woman to at least five years in prison Friday for falsely accusing two men of rape, a punishment that came just days after she pleaded no contest to a cancer scam in a separate case that also challenged her credibility. St. Clair County Judge Daniel Kelly exceeded the guidelines, saying it would be a “travesty of justice” to sentence Sara Ylen to less. In December, Ylen, 38, was convicted of making up a story about two men attacking her at her Lexington home, 80 miles northeast of Detroit. The jury also convicted her of tampering with evidence by using makeup to create what looked like bruises.”

    She accepted thousands of dollars from supporters and was treated by a hospice service for two years after claiming to have end-stage cervical cancer that had spread throughout her body. But state police found no evidence confirming a cancer diagnosis, and Ylen on Monday pleaded no contest to fraud in Sanilac County.

    “This is a tormented and disturbed woman who will go to extraordinary lengths to wreak havoc upon other individuals, potentially subjecting them to life in prison in order to gain sympathy and notoriety for herself,” the judge said Friday.

  • @Lots of Crazy Women

    US news just reported via NBC news of over 2,000 fake rape cases. Then on top of that, you have all the statutory rape cases where no one was hurt. What is sad in the statutory rape cases the majority of the women didn’t want charges filed. The state filed charges. Most of the women tried to get the cases dismissed.

  • http://www.stoptheamwaytoolscam.wordpress.com Tex

    In addition to this rape, Amway has financially raped 10s of millions of people. For the details, google “stop the amway tool scam wordpress”

  • Dont Apologize

    Yeah, the place I am going to make rape accusations is via twitter. This is ridiculous. No wonder men don’t trust women. Women are worthless.

  • Anna

    Honestly if people think that jessi is lieing they are absolutely stupid just look at Curtis, his vines, and vines hes in. most are absolutely repulsive and inappropriate for children E.G. asking to see Brittney furlans “puppies” and of course Brittney is not the cleanest of comedians either so we know he has inappropriate vines and he makes them with other inappropriate people. and then jessi, her vines, and vines shes in, other than cuss words she usually has vines acceptable for kids and can I see jessi wrongly accusing someone of rape? no, no I can not. but can I see Curtis raping someone? yes, yes I can. and I agree its common for people to immediately bring it up if there raped its also not unheard of to want privacy of such matters and then telling someone close to you and then them giving them encouragement to tell the public which would be a simple explanation

    • Lilly

      You can not judge a rape case based off of someone’s vine. They are 6 second videos! You can see him raping someone? Why because he has tattoos and uses curse words? You need to have a seat! You sound foolish

    • J

      Wow! You are basing the possibility of rape off of someones looks and their social media videos? This is up there with one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read on the internet. Although you are entitled to your opinion; it is absurd to say “out loud” that because of tattoos and cuss words he is probably capable of rape. I didn’t realize the tattoo stigma was still alive and well in the US today? Who cares if he uses bad words online? If you don’t like it then don’t watch his videos. You have a choice in that matter. He may very well be guilty of this atrocious act, but basing the likelihood off his looks and “online” vocabulary is unfair and ridiculous. Plenty of woman falsely accuse men of rape; so how about this? Because that young woman is blonde and ditzy in some of her vine videos, I find it likely that she would falsely accuse a man of rape and subsequently ruin his life and reputation. Sounds about right.

  • Lilly

    Of course all the details haven’t been stated. But key things in rape cases are important. how soon did she report it after it happened? Did she go to the hospital and was a rape kit performed on her? She said this happened in August but he was arrested in October? Why was he arrested so late? I just wish they could release the full details!

  • Justine

    You don’t know what happened. He could have raped her, maybe he didn’t. We don’t know what happened. He said, she said story. To assume she lying for attention is horrible. Who lies about that? We should be supporting her 100% . This is why girls who get raped don’t say anything and then the rapist gets away with it. Come on guys.