Jennifer Aniston Has a Bigger Closet Than You Do

    June 22, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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Think you have a big closet? Think again. Compared to Jennifer Aniston’s new closet, yours is probably microscopic.

Aniston plans to turn her 2,000-square-foot garage into a closet. That’s right; Aniston’s wardrobe is apparently so gargantuan that she needs a garage to store it all. She’s also having a bathroom installed inside. When all is said and done, the We’re the Millers star is expected to shell out about $60,000 for the renovations.

The new closet is just one of many changes the actress and fiancé Justin Theroux have made to their Bel Air abode. Since the upgrades began in December 2012, the two have had the master bedroom expanded, and a deck with trellis and cantilever roof eave added. A different trellis was also removed and roof covers were installed outside of the living room, dining room and library.

The actress also wanted to install a water feature with a recessed black lava veneer around newly constructed concrete stairs that flow into a pond.

These released construction plans are the most flattering headlines the star has had written about her in quite some time. Although the actress is always in the tabloids for rumored pregnancies and break-ups, they’ve become quite prevalent recently.

One of the latest rumors is that Theroux and his Leftovers co-star Liv Tyler have been spending some quality time together. Tyler only adds fuel to the gossip with these Instagram postings:

Apparently, Aniston’s friends aren’t too thrilled about her beau, either. Rumor has it they feel left out because of Theroux.

“They think Justin is the coldest man Jen’s ever dated,” a source told OK! Magazine. “When he’s been around Courtney, Chelsea and the others, they say he goes out of his way to make them feel like outsiders. His world is the only one he cares about— he’s never really embraced Jen’s world, and it’s caused a huge strain on her friendships.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • George C Greene Jr.

    I want to rent Jen’s closet!!! Just to wear her clothes would probably be the closest thing I will ever get without even a date!!!

  • italian10

    come here & build me a closet I have too many to with no place here to put them all

  • Wendy Gray

    Think it is really sad that Jen can’t find someone to really love; she either doesn’t love herself enough. She can’t seem to commit nor do I see her having children; she has just kept going from one person to another. Somewhere, there is something wrong with her deep inside. She can’t act either except for comedy on TV. Her movies do not and can’t hold up without another big leadin star.

  • TheBride

    It’s pretty obvious why her marriage didn’t work. There wasn’t enough room for a husband and WAY too many clothes. She seems to have really flat values in life.