Jean Kasem Hiding Casey Kasem from Family?

    May 13, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Casey Kasem is a legend in radio. The man was the voice of American Top 40 in the United States throughout the childhood of many people. Others also know him as the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo. But now Casey Kasem has gone missing, and wife Jean Kasem is nowhere to be found either.

Casey Kasem is now 82, suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease, can not speak and has to be fed through a tube. He was in an assisted living facility until recently, but Jean Kasem requested he be released. Now his own children don’t know where he is.

Casey’s daughter, Kerri Kasem, best known for her part in the syndicated radio program Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx, went to see Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy about finding her father. Jean Kasem is her step-mother, and the two have been estranged for years. The judge ordered Kerri a temporary conservator for her dad. During the hearing, Jean Kasem’s attorney revealed that Casey had been removed from the country, but that he did not know where they were.

“I’m just praying to God she hasn’t hurt him. He’s very ill and fragile right now. He would need an airplane with special medical services,” Kerri Kasem said.

The judge also ordered a court investigator and adult protective services to find out where Kasem is.

“We’re going to find him, take care of him and love him,” Kerri Kasem said. “He’s going to be with family, not stuck in some unfamiliar place where he’s dying alone.”

In an official release from Sixx Sense, it was revealed that Kerri Kasem “is actively lobbying a Visitation Bill that would provide reasonable accommodations for adult children who want to visit their parents, and provide children the right to know when an ailing parent’s health becomes worse or if the parent dies.”

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  • Kay

    People who think they can play God over their spouse’s life. Disgusting.

  • lindy west

    What a pathetic display. I find it hard to understand, or digest how family is unable to take precedence when a father is seriously, gravely ill. Or for that matter how evil and unkind a spouse can be.

  • Cookiefr

    Let’s hear from Jean Kasem too. I am sure she has a story. However, she has no business keeping his children from him. I am happy the daughter has been appointed temporary conservator and I hope permanently over their beloved father. All the world loves him. I look forward to hearing about his safe return. I wish him all the best. Why he married that boob I have no idea. Prayers to the children.

  • Jerry O’Brien

    The poor man is at risk totally, Jean Kasem looks nuts. Why is she secluding him from family that love him?

  • Vindaloo.Simmons

    Frightening that Jean Kasem’s attorney cannot say where the man is. She should be arrested for taking such a sick person from a medical facility and not providing his whereabouts to people who need to determine if he is receiving health care.

  • Galaxy500

    Why isn’t Jean Kasem brought before the judge?

    • ReadtheArticleGenius

      Duh, they can’t find her either, genius.

  • Jonathan Cummings

    This is such a bizarre yet very sad story. My heart goes out to his Kasey and his children.

  • Lucabrasi2345

    People need to hear both sides before bashing his wife. I was in a situation where I had to move my mother out of her home with my sister due to elderly abuse. No one knew what was going on until it all came out. sometimes the caring kids aren’t so caring.