Jada Pinkett Smith Mentions Addictions On Facebook

    September 24, 2013
    Brian Powell
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The Smith family has not resembled The Cleaver family lately. There have been many rumors circulating concerning Will and Jada Smith selling their house, having an open-marriage, and their imminent divorce. The bad media hasn’t been limited to Will and Jada, though. Their son Jaden became the target of Twitter-ridicule last week after releasing a series of tweets in which he pontificated about issues such as intelligence, school, and rules.

Now, the rumor mill is churning once again. This time, Jada Pinkett Smith finds herself the target of the media for recent comments posted on her Facebook account. In a status update on September 19th, Smith mentioned having past addictions:

Jada Pinkett Smith Facebook Status

Since that post, the media has been ablaze concerning the addictions mentioned. Most outlets seem to agree that the addictions are of the drug or eating disorder variety.

Smith has previously commented on the conditions she grew up in as a child, giving credence to the beliefs that the addictions centered on drugs: “I grew up in a drug-infested neighborhood where you walk out each day and you just hope that you make it. I came from a war zone. There was a possibility that I wouldn’t make it past 21—that was the reality. When I turned 40 (last year) it was a surreal moment because I had never imagined reaching 40.”

The drug theory also makes sense considering Smith’s mother was a drug-addict herself. In commenting about the lifestyle of luxury her children live compared to her own upbringing, Smith remarked, “What I had to think about was, ‘Oh man, I wonder what I’m going to eat tonight because there’s no food here. How am I going to get to school? And is my mom going to be okay today? Will this be one more day she survives her addiction?’ That’s the kind of stuff I had to think about at 11.”

The buzz that has been created surrounding this Facebook status demonstrates how obsessed Americans are with celebrities. Jada Pinkett Smith hasn’t been involved in any successful projects in a long time (Her last major project was the TV series “Hawthorne”, which ended in 2011), and yet the internet still goes crazy due to a rather ambiguous and benign Facebook post. Smith did not reveal what her addictions were, yet the speculation still runs amok. Perhaps she was addicted to Cheerios, which could only result in lower cholesterol and a healthy heart? Until her next Facebook update, the world may never know…

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  • John

    What Jada did when she was growing up is nobody’s business. Since she doesn’t have any problems now, what’s the issue. There was no need to print this article. Sorry, this story is past gas.

  • John

    In addition, Jaden has a valid point. The schools and colleges teach a bunch of junk you’ll never use in life. They need to start teaching more real world applications such as helping kids to learn about good credit and how to manage their finances (Math Class!).

    Schools and colleges program kids to help other folk accumalate wealth, well, what about their own wealth? The education system is all a part of a big gambit to control people and keep them from becoming high achievers and for the most part, a way to keep people in mental slavery.

    So, Jaden and Will did a fine job educating their son about real life and how things really work. The family gets an “A +Plus” in my book. I wish I had that knowledge when I was younger. I’d be a multi-millionaire by now.

    Keep up the good work Smith Family, you’ve done quite well.

    • http://none Lorey

      Lest he without sin cast the first stone. Good for Jada on learning how to deal with life and it’s varying issues. We were all young once and I’d guess most of us did and said things we’re not proud of at that time. Give Jada a break and kudos to finding herself.

  • Hilbunny

    Apparently you guys need an editor who knows how to spell. . .I mean really “Addicitions?? Come on. . .

  • arlean

    I agree this is her business, well done Jada kids should be taught problem solving, and to learn from mistakes….

  • Fat Albert

    Here’s an addiction: Brian Powell should cease writing. He’s terrible at it.

  • http://yahoo Christie

    I think people are just obsessed with finding fault in others. especially celebrities. Everyone has had issues in their lives and not everyone is able to stand up and admit it.

  • Carita

    Wow! People can really read between the lines and hang on to every word and take it literally! Just because she stated she had past addictions doesn’t necessarily mean that its drugs or alcohol. People are addicted to shopping, eating, gossiping to name a few. Whatever her addictions were or are their her business and she seems to be dealing with them in a healthy and positive way. Leave Jada alone!

  • http://yahoo Monserrate Rodriguez

    Jade, fell in love with Marc Anthony when they did the T.V series Hawthorne the show was real good, but was cancel, after that she lost a lot of weigh and looked miserable, I don’t believe she is in love with her husband anymore but loves him enough to stay and try to make the marriage work, a lot of woman do that (poor girl)look at her for some reason she doesn’t look happy, I wish her well……………….

  • dirtydish

    She is addicted to commas. Oh, and useless advice giving.

  • Ricardo

    “Grew up in a war zone.” Who is she kidding?? Her mother was a nurse and her father owned a successful construction company

    • Kelly

      Where she grew up could have been and still can be considered a war zone. The only difference in where she grew up now is that there are more abandoned homes. Also her mother worked in another bad area of Baltimore city and this was before she was a nurse. All because a person’s parents appear to be successful people doesn’t necessarily mean that she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. That surely is far from the truth. She spent a lot of time at her grandmother’s home.

  • Molly

    WOW! In my own opinion and struggles, besides reading Michael J. Fox’s book Lucky Man, this woman, Jada Pinkett Smith inspired me when I battled my alcohol addiction. I kept looking up positive role models for women in their 40s, guess what, hardly any! I remember her being so open and honest about drinking a bottle of wine a day and being on the couch! Jada – you were the perfect inspiration for me! There are more men who battle it (online) – famous men – like Robert Downey Jr. – I always root for him too, but it took him well over 30 years to get it! That is what it takes for some people! Why get on Jada and her family!? I love them! They have courage! Jada – you really inspired me to want to get sober! Not many women mentors out there, that will admit it! I love you for it! You’ve saved and changed a life for me!

  • mindy

    She has been involved in a successful project for years… raising healthy, hardworking children and keeping a marriage strong. She is beautiful and healthy as well as a hard worker. TOO MUCH NEGATIVITY ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!

    • BEK

      HARDWORKING children? What is is they have done that can be fairly called “work”? Are you calling acting in movies “work”? Tell that to someone who has a real job.

      • oni

        Just because they are not working at a Mcdonald’s or a retail store does not mean they do not work hard. I agree that they have an easier chance getting in the industry, but don’t make acting or singing seem like an easy job. It’s not as glamorous as you may think. I am an upcoming actress myself and we work just as hard as anyone else. Jaden smith broke his knee while doing karate kid, but he still had to keep going, learn kung fu( not easy), learn how to do a full split, learn full script. In addition to that I don’t think its that great growing up in the spotlight and getting ridiculed everyday by people like you because he wants to do something as simple as tweeting?

  • Jan

    I can’t believe how obsessed people are with other people’s lives! I think people are envious, because she has money and they are considered a power couple. I don’t usually comment here, because I have other things to do. Do people really think people in the spotlight, don’t have problems? Give me a break. If I were these people, I would get a diary and stay off of these social media sites!

  • michael davis

    she is addicted to Game of Thrones,.. sheesh people,.. from miley to jada,.. once they find lives this wouldnt be news,.

  • anonymous

    I got the impression that Jaden was encouraging self directed-education or other methods of learning outside of “just” the formal conventional public/private school systems like libraries/museums/homeschooling etc. I did not get the impression that he was completely against learning/getting an education. But some of the critics do have a point. Education is an inaccessible/almost inaccessible priviledge as opposed to a right in some other place unlike free public schools here – however more or less flawed they may appear to be.

  • Whitney

    I applaud the whole family…I hope Will and Jada outlast all marriages in Hollywood…they are well on their way. And who hasn’t dealt with an addiction, be it food, gossip, drugs, booze or the internet! They are some of the most sane people in Hollywood, so I guess someone has to try to dig up something on them.

  • klmita

    Jada knows math.. I wonder what her son thinks of that

    • Sue

      Jada knows math and meth.

  • Carl

    Mr. Jada needs to just go away!


    Stay to gether Black Family role model.Happy Sorry I am late, I am a Libra, born on the 8th, Birthday Jada!!! If it seems like I ignored the issuew, I did , it dose not deserve reallity’s breath, let alone words.

    • pdiddy

      She’s a Virgo…

  • Gunny

    I’m going to spend my limited time and energy dealing with my own issues and perhaps those of my family. Sure Jada and Will are celebrities, but I am only interested in what they bring to the screen.

  • Melanie

    We create drama where there need not be any. We will drum up anything just to create a “story.” There is no story here. Stop over analyzing everything people say just to have something to say.

  • charles kemper

    you should do something with your spoiled son and his comments

  • lindy

    A rather vague article. More like a teaser…perhaps she has another movie coming out…or it could be publicity for the kids, that would seem most likely. I am glad she has conquered her demons, but with the lavish lifestyle the “Smiths” have, they should be counting their lucky stars!

  • Oh Please!!!

    So when does the book come out!? Such BS!!! At least she did not use the sexually abused as a child marketing tool…

    • Just human

      Excuses. You survive living and growing up int Baltimore as an adult, AND then post some more BS. Most folks probably could not walk in her childhood shoes. Ignorance.

  • oni

    This successful woman makes an encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring comment and all that the media took from it was her past experiences with addiction. Why is it that the media constantly tries to point out the negative aspects in people’s lives? We are all human and we all have our vices. Jada pointed that out to show how much she has grown and also that she isn’t perfect. This article just gives a small example of the distortion of society because of media. But, I guess when people have that much time to make opinions on others lives, they must not be living theirs happily.

  • http://beautynthebling.com yvonne

    People really need to get a life and stop nit picking every sentence celebs write….she was just saying she has grown and handles her life issues differently than when she was much younger….I know I don’t do things the same way as I used to ..I’m sure everyone has made changes as they matured. Anyway my hats off to her and her family….Keep it moving

  • Kelly

    I don’t see what the big deal is about her posting about past addictions. Jada has does nothing but stated the truth about where she grew up. I know because I met Jada when I was 19 and I had two friends that lived in her neighborhood. The reality of the matter is true. Her neighborhood was and still is a neighborhood where you can only hope to make it to the age of your early 20’s. There’s nothing wrong with speaking about her truth and acknowledging her struggles and triumphs. That in itself is encouraging. I can attest to her truth because I spent many days in the same neighborhood in which she grew up even though I did not live in the same area.

    • Alberta

      I grew up in the same neighborhood but thank God I left before it got to the point of what Jada and you are referring to. My parents and brother are still in that neighborhood and I just pray that they stay safe everyday. I have never met Jada but I know someone that she dated and I perhaps know of one the addictions but who hasn’t had any addictions or still does?

  • spellchecker

    You can become addicted to anything or anyone; and it is unhealthy. When you become addicted to a person it is called a crush or you become a stalker. You can be addicted to sex or internet porn. You can be addicted to exercise or a tv show.

  • Cindi Sterling

    Focus ppl…plz re-focus. The small amount of words mentioning past addictions are being sooo over-obsessed about. Yet, her main MOST IMPORTANT points are to **overcome** lifes struggles with a strong mind tht looks for solutions. Everyone has a past…its wht we learn n apply to today tht matters. Focus on tht message frm her plz!!

  • tinker

    OMG! All those intelligent, meaningful statements from Jada and the only thing these media fools saw was the word “ADDICTIONS”?? That’s crazy. The headline should say, “Jada Smith reflects on how her life has improved as she thanks fans on Facebook for birthday love!”

    This was a foolish and desperate move on the writers part.

  • OMG

    Why does the word “addiction” has to be related to drugs? Addictions come in all shapes and forms. Another word for addiction is dependence…dependence of friends in place of an absent mom, maybe? Please stop judging or misjudging people just to make a headline story. (((PLEASE)))

  • Doretha Branch

    it doesn’t matter what the media say Jada you know and will know and that’s all that matters you can never do nothing wrong and people still find fault in you they don’t know you they don’t know your family day don’t know what goes on in your house so when people assume a lot of things to make it nasty self I love you I love you whole family to stay true to God He will guide you he would not steer you wrong oxox