Is Facebook Still Cool?

By: Chris Crum - November 22, 2011

I re-watched The Social Network the other night, and it’s funny to think about how much Facebook has grown even in the short time since that film was released. Remember the marketing campaign? “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

Much was made about the “cool” factor of Facebook as it was founded. Is it still cool today? Share your thoughts.

Now, it’s more like 800 million (a new report says Facebook had 721 million active users earlier this year). The valuation is much higher than reported at the end of the film. That number escapes me at the moment, and I don’t have the movie in front of me, but I know it’s ridiculously higher now. Recent estimates had it exceeding $80 billion.


As the story goes, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hesitant to put ads on Facebook when it was getting started. He wanted to see it what it could become first. He didn’t want it to lose that “cool” factor, which was also helped by its initial exclusivity to students of certain universities. A lot has changed since those days. Now, there are not only ads, but a huge ad platform that lets advertisers target people based on their likes and interests. And with “Sponsored Stories,” something you may have “liked” months ago could show up next to one of your friends’ news feeds as a “sponsored story”. For example, my colleague Josh told me he saw a sponsored story last night telling him that I like “Bing.” These stories are now much more in your face.

But that’s business. Facebook needs to monetize this enormous group of people it has, and that’s what it’s doing. I can hardly knock them for that. But not everyone understands or cares. Why do you think ad blockers are so popular?

Too Many Friends?

According to Facebook, there are 69 billion friendships among their active users. See the four degrees of Facebook.

Facebook Friends

According to a poll from Poll Position, 14% of Facebook users think they have too many Facebook friends, compared to 9% who said they want more (granted, the rest are ok with the number they currently have).

Too many friends can breed information overload. And if you’re friends with everyone you’ve ever known, there’s a good chance some of them are annoying you – especially if they invite you to a lot of apps and games.

There was even a National Unfriend Day created.

Shopping and Bill Pay

According to Gartner Research (as depicted in this infographic from MoonToast (via AllFacebook), companies will generate 50% of web sales via their social presence and mobile apps. It stands to reason that Facebook will be a major factor in that social presence.

Social Commerce

However, The Street recently reported on a survey from BillingViews, finding that 87% of people would not be comfortable buying something through Facebook. On top of that, 94% said they wouldn’t pay a bill through Facebook. Security was cited as a main concern.


Molly Wood at CNET put out a popular article the other day that’s generated a great deal of discussion. It’s called “How Facebook is ruining Sharing”. She says, “The slow spread of Facebook’s Open Graph scheme is totally ruining sharing. Here’s an excerpt, which basically sums up her point:

If your friends are using an app like The Guardian or The Washington Post’s new Social Reader, you’ll get an intercept asking you to authorize the original site’s app so that you can read the story. And, of course, so that every story you read will start being shared automatically on Facebook, thanks to the magic of Open Graph!

Now, it’s tempting to blame your friends for installing or using these apps in the first place, and the publications like the Post that are developing them and insisting you view their stories that way. But don’t be distracted. Facebook is to blame here. These apps and their auto-sharing (and intercepts) are all part of the Open Graph master plan.

You’ve no doubt seen plenty of complaints about the “frictionless sharing” that comes with an app like Spotify, where users can essentially spam their friends’ tickers with every song they listen to. There are ways to avoid this, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying to those who find it so. Keep in mind, that this “frictionless sharing” thing is really just getting started. The Timeline hasn’t even been rolled out yet.


Privacy has long been a concern with Facebook for many users, though it’s hardly kept the social network from gaining momentum. After the last f8, when Facebook launched the new Open Graph, more concerns followed.

The Poynter Institute said Facebook and news organizations are pushing the boundaries of online privacy and that “Facebook again my have gone too far in its quest to make privacy obsolete and that this time some news organizations could get burned by going along with it.”

Poynter Digital Media Fellow Jeff Sonderman called out new Facebook apps like the Washington Post’s Social Reader, and similar offerings from The Guardian and The Daily, as well as Yahoo News, which has readers sign up to have their reading activity streamed to their Facebook profile.

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore talked about this in another article saying that he saw on Facebook that someone he knows professionally was reading articles with titles like: “Heather Morris on Breast Implants,” and “Perrey Reeves Shows Off Bikini Body (PHOTO).”

It’s not that these things are so bad, it’s just a matter of do you want everybody you know to know everything you read?

And there’s that whole tracking thing.

Take This Lollipop had a fun look at Facebook privacy:

Recent reports indicate that Facebook is close to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that would at least keep Facebook from making privacy-related changes that you have to opt-out, and would instead make it so users had to opt in for the changes to take effect.


Farmville requests and invites to events you’ll never attend are one thing. Getting spammed by your friends’ music listening is another. And getting pornographic images and pictures of dismemberments in your news feed is another still. Last week, there was a highly publicized attack on Facebook which spawned such images, and proved that Facebook is not invincible to such a thing.


Facebook has had many design changes over the years, and usually when there’s a major overhaul, a lot of people are infuriated. That was no different with the last big change, which altered the way the news feed worked and added the ticker. Some people liked it from the start, and others have no doubt grown to accept it, but a lot of people miss the old Facebook, or other older incarnations. Design changes are a natural part of the evolution of any site, but when Facebook does a redesign, it has enormous ramifications for people’s perception of the site, because it has so many users, and it’s where so many spend such a large amount of their time online. Facebook gets points either way for bringing back the News Feed option to view by most recent.


Facebook is pissing off Android users by not giving its Android app the attention it deserves. Facebook’s Android app is buggy at best. The company recently launched a new and improve iOS app, while leaving the Android app largely untouched. It doesn’t have the design or features of its iPhone counterpart, and it’s pretty bad about notifications.

This is a problem. According to Google, 200 million Android devices have been activated worldwide. I wonder how many of those people use Facebook. They’re also adding 550,000 new devices each day, Google also said.

Wrapping Up

I’ll be the first to admit that Facebook has changed the world, and has done a lot of amazing things. No company is perfect, and one can’t help but be impressed by the tremendous growth Facebook has seen in users, functionality and valuation. It really is astounding. They’ve forced other major Internet players to try and compete with them.

That, however, is one reason Facebook can’t afford to alienate users. While Facebook may still be the biggest social network on the block (by far), others aren’t backing down. Twitter seems to be gaining hipness with the youngsters, and is getting better and better, while being largely embraced by all facets of media. Google has a massive empire of users across its product list, and is integrating Google+ into all of those products.

Is Facebook becoming less cool? Tell us what you think.

Chris Crum

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  • Michael

    I never thought facebook was cool. I find it annoying when people poke me, or send me useless stories. I reminds me of the emails I get from friends with the cute doggy picture. I don’t give a crap about cute dogs.

    • Chris Crum

      Sure, it has had the ability to annoy since its inception.

      • robbie

        Its a total waste of valuable time, that’s the bottom line. If you like to live your life, letting everyone else know you went shopping so be it, but get out there and live your life. Think of that on your deathbed, how much time you lost.

      • Aviran

        Come on be realistic, if it annoys you you can just avoid using it, no one forces you.
        Or is it te media that make the buzz around it, I doubt, you can just ignore really.

  • Matthew King

    I never looked at Facebook as cool. For me, it was just a great idea on how to reconnect with friends that I had lost touch with. Now, I use it as a business tool for my company more than a social site for finding out what my friends are doing. I have heard that people are getting bored of it though. As Facebook users get older, I think they will start to fall off. But I’ve always said – ride the wave, because you don’t know how long it’s going to last. It could end tomorrow, in a year, or 10 years. Facebook, like almost everything else in life, will eventually fade away – but like life, we’re just not sure of it’s expiration date.

  • Bob Rodriguez

    I had a facebook account for a while. Most all of my friends are celebrities and have 5000 “friends” on their list. First of all, they don’t know even a fraction of these people. Secondly, they have absolutely noting interesting to say. And lastly, they waste precious time playing around on Facebook instead of doing something constructive like LOOKING FOR A JOB?!

    Facebook is ruining our society slowly but surely. It is turning people into mindless robots. What a waste of brain power!

  • tracy

    total time suck

    • Milan

      Yeah You Rite

  • Aleron

    Yes, Facebook has reached its zenith and will inevitably decline, just too many issues. Myspace being the example. FB coincided with a wave of new users from laptops and smartphones and its simple (boring) interface. People will seek greater choice and less reliance on the spurious and primitive friends features. It is a grand experiment in what social networking can offer. But users are extremely fickle, a better interface, more choices, more personal security, perhaps a free cloud storage facility and suddenly there will e competition. One only needs to say Myspace a few times to understand that FB could be shed on mass like a discarded candy wrapper.

  • Cheriezson

    I think facebook is considered Cool with the communication factor, but the biggest problem with Facebook for businesses is turning those members into buyers unless you build your business on a pretence of their platform. When someone is looking to buy something they don’t go on Facebook, and if advertisers where getting good results from sponsor ads every business would have jumped into it with their mass. The system is built on a FREE society once they start really pushing monetize efforts unto their customers then the cool will completely wear off!

    Plus anyone with common sense would have figured out their secret is with the “GAMES” that’s where the time is spent. It solved the world’s communication problem!

  • sj

    Tried it, thought it a ridiculous waste of time and dumped it – so I guess my answer is No, I don’t believe Facebook is becoming less cool because I never thought it was cool to begin with. :)

    A friend said it right, “If you have time to fool around with Facebook, Twitter, et al you aren’t doing life justice. At the end of the day will your tombstone read “I twitted my life away”.

    • robbie

      I couldn’t have said it better. Tweet, tweet, twerp.

    • Alan

      Good post.

      For most businesses its value is grossly overrated.

  • robbie

    I had a Facebook account for about a month, and then just deleted it. It too will die a death like MYSpace, nothing lasts forever, especially with social media. Its a fad, has its good points but overall, its a huge time waster.

  • Paul

    Deleted my facebook personal account months ago, well 2 tbh but who’s counting… Use it more for business nowadays and vaguely at that.

    Yeah, it was once cool, but spending time in the ‘real world’ is cooler!

  • terry h

    Facebook advertises itself as being a community. It is no more a community than the people who use a high traffic airline terminal. As advertising takes over and the next generation community comes into existence it to shall pass.

  • Seth Fox

    Facebook may be cool because it gives non-techies a way to have a website and a place to share info, photos and videos. Beyond that it seems to be an invitation to self publish/promote for the self absorbed. Facebook friends? Who has 100s of friends, really? The concept was good for Harvard, but to expand it to the world is not cool. As a site to check to see if a girl or boy is single it is fine. To use personal information to stalk consumers it is ludicrous. Facebook is uncool like yelling “Listen at me, look at me!” and having nothing to say.

  • Saskia Wijngaard

    I was shocked when I was speaking to a cousin in Europe who I had not spoken to in 10 years and she said why was her recent picture of her on my page. I said it wasn’t. I hadn’t even befriended her yet. Apparently Facebook knew I was cousins with her sister and therefore knew that I was cousins with her. They like Canada have strict privacy laws and she said I never gave you permission to publish my picture. They had pulled the picture from her sisters facebook page.

    I know that facebook is about the world of me and linkedin is the world of SME. that is why I created because it is about the world of we and how we connect to our neighbourhoods and neighbours.

  • Kim Power Stilson

    Chris, I always love to read your articles.

    • Chris Crum

      Thank you. I love to write them.

  • Cheri

    I have deleted my personal account, and find that FB is extremely annoying. It wastes time, and the security is non-existent. The whole concept is becoming nauseating. Nobody really knows hundreds or thousands of “friends” and most don’t really give a crap about anything except having the opportunity to blab on about things most people don’t really want to hear anyway. Most things that are said on FB, people wouldn’t say in a normal conversation. If they did, I think they would be seen as annoying, socially compromised jerks, and quickly LOSE all their real friends. It’s more like social perversion than social networking. FB can be good for advertising, and for families who are separated by long distance to keep in touch with each other. However, there are a lot of other, “cleaner” ways to share photos and personal updates with real family and friends. Sayonara FB!

    • Jenna

      I have to agree that some things said on FB would never go over in a real face-to-face conversation. Though getting to the honest point is of value, I think too many people hide behind the internet and say whatever comes to mind, regardless of suitability. I like the phrase “socially compromised jerks”. Sounds like something my mom would think of FB. I find FB useful for advertising myself and my business, and thaaaaat’s about it. It’s free advertising and a way of keeping in touch with my clients. For those reasons, it’s “cool”.

  • T. Moore

    Unfortunately I found out how much Facebook was worth for advertising when I tried out their new Payvment system to sell and got crickets. Also, I avoided their ad patches because they are basically a money suck. Let’s face it, not every social network is geared toward advertising and selling, and the businesses who try to stick a thumb in that pie is bound to have the thumb bitten. I appreciate the idea that not everyone wants to be bothered by ads. I use the mute button when I watch television, and now it’s 40 minutes with 20 minutes of advertising. I can count 15 commercials in one 5 minute spot. Facebook users are there to hang out. Advertisers should move on to other less picky venues.

  • Aaron

    Those who think Facebook is just a fad could be right. But I don’t think so. My guess is most who dislike Facebook or find it pointless are likely older people who did not grow up with it. I remember when the use of email took off in the early 90s how older people then thought it was pointless. Pick up a phone, they use to say.

    Facebook is very different than MySpace and other attempts at social networking. It will replace email as the primary means of communication starting with today’s generation who is growing up with Facebook as the normal means of online communication. My guess is most people who have deleted their accounts just don’t know many people who are on Facebook so there is no point to it for them right now.

  • T. Moore

    I suppose I should add that I only use Facebook because most of my friends use it, and we have interesting conversations. That is what it is for. I’ve taken down my pages and ads and just hang out.

  • Jesus Olvera

    Chris, I have to agree with most of the other comments that FB is not as “cool” as it used to be. Although the college crowd that started this and was picked up by many high school kids, who think it’s “cool” to let everybody know what they are doing and when they are going to do it still continues. But some of the older folks that got in, just to try to be cool too, are no longer doing as much as they were before.

  • Larry True

    Facebook is a real pain in the neck. Too many “updates” filling my email with stupid things people are doing that I care nothing about. If you “accept” somebody as a friend, that doesn’t mean you need to know that they found a doohickey in the soup which is what a lot of these Facebook games amount to. I also don’t like the fact that Facebook is constantly trying to get me to share my address book. Not everybody in my address book is a person i would want advertised to everybody else on Facebook. I would like Facebook to just go away along with Linked In and some of the other “communities”. Bah. Humbug!

  • Thomas

    That was well put by Cheri I have an FB account but only use it say to wish old friends happy birthday or report something of interest happening around the globe, I think FB is a complete waste of time and designed for those people who would rather exist in the twilight zone with there thousands of non existent friends.

    I have friends who have fallen out publicly on FB and no longer talk anymore, friends who share the terrible misfourtunes of the lives right their in cyberspace I think that’s really sad.

    But more alarming than that is the level of security on the site, and the lack of checks and balances that seem to go unchecked like photos of a pornagraphic nature, and the idea that children and adults share the same platform I find off putting, its very easy to set up a bogus ID and pretend to be whoever you want to be after all its not the real world, but could become a Paedophiles playground so to speak

  • Toronto SEO Girl

    I go on FB regularly but I’ve seen the number of my friends who are on their regularly decline and I would say only a quarter of them are on there as much as they used to be.

    I agree with the information overload, not so much from friends but groups, businesses, causes etc that I’ve followed that post daily filling up my home page.

    As for the 50% of sales coming from social media, I’m certain that is a figure derived from their already existing following that they promote sales or specials to and not new clients…that’s what Google is for.

    • Frank

      Seriously, you don’t get new clients from social media?

  • rachel

    I think FBook is bad and good, but mostly bad. It’s good because you can advertise and reach a lot of audience. It’s bad because it take a lot of time to respond, correspond, email, friend sorting, etc., therefore, it can be bad for your health since you sit around and not getting physical exercise that is extremely critical to maintain physiological and mental functions. It also dehumanizing because we no longer make friends on a person basis. We need to interact personally because it’s critical for our soul’s development.

    There are a lot more reasons. But FBook much like drinking alcohol, religion, food, etc. should be taken in moderation, otherwise you’ll get drunk.

    Love one another.

    Hasta manana,


  • Bob Nicholson

    FaceBook was never cool… but now it’s just intrusive and annoying.

  • Camping Dude

    Seriously, Facebook was ever cool? As always, it’s just someones opinion.

  • David Merrington

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Facebook itself remains an impressive platform, and sometimes very useful for direct mass contact- especially on urgent political matters, petitions etc.

    But the childish and annoying “apps” are now a serious problem. When I go to my page I spend valuable time removing such unsolicited rubbish, such as “So and So answered a question about you”. Stuff like this is a huge put-off.

  • FB Rots

    WHAT! No Facebook api login integration on this post? I’m Out of Here! Ok, I’m not, and I too think FB absolutely rots. Not only are they a privacy nightmare (don’t forget Zuck’s quote “I don’t know why. They “trust me”. Dumb fucks.) but a useless time waster and even deleting your account does not delete it as Facebook saves every last bit of your account just waiting for you when you log back in….. UGGH!

  • John

    No it’s not cool.

    It’s a place for those mostly from my perspective to “GLOAT and BRAG”
    Oh, look what I did, I just did this, I am so cool.
    No different than the Reality TV hype prevalent today. What are our neighbors doing. Who cares.

    Maybe your 500 friends on your Facebook care! But I doubt that very much.
    Really, who has 500 friends that they talk to daily and say hi and are genuinely nlenely interested in what they did 2 seconds ago or even a week ago. Very very few people.

    Then there are privacy issues that (FB) does not tell you. They keep info from you but take plenty away from you. I know of one mother who was sitting in Doctors office
    flipping through a magazine and seen a pictures of her daughter in it. Much to
    her surprise as she did not know or have anything to do with this ad.
    Facebook SOLD this to the publisher.

    That’s right, FACEBOOK sold the photo. You see they own everything you put
    on there website. Nothing is safe. Once it is there it belongs to them.
    You waived those rights.

    I dumped my (FB) one month ago. For the obvious reasons and others.

    True friends call you once in a while. Fair-weather friends are on Facebook.

    Wake up WORLD! This is not reality. Reality is a single mother trying to pay bills.
    Your true friends are the ones you can probably count on one hand. Do not
    believe me. Look at that hand again and count when you are sixty.

    Facebook is not your friend, they will sell you out like a crack head will sell his own

    Email still works great for staying in touch with friends and what you send in that email
    wont get used against you or sold to the highest bidders. To go one step further
    if you email provider decided to go in to business of selling your email and attachments
    they you inform you first.

    Parents need to be aware and they are not. Let us get back to seeing our children
    playing outside again. We as a society have been fooled in to believing that
    we constantly need to be in contact with one another. Cell phones, texting,
    facebook, twitter.

    Go for a walk, call a friend, read a book, a real book with pages.
    Lastly, dump your facebook.

  • V8 Hot Laps

    I think Facebook numbers are well over stated. If you think about all the SEO companies that have many multiple Facebook profiles plus businesses, even my friends have more than one profile. So what’s the real number? I’m sure its still impressive but the growth these days is probably from SEOs and marketers rather than individuals. Then we need to think about how many accounts are dormant and how many are active users of FB.

    • Alan

      Agree grossly overrated. You also have to consider just what percentage of the posts are actually read?

  • Slim Pickens

    As an older person I never really found the appeal of “Facebook cool” I have an account I have used it to run down a few old friends. As a matter of fact I used it to locate my very first childhood friend which was kind of awesome in an almost creepy way.

    I believe inevitably Facebook will strip itself of usefulness by continuing to evolve revenue driven content that relies on third party non user based content.

    I would also put forth that conceptual property such as Facebook could very well be a contributing factor to our economic decline. 80 billion dollars for what amounts to a website with dynamic access database + UI really makes one start to redefine the value of a dollar.

    • CaptainCyberzone

      Slim, loved ya as Major “King” Kong in Dr. Strangelove!

  • Rod Cook

    The number that 87% of the FB visitors don’t want to buy because of security concerns is a real revelation. That means that peer to peer sales such as Direct Marketing and MLM Marketing are going to dominate sales on Facebook. Peer to Peer sales will be done via personal contact but the actual money will be transferred offsite from Facebook. I thing that FB has a real hole in their sales model!

  • robZ

    I got sucked into Facebook after innumerable invites from real-life friends who were on it, so like a dope I joined. It was fun for a minute but I abruptly deleted my account one night when I asked myself, What am I doing here? For me, the bad outweighed the good on Fb.

    Although my impulsive decision was largely personal, I do think Facebook is somewhat sinister and goes against early internet ideals of individual privacy and free access to information. Facebook resembles a gated community; to see much of the content, you have to be a member. Gated communities and country clubs appeal to some, but I think it’s unwise for people to channel so much of their web experience through a somewhat exclusive portal.

    I would urge its users to keep aspects of their web use separate from Facebook, namely email and media (photos, videos, music, etc.). Don’t give so much away to Facebook; instead, use third parties (yahoo, flickr, youtube, etc.) and share via links on Fb. Unlike Facebook, media content on popular sites is typically accessible to the anyone.

  •!/pressrelease @pressrelease


    Twitter is faster. Instant communication. Better for networking that allows access to more knowledge about any particular topic.

    Over 99% of people on social networks have no sense of matching people in their social networks. People who could use each other’s skills set.

    Some are scared that business will be taken away from them. While others just want to be left alone.

    Ex. IT people working in retail in Boulder, Colorado were making $7 to $8 an hour. I Tweeted them job leads, but they just wanted to be left alone. Some of them are regulars at Ignite Boulder. –

    Rather than make $50, $60K or $70K in IT, they preferred retail pay.



  • Chris

    Facebook is not cool; it’s lame. Apparently the current growth is only from developing countries whereas Europe and the US are reducing in numbers.

  • P Lee

    I have given up with Facebook, chewing gum for the Brain, quite useless.
    I live far away from Home/friends but more and more these friends say stupid things, never keep in real touch
    Bood bye FB you pile of Crap

  • Dr. R. Gladwin

    Most people on Facebook are lonely folks who need to feel important. They strive to make more more “friends” and crave for comments on their pics and the unintelligent crap they post on their walls. I never found the time to join FB and never found it “cool.”

  • CaptainCyberzone

    Everything new eventually gets old.

  • jaw crusher

    Facebook has changed the world

  • MJ Ces

    Facebook has gone beyond merely a place where you can keep in touch with friends and family. Now it can be a marketer’s haven. Not a bad thing, I know FB needs to earn money. But too many times it just gets too annoying. It’s no longer word-of-mouth, it’s now being forced in your face.

  • Toto

    If it is a after 5 pm and you are still using Facebook, you have very low self esteem or a kid. Facebook is for immature people, sorry. And of course, for marketers like me.

  • mike

    Cool? it’s rubbish and always has been, I really can’t see why anyone would want to use it or anything like it. I mean, what is the point of it all?????

  • Gal

    While Google is using search to bring everyone into its world, Facebook is doing the same by sending its tentacles around the web and using its massive audience to bring more people into its world.

    Somebody come up with a new alternative, quick.

  • Kari

    Facebook is no longer cool, when it first started up, it was new and exciting finding everyone you knew. It was great for catching up, seeing what you’re friends were up to and staying current with your friend news.

    Now, Facebook is old and filled with advertising from all angles, we know our friends patterns and it has become all about “me”. It iis for businesses and is just a money making hub for it’s investors.

  • Maurice Edgington

    Is Facebook still cool? I am not sure cool is the right word. My thoughts are as follows. Reasons to stay 1) Fear of missing something, 2) No alternative except Google +. 3) Dont like Google+. Reasons to leave 1) Source of spam. 2)Facebook knows too much about you. 3) With more than 50 friends your wall/pages are a mess. 4) Advertising can be too insensitive.
    I started inmysport a few weeks ago but have not yet launced fully. Just friends and some clubs I belong to but I realise already that even by doing nothing people will use an alternative/addition to Facebook. So in summary people will stay on Facebook but are looking out for something new or better. That’s not cool.

  • Stan

    I refer to it as Faceplant. My “friends” use it to tell the world every little pathetic thing they are doing at every moment! Puke! Cool? Only for the self absorbed who try to justify their existance by displaying their imaginary phalanx of friends! Loved the article!

  • Rosemary

    I never made a successful transition to facebook, although I have an account and many “friends” from previous social networking tools like yahoo groups. I much preferred the on-line groups to the profile page with everyone posting on your page and updates of what everyone else you know is posting. Basically its TOO busy, too many useless apps, and really hard to navigate. I can’t recall how many times I reset the preferences to no email sent to my personal email account. It clogs it all up to the point I don’t even like going into email.

    Facebook is like a cancer spreading and converting healthy cells to these prolific parasitic cells that only eat up resources and really give back nothing in return but grief. Not a wonder I might log in 2x a year only.

    If it could die…. I would hasten it’s demise and bring back the social groups by Yahoo where you joined and got to meet people because of genuine mutual interests.

  • Lorre

    I have stopped using Facebook as frequently in the past 3 to 4 months. It seems most of my personal friends stopped using it or changed their settings to such a degree that all I see are the blurbs from pages I “liked”, i. e., information and links to blogs. Consequently, FB is just boring for me now…why would I go to a site that’s just going to advertise to me??? I used to go to FB 2 and 3 times a day but now I may only go once a week. I believe me friends stopped using it about the time of movie release of Social Media or whatever it was that scared everyone. And I absolutely abhor the “help” pages for FB, they are completely a joke.

  • Joseph

    Facebook can still be a blessing to those who use it correctly. If you are going to market with it then it needs to be done in a subtle and indirect way and not so overtly so that users do not get their accounts deleted. Approach cautiously but intelligently….

    • The First Thanksgiving

      I forgot to add: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE !!!

  • Rob

    I don’t think Facebook is cool at all. Facebook has a habit of getting you into more trouble than you need to be in. And honestly speaking, if FB wasn’t as popular as it is, I wouldn’t be using it for business purposes either. Great article Chris, thank you for the read.

  • Marius

    I don’t know if it’s less cool or not, but I terminated my own account a month ago and I’m a happier man for it. You’ll be surprised how much extra free time you’ll find you have when you’re not screwing around on Facebook.

  • Lloyd Etheridge

    Let me start by saying it started out cool but now…not so.
    While facebook has been great for some people they are adding too much totally annoying stuff into like the tickertape fields …they go to fast to keep up with.
    The navigation is worse than it was before.
    Too many options to turn this off and that off when you didnt want them in the first place.
    Just too many bells and whistles…people will get tired of it and I think some are starting to already.
    What happened to the adage ?..KISS ….Keep It Simple Stupid
    Its ok for big business to put their ads up there and want all the features..but for small guys its just too much to keep up with.
    Oh well..thats my gripe for today…not that its going to change much.

  • Ginger Hundley

    I find that facebook has become very annoying, it used to be that it was for just your friends and family, but now everyone knows what you have said and posted as your status. I liked it when all you had to do was go to facebook and go to your family or friends page and all is not seen by others. No more privacy!!!! way uncool!!!!!

  • Rick Samara

    Cool Chris?

    I stopped and just had to comment. Facebook is way beyond just being “cool!” It was “cool” when Zuk threw it up on college campuses. It’s moved well beyond that!

    I use it extensively in the Internet business marketing services that I provide for a number of clients… a.k.a. Fanpages. And, marketing Fanpages has become a science in itself.



    Internet Marketing Services for Small Business

  • http://none princes Amutenya

    I have opened my account for the first and last day, i tried to open but i copuld not go through it. but knowing that facebook is very important, tried till got hold oft it, so please friends lets communicate am back.

  • h. wajcman

    facebook is the most annoying thing ever invented on “faceearth”, when is it going to disappear? (my space!!!)

  • Max Büchler

    Great article all the way.

    Wrote a definitely shorter post and less detailed asking almost the same general question. To not put in to much of my opinion about it I named it ‘Will the “Facebook era” end?’, normally, when speaking, I would call it ‘When will the “Facebook era” end?’

  • Mike

    We deleted our face book account, it serves no useful pupose as far as business is concerned, it seems to be a good idea which has gotten too big.

  • Alan

    There are very few new ideas and little that is controversial. It is about furry pets and the sickly sentimental. Then there are the photographs that are contrived on photoshop and the ever so clever phrases and sayings that are continually regurgitated.

    There are very few lively exceptions.

    It is I suppose an insight into humanities safety zone. I is as cool as a pair of old socks.

  • Donna

    If facebook users user facebook only for spend some time with their friends then they get bore very soon. SO, we can say nay be the “Facebook era” end and the “Google + era ” begin..

  • Ricardus @WordPress Hosting

    I think they should stop silly games like Farmville. I dislike those requests. It’ll be cooler if they have a Like and Dislike button like how Youtube does.

  • Fred Marlow

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Facebook itself remains an impressive platform, and sometimes very useful for direct mass contact- especially.It is turning people into mindless robots.

  • Phanna Klorh

    One thing you’re wrong about is that Google is not implementing Google+ into their other platforms. It’s the other way around. They’ve faltered before with Wave and Buzz trying to add a social layer to their products. Now they’re actually building a stand alone social network and integrating their other platforms into it.

  • http://yahoo Sthandwasami

    yes it is cool..

  • Tom Aikins

    Would it hurt Facebook to offer even a little bit of customer service? I know it’s free but still. If you have a probelm, and there are always problems, it’s impossible to get any help.

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