Is Bing More of a Threat to Google Than Facebook or Apple?

Schmidt: "Facebook is Too Early to Tell"

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According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Bing is its main competitor – not Facebook or Apple. He sat down with Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal, who was kind enough to post an embeddable video of the conversation. 

Do you think Bing is Google’s biggest threat? Share your thoughts here.

"What’s interesting is we think of neither [Facebook or Apple] as a competitive threat…our competitor is Bing. And it’s interesting, for years, people have asked about Microsoft and everyone has forgot about Bing."  

He calls Bing a "well run, highly competitive search engine". He doesn’t get into Bing’s partnership with Yahoo, but that clearly has to be considered a big part of Google’s headache in search competition.  

When asked about being more concerned about Bing 5-10 years down the road, he said, "Facebook is too early to tell. Facebook is a company of consequence, and they’re doing an excellent job building a social network." He also says that people forget Apple is a partner of Google. 

Schmidt talks about a number of other topics, such as privacy, China, his thoughts on the "web is dead" article, President Obama, social media, and more. 


Who should Google be most concerned about: Google, Facebook, or Apple? Somebody else? Tell us what you think.

Is Bing More of a Threat to Google Than Facebook or Apple?
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  • http://www.netprocessmarketing.com/ Toledo SEO

    I disagree with the comment above. Google is spending a lot of time to constantly update the quality of their search engine. In 2010 alone many major changes have been made to the way search results are shown. Google historically doesn’t worry about competition. They know what they want and get it all while making a pile of money along the way. Facebook and Bing may stand a chance in the future of search, but Google has innovative things like Google Docs, Google voice and more that will keep them on top of the game. Don’t forget about the rumor of “Google Social Me”, if Google gets into the social network seriously, Facebook may be a thing of the past.

  • Kate

    When Bing was forst announces I, like many others, thought: “Great! At last some competition for the greedy Google gobbler.” WHen I tried Bing out, however, I was sadly disappointed. The results were erratic, illogical and inconsistent. Spammy sites that had been thrown together and contained little or no content – and even sites that had not actually been launched yet, and displayed a “Coming Soon” message when you visited them – appeared on page 1 of search results, while long-established and tried-and-trusted sites were buried on page 8 or 10 of search results (if they appeared at all).
    Okay, Bing was new and obviously it needed a bit of tweaking, which was fair enough. Give them time, I figured, and they’ll iron out all the problems.
    But they haven’t. It’s still as bad as it was on the day it was launched!
    I carried out about a dozen searches on subjects I am familiar with, and not once did Bing give me what I would consider the right or best results on the first few result pages. Instead, the top positions were dominated by rubbishy websites, often just created a few weeks or months previously, and even more often offering goods and services irrelevant to the terms I typed in to the search box.

  • http://www.trmfl.com Total Reach Marketing

    In Search, MS may have been slow to catch up but Bing

  • http://www.plumbing-courses.org Mike Forty

    I think that Google will realise that they will have to change the way they run the business in the future. Google search is dominant right now, but they constantly change their algorithm and criteria for a high ranking for webmasters.

    This is bad news for thousands of businesses who appear to drop out of searches for no good reason, only known to Google boffins where the formula is a very closely guarded secret. Google often states that their formula is fair and just and very simple. They often point the finger at webmasters and thier own actions for poor ranking when configuring their own code and site design.

    This may be true, but it should not inflict damage to webmasters when they unwittingly perform some procedure that just might be against Google’s very long list of rules.

    It is unfortunate, but the biggest player, Google, is able to call the shots right now, but maybe the tide will turn in favour of a more lenient approach that Yahoo always has had and the new Bing coming throgh very strong.

    Mike Forty

  • Guest

    Google has been an arrogant giant for too long; it has treated all those that have helped it become what it is like rubbish. It is time someone else takes over.

    Google has a very short memory:

    It is thanks to tens of thousands of affiliates that Google was able to generate so much revenue in such a short time. It is they who drove hoards of traffic to Google. However, when Google got fat and comfy they no longer needed their affiliates and, without any prior notice, they closed their accounts.
    In some rare cases Google had a good reason for doing so, but in most cases there was no ground for it.

    I have heard horror stories from many affiliates whose livelihood was dependent on advertising on Google. But one early morning Google decided they no longer need these “small” affiliates’ money. They had the mega, fortune 500, companies to rely on for revenue.

    Google has a chilling policy of not answering your mail, or, even worse, not giving you a reason of why your account was closed. They do not even send you a warning – they just disable your account. No matter how many times you try to contact them for an explanation, they dismiss you as if you were a nobody.

    Google, for as long as many families in the world are concerned, can fall. No one would shed a tear, including me.

  • Guest

    Google already has lost me to Bing.

    For all the talk about results, the simple fact is that many people use Google out of habit. Now that Bing is the default search in IE8 and the upcoming IE9 many people are going to get into the Bing habit.

    As has been mentioned here also, many people are no longer looking upon Google as some friendly uncle, more like the web-based version of Microsoft. They’re big, greedy, arrogant and with ZERO interest in individual customers or clients.

    If you’re not Fortune 500, you’re dog dirt on their shoe.

  • http://www.seoireland.org SEO IRELAND

    I agree with that Bing is going to be big threat to google.Bing is attarcting more people in advertisng and search tahn last couple of years.
    With the increase in use of hotmail, msn massenger and other applications, Bing is rapidly increasing its customers.
    Apart from this Google also making changes to its searches and so on by time 2 time and getting different cultural difficulties.
    One Innovation can make Bing to beat Google.

  • http://www.smartpagingsystems.com Pagers

    Bing should be a threat to Google, but you have to remember Google is now a habit. People use Google purely out of Habit. If you were to ask a typical user why they user Google they would say that it is better then Bing, ask them why it is better and they would struggle to tell you.

    Breaking a habit is hard to do, thats the challenge Bing faces, how do you get users to switch from their old habit. Answer that one and you would be a very rich person indeed.

  • Roy

    Amazing. Most people just don’t get it! Schmidt must be laughing his arrowy tail off right now. This is nothing but another unsuccessful manipulation attempt to fool the masses and to get antitrust regulators off their tail. Bing is a joke. Facebook can kill Google and Bing tomorrow if they go into search no matter how crappy their search engine would be. Just on the news alone MS and Google’s stock will suffer massively. Just imagine 500 million cult followers now searching the web from Facebook. Who cares about quality or relevant results to start with or whether Facebook is a search company or not. People are sheep and Google and Microsoft are stock driven companies. Facebook has a ton of sick, cult like followers and you can’t mess with that.

    • Guest

      My estimate is that only something to the tune of 10-15% of the 500 million people registered at Facebook are using it intensively. Most of the people I know fade in their enthusiasm about Facebook already after 6-9 months. I log on to Facebook once every two weeks or so, so do not count me in as a cult follower!

      Of the 50-75 million genuinely thrilled about the wonders of Facebook, a good portion would still demand Facebook Search to be better than Google or Bing in order to become Facebook Search cult followers.

      If you are an X-box cult follower, would you buy an X-box LCD TV no matter the image quality? I think not!

      • Guest

        “If you are an X-box cult follower, would you buy an X-box LCD TV no matter the image quality? I think not!”

        Apples and oranges. In that case you would have to shell out money genius and you can’t compare X-Box to Facebook in number of users and popularity. The 500,000,000 users I agree with you that only a portion uses it on a daily basis, but not as low as you think. Anyway, what you don’t understand is that Facebook surpassed Google already on number of visitors and that a search feature announced from Facebook,no matter how crappy it is will send Google’s stock to its death as Facebook is where the web is where humans are at the moment. Anybody can beat Google now anyway. Those search results can’t be more crappy and irrelevant because they can’t.

        “Of the 50-75 million genuinely thrilled about the wonders of Facebook, a good portion would still demand Facebook Search to be better than Google or Bing in order to become Facebook Search cult followers.”

        It doesn’t matter. The good portion will get to use it no matter what and will get with the program because they live there! You sure don’t know what a “Search the web” box on a place like Facebook home page will mean for Google. You sure don’t know how much devastation it can unleash on Google’s stock. Not even in your wildest dreams. Just the news alone it is devastating. Anyway, Facebook wouldn’t just release a crappy engine.

  • http://www.zygella.com Zygella

    Google and Bing are the only and the two best search engines most people use.

  • Guest

    I can’t stand Google anymore. Their search pages only show the bogus landing pages that contain dozens of ads for google regarding your search. For this reason you rarely find relevent pages and are constantly searching and searching and clicking and clicking making some poor advertiser pay the adwords bill. I was one of the PREVIOUS poor advertisers and think that google needs to revamp relevant pages away from advertising pages. But then again, why would they, they’re making a killing on adwords. What a joke! At least with Bing, they give you what you are looking for. Goodbye Google!

  • http://www.lowelectronic.com kimmobilephones

    Yes a competitive market is far healthier for the consumer than a monopoly.

  • http://www.2012TheAwakening-TheNovel.com Bill Douglas

    I’m not that impressed with Bing. Doesn’t bring up relevant sites. I always use google.

  • Guest

    Considering the clumsy backend programming on Facebook, then I would not see it as the biggest threat either if I was Google. Bing, on the other hand is focusing all their resources to beat Google, so that is a genuine threat.

    Yahoo has long been a footnote internationally and no matter how much they tried their search service was still not getting anywhere outside the USA. Bing is benefitting from Yahoo’s strong position in the USA while Yahoo is benefiting from that Bing’s ability to adapt marketing to fit foreign markets. Yahoo has failed internationally because they were stubbornly running their heads against a wall by assuming that marketing that works in the USA must work on a global scale.

  • http://www.cornishhostingcompany.co.uk cornish Hosting

    Hi i use google nearly all the time and cant see any other search engine beating them to be honest

  • http://www.makwin.com/ DLM

    ?pologize, but again silly question-dilemma!
    Bing has long lost the battle with Google. I’m sorry, but today no one can threaten the position of Google, maybe tomorrow but today is definitely no worries about Google.
    Is it good or bad?, the real question is.

  • http://www.levenslicht.com Guest

    This is in Holland the amount of searches for a certain links site… Speaks clearly I feel…
    google 9262
    ilse 12
    yahoo 10
    zoek.nl 1

  • http://richinwriters.com Steve

    In 10 – 15 years down the road Bing should have 30% of search engine market, Facebook I still think will die down in about 3 -5 years, some say the fact they made a movie about social media means facebook is here to stay I disagree they make movies about EVERYTHING Facebook is a hype and gets more & more boring every time I login. Social media is controlled by the youth and kids change their minds when they are ready.

    google and bing and search engines in general are controlled by small businesses and a much more mature crowd of people. If however Facebook decides to get into the search engine market everything changes. But if Facebook hides or tries to protect itself in social media it will meet the fate of all social media giants which is a steady decline.

    Google can fall and Bing can rise but Bing just doesn’t get “It’ yet. Bing still focuses on advertisers where as google focuses on their search engine. Facebook at the moment is in an interesting position its value is high it should be interesting to see what they do next, still yet my mind tells me they(facebook) won’t be smart or bold enough to take a big chunk of the market for the long term.

  • http://www.hostwave.com Hostwave

    Google is doing the right thing. Their products are what they are because they provide a lot of them for free or near nothing, except for CPC. I’m not a Google supporter, I just recognize they’re where they are because they continue to improve their game and as well shelve product that just seems to not go where (i.e. Wave). Google will probably be around for a long time (Apple, Sears, Coke, etc.) and I think they’ll keep dishing out products for us to continue to taste/ try, etc. It’s a household name, Google. Unfortunately, like MySpace was yesterday, Facebook is a fad and will be gone too someday.

  • http://www.gtwcmt.co.uk/ GTWCMT

    LOL, Bing Microsoft.. same thing or should we just slip back one name MSN – Microsoft being the M word there!!
    Why is Google top? Because of its simple UI – it always has offered simpleness and when the Internet came and bandwidth was slow, which one loaded faster?

    Googles search results have dropped IMO and there has been some updates in the bot but not many, plenty of kills in there, but no great improvement in the gets.
    the UI has changed as has the data gathering and result choices with filtering, again a good UI with a simple design.

    Any webmaster will tell you simple is good and the public seem to prefer this both with search engine results and web pages.

    I think googles hold over the net is way too much as it is, as it has become the term for searching.. google me.. not search the web for me.

  • Gerry Smithstone

    I think Google is a threat to Google, the Google Gods think they are too big to fail and if they are not afraid of Facebook they are indeed crazy. Google has far too much of a monopoly on the internet and it is time they give up hogging the whole pie. I hate Google. Google doesn’t give me what I am searching for so I am hoping Facebook comes up with their own search engine, that would be fantastic!!
    I use Yahoo now -Google is too screwed up!!

  • Guest

    My work demands I use search engines several hours a day. Google remains the most efficient for complex (Boolean) searches. Yahoo performs well on current topics, but has problems with scientific and technical queries. Bing needs work on just about every aspect of its search capability. Of course, with a powerhouse like Microsoft behind it, anything is possible. Look what happened to Netscape Navigator (who?) when MIE moved into the browser business.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Zanoid

    Bing is a bag of …you decide.
    Msoft need to focus on their core business of patents and monopo-licensing.
    Software in the cloud is rapidly going to destroy MS Office and Windows if they dont innovate soon, Google and others have dealt MSoft a fatal blow by releasing FREE Office equivalents online.
    forget Bing, what a waste of everyones time!

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com Articles

    I don’t think is a threat to google, people will choose google.com when it comes to search most of the times, because is the only one we know so far and I bet lots of people use google as a homepage :) is clean and super fast and that is what we all like

  • Guest

    How can any of the folks above claim to have switched from Google to Bing? Certainly not for search.

    Bing is a joke when it comes to search. Their pages reflect an infantile search engine. Page 1 for so many terms just take you to directories for that search term. So you go from one search to another search.

    Bing also seems to rate meta title tags very highly. Again, this is a joke because they can be easily spammed.

    I thought the Bing-Yahoo merger would bring in a better search engine on Bing’s part. Yahoo had more relevant results in their own search engine than they do with the Bing-Yahoo teamup. If the merger was about more pay per click ads, etc., fine, the merger is great.

    But as a searcher, the Bing search engine is a joke.

  • http://www.affordableseofl.com seo tampa

    That’s all 100% PR on my opinion. The FB, emerging pretty fast and can become a main threat very soon. However on the search engine field Google is far ahead of all of competitors.

  • http://www.elnegy.com Henry Aladiume

    Google is indeed a technology giant-the largest search engine – with market capitalization of about $156 billion dollars ;revenue of $25 billion dollars a year and share price of about $520 dollars.Google’s quest for revenue diversification has meant the company has been developing desktop operating systems like :chrome and a web browser with thesame name.They have also developed an operating system -Android for laptops and mobile phones.They have also developed Google Docs ,Google map and Google earth.
    Clearly by developing operating systems,web browsers and Google Docs ,Mountain View is trying to take Market share away from Microsoft.This is because 70% of Microsoft’s income comes from Windows Operating sytems and Office Suite of applications.By investing in rival products that seek to offer alternatives to the Microsoft brands Google is trying to reduce the value,market share and power of Microsoft brands.
    Microsoft has since realized that Google is tactically seeking its demise especially when Mountain view offers the chrome and Android operating sytem for free.Microsoft has since rolled out the drums of war.Microsoft was willing to spend $46 billion to acquire Yahoo because they hoped to utilize Yahoo search (2nd largest search engine)to boost the power of Microsoft search .The acquisition of Yahoo did not materialize so Yahoo and Microsoft(Bing ) inked a ten year partnership deal.
    The fact is that Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing Bing and spent about $100 million advertising the new search engine.Bing has been getting rave reviews and has forced Google to make changes in its search engine.In addittion by investing in product portfolios that constitute Microsoft’s cash cow Google is seeking to reduce the power and influence of a company that is the second largest technology company in the world.However,Microsoft is a formidable foe that dispatches competition .Remember Microsoft put Netscape browser out of business in the 90’s.Microsoft won the Operating systems war against Apple in the 1990’s .In the war with Google Microsoft has a comparative advantage because they have a more diversified portfolio as compared with Google that generates 96% of its income from search.There has been a lot argument as to wether Google will kill Microsoft or Microsoft will kill Google.The fact is that Google is more vulnerable.

  • http://www.shapirit.biz ????? ??????, ?????? ??????

    I think that the major threat to Google is Goo itself.

  • Guest

    Google developed by the NSA and is owned by the government. Facebook is threat for complete control of the flow of information like the TV media. Critical independent thinkers does not serve them.

    Ask your elected leaders why they never warned you(we) of what JFK did that still exists today!! UNTOLD EVIL, now you know.

    Did JFK give a speech asking (if not pleading) for the media

  • http://www.carrentalsusa.com Harris David

    When considering both the search results providing Bing and Google, I think better results will give by Bing. It might be due to Google algorithm specialty, as Google gives more vote to back links. So when ever a customer searches for a good content Google always fail to give better result, in case of Bing it produces better result. Also in case of image search, Bing has a lot of option to display images and the neat interface makes a wast difference from Google. I think Bing will come up with more options so that search will get more friendly through it.

  • http://www.goingbusiness.com Sell Business

    Bing is a good product, honestly, but I think its results are tailored mainly for the US.

    Google has the .uk, .de. .tw, which is very favorable for people in other countries. When I was abroad, I used to use the country google quite a bit.

    In the US, I find myself using Bing quite a bit. It has a good feel to it, no doubt and results are good.

    But its good when companies compete, u know, I mean if you run a website and there is only 1 major search engine, you are stuck, and can be screwed by them big time if they want.

    I call my home country now for 7 cents a min. Around 30 years ago, that same call used to be close to $4.00 a min in peak time. I remember my mom would wait for the cheap time to make that call, and the 1 min calls, she would try to get credit for those from At&T. But then tons of other long distance companies came along and the price of long distance has since kept falling.

  • Guest

    I find it hard to believe Bing could be considered competiton for anything. The search results are horrible and not worth entering. Nothing is relative. Then again Google continues to get worse. Hopefully someone will get search engines back to where they were 5 years ago.

    • http://www.ukgreetingcards.co.uk UK Greeting cards

      I do agree with you Bing search engine is rubbish also it takes ages for them to put your website details in their database.

      UK Greeting cards

  • http://joblistegypt.com Joblist Libya

    I think Bing poses some degree of threat to Google more than Facebook in the long run, but not as much, with time, Bing will get better but mind you, Google will also keep on getting better and better, I don’t see Google loosing their position as number one in the next 5 to 10 years

  • Guest

    Google is f…ed! LOL. Too many wolves outside. Iad (is that the name Chris?) from Apple is taking big G’s lunch on mobile.

    I don’t think Google is going to be around for long. Starting to look more to me like a big cow trying to cross a piranha infested river. It ain’t happening. Bites coming from everywhere. And the weird thing is that they are trying their best to piss off their customers. Look at that search engine. You can’t find s…t these days. It’s all ads and more ads. Bing is more relevant to me.

  • Guest

    It is beyond me why Bing or Yahoo haven’t partnered up with Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and the rest of the crazy chicks. That’s marketing, not the stupid ads I see on tv from Bing that nobody understands. Those celebrities have some sick cults behind them. Their marketers are out of touch with reality. They need to get out more. Same geeky crazy dudes who live with mom and a cat. Nothing wrong with that but damn… there are real humans out there.

  • Margarite Anwar

    Google is the father of all search engines. It need not fear from any other search engine.

  • http://www.specular-jamaica.com JulietChristie Murray

    I still believe Google is still the best search engines. I have a few sites which I submitted to Google and in a matter of days you could search and find them in google. It takes a while before they were on Yahoo and Bing. I also found that Google covered more of my pages on each of these site. Still say thumbs up to Google.

  • Corine Axline

    Google need not worry about Bing because Google is the father of all the search engines.

  • http://www.fat-forex-profits.com Guest

    no i dont think bing is a treat to google coz many people nowadays still prefer to use google.,

    Forex secret trading
    forex tip trading
    forex trading systems

  • http://www.twomanproductions.com 2manproductions

    2manproductions says yes bing’s branding power has potential to sway google users in the near future. A decision engine a the brand makes users rely on the search engine to do the work.

    Let’s face it if that concept doesn’t work then the internet itself would not thrive. People want things done for them a the bing brand plays into well.

    We’re a Music Promotion and music marketing company and we’re already finding bing to be a great tool.

  • http://www.hunzanadrinkingwater.com Nick

    Like them or not, Google has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the web. At the same time, they have a lot of irons in the fire. If they choose to take on Facebook, they will win very quickly. Facebook’s gui sucks. Facebooks lie to you. Facebook’s advertising panel on the right side is terribly annoying. Having said that, Facebook is still a tool that can be used to grow your online business.

    What I fear with Google is that a lot of my concerns depend upon the integrity of people at the top of Google. As long as they are good people, we’re ok. But what if Google’s inner workings get exposed to governments or law enforcement agencies? I don’t like the downside potential.

    That’s one reason I kept Phil Zimmerman’s original PGP application. I believe that if they can tap your communication, the temptation is just too compelling to ignore.

    What worries the most is that this seemingly bright CEO can justify supporting President Obama! If Obama and this guy are close, I would prefer to drop Google than go on with it. I’ve already found a PPC network that, on tests, has out performed Google by 800%. Supporting Obama exposes a serious character flaw.

    • SueG.


  • http://www.2manproductions.com Carlton

    Don’t think either will pose a threat to google. Face book is not concerned with trying to become a search engine and while bing is doing a great job with brand awareness, the odds of over 25% of internet surfers switching to bing is slim to none. If your into music marketing or promotion online, having a strong presence on facebook can make for great rankings on google and bing.

  • http://davidquaidseo.com SEO Limerick

    Journalists who think they can shape technology through ideas should startup technology companies instead of making wide predictions based on gaining more visitors

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