iOS, Android Continue to Dominate Smartphone Market

    September 4, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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ComScore, a leading digital metrics company, today released its metrics for July of this year, comparing its numbers to those from April of this year. As expected, Google and Apple continue to dominate the smartphone market with their iOS and Android platforms, while RIM’s Blackberry OS continues its slide toward irrelevance.

According to ComScore, 114 million Americans now own smartphones. Of these smartphones, they estimate that 52.2% of them run a version of Google’s Android OS, a slight rise from April’s 50.8%. As proof that Apple’s iPhones are still what people want if they can get them, Apple’s iOS platform rose 2% from April to now run on 33.4% of U.S. smartphones.

Comscore mobile platform numbers for July 2012

As seen in the chart above, RIM’s Blackberry OS is still the third most pervasive smartphone platform, though it continues to fall in popularity. Blackberry OS has lost nearly 4% of its smartphone platform market share since February. The company is hoping that the release of its Blackberry 10 platform and hardware will turn around its fortunes, but RIM’s new OS isn’t coming until next year.

When it comes to hardware, Apple seems to still be selling iPhones at a fast pace. Their share of the combined smartphone and non-smartphone mobile market rose 1.9% to sit at 16.3%. Of course, two other manufacturers top that percentage by selling lower-end smartphones and feature phones. LG holds 18.4% of the mobile market while over a quarter (25.6%) of U.S. mobile subscribers carry a Samsung phone.

  • Lisa

    “As proof that Appleā€™s iPhones are still what people want if they can get them” Why is this line still being touted? The majority of android phone users use it because they don’t want iphones and don’t want to be caught in the lower-spec’d poorly implemented out-of-date Apple philosophies. They were great a few years ago but their ‘improvements’ are so far behind Samsung & HTC that they are now laughable.

  • brandi

    Agreed, Lisa. It was just this morning that I went through a list of stupid limitations that Apple still sees fit to implement on their devices after unsuccessfully trying to stream a video from my Note to my husband’s 4G. Having been an Android user for 6 months now, I think I’m done with Apple for good. (Smartphone wise)

    I was a die hard iPhone fan, having a jail broken 3GS that I thought was perfect because I had control of the apps. It wasn’t until a friend of mine pointed out that all the functionalities that I had to rely on third party non approved dev teams to create, thus increasing risk of potential security issues, all came STANDARD on the Galaxy Note. Now I basically have a computer in the palm of my hand, and a hotspot for when I need a connection on the go.

    I almost feel like an abused woman fresh out of a controlling, possessive relationship. Freedom!!