iOS 7 Download Problems Run Rampant

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Apple released the iOS 7 update on Wednesday, and some users have had a lot of issues when trying to update their devices. Not only are many users having trouble downloading the iOS 7 update, they are having difficulty activating the download as well. While any Apple update is going to have glitches, some users are reportedly spending hours and hours trying to update their devices.

If Apple is trying to get their iPhone users to smash their old devices in a fit of anger so they'll buy the iPhone 5S that is released today, then well played, Apple, well played. If their goal isn't the destruction of older devices, however, then the company is off to a rough start with the operating system that is supposed to compete with the Android.

While slow download times is one huge problem being mentioned with the iOS 7 update, many users are reporting getting download errors.


So far there is no word from Apple on all of the iOS 7 download problems, but an update that is (at least mostly) bug-free should be released eventually. Hopefully an update won't take months, as was the case with the iOS 6 bugs. Just a side note--the writer of this article has an iPhone 5 and updated her phone to the iOS 7 yesterday with no problems. The download and update took all of 15 minutes. From the looks of some humorous Twitter posts, however, such an easy download and installation wasn't the norm.

Do you plan to update to iOS 7? Discuss your experience below.

After users eventually update their devices to iOS 7, the new operating system does have some pretty cool updates. In addition to flatter, more simplistic icons, the camera settings are improved, a Control Center was added and multitasking is made easier.

Main image via YouTube; Error image via Sun