iOS 6 Maps Are Getting A Lot Of Negative Feedback

    September 20, 2012
    Chris Crum
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When Apple introduced iOS 6, it revealed that it would be going with its own Maps product (which is really a combination of numerous other mapping products) rather than Google Maps. iOS 6 hit iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches this week, and now users are really starting to understand what this means for their map needs.

While some do appear to like the switch, there is a tremendous amount of user backlash and reports of issues with Apple’s new Maps.

Gizmodo’s Kyle Wagner writes, “The move from Google Maps to Apple’s homespun cartography in iOS 6 has been a sticking point for people, largely because it’s the turd in a very ornate punch bowl.”

Australian Business Traveller ‘s John Walton says, “Business travellers who rely heavily on the Maps app of their iPhone or iPad will find Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps is more like a dead end.” (via Forbes)

There’s even a Tumblr for Apple Maps fails.

Talk about the Maps is all over Twitter. Some actually don’t want to upgrade to iOS 6 because of the Maps.

Here’s what some people are saying on Twitter:

It does appear that Google will likely release a Google Maps app for iOS, so users can get it back. 9to5 Mac shares a Bloomberg video of Google UK Marketing Director Dan Cobley saying users can “use Google Maps by downloading them or going to the Google Maps website.”

The “downloading” comment is odd, considering the app is so far non-existent, but could be a hint that one will soon launch.

Search Engine Land shares another statement from Google, saying, “We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world. Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.”

Google did release an update for Google Maps on Android this week. The company also expanded its Live Traffic info for Google Maps.

  • Will

    Sadly there’s no going back!
    No going back to the days of steve jobs who made software that worked. It just worked.
    And thats why apple became great. I cannot find the words to describe how bad apple maps are. The vision is gone and the credibility is gone. I own all the products apple produce and would rave to anybody who would listen as to how great the are. Many upgraded to apple as a result. Now i find after hoping that this release of the next iphone maybe maps would be better, battery wouldnt die after some use and the processor wouldnt lag so much. Well i have been sickened again and very possibly for the last time.
    RIP the visionary

    • RD

      You mean Steve jobs, the biggest douchebag ever. Did you read the biography?

  • http://www.thehowtogetyourexbacksite.com dan

    I’m confused about something: my original Motorolla Droid from about 2.5 years ago has Google Maps with voice.. But, to be honest, I also rooted & ROM’d my Droid right off the bat. Not sure if whatever the officially supported stuff would have that..

    It just seems a little questionable to so many folks here are saying the iPhone maps is better because of voice; even Google Maps is far from perfect. Even most dedicated stand alone GPS devices have more than one or two issues. I just cannot believe these comments about “iPhone talks, even though you probably won’t get direct to where you need to be, so therefore I like it better” are real. Boggles my mind.

  • Liem Nguyen

    All friends,
    I’m wrriting with sadness now with Apple. I’ve been a crazy fan of apple for many products since the first release of iPhone. Then, since Steve passed away, I found something lose. Then, i’m writting now on my IPad 5.1.1 but just yesterday it’s 6.0. I could not find the word to express how bad and disappointed with me on Maps of iOs6. I guided me to the road far away 100 kms from my house just 1km, that never happed since Googmap released for iOS in my experiences. Anyhow i’m the one who still lucky thatI can downgrade it. And beleive me, no more Apple maps for me and my friends, relative. Steve, could you feel peaceful on the heaven???